Single Parent | BTS by PizzaKings
Single Parent | BTSby haechan's wifey
"Appa! Namjoon broke the Tv again!!" "No I didn't" - Seven kids, she left him with seven kids on his doorstep. How super? Kids bts au Starting: 2017...
  • fluff
  • minyoongi
  • kimsoekjin
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No te enamores de mí... by cherry_blossom_06
No te enamores de mí cherry_blossom_06
Sungmin es un joven con una vida tranquila y controlada, después de sufrir una fuerte decepción amorosa se dedica a su trabajo como escritor, sin embargo su tranquilidad...
  • kyuhyun
  • drama
  • suju
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TᕼE 7Tᕼ ᔕEᑎᔕE by Wei_world
TᕼE 7Tᕼ ᔕEᑎᔕEby 🔥🔥
What happens when your high school bully debuts with you? Ten cant stand Taeyong and Taeyong cant stand Ten. Taeyong picks on Ten all the time and tries to get him fired...
  • nctu
  • nct
  • wattys2017
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Mi Gran Error (Donghae Y Tú) [Terminado] by Leader_td
Mi Gran Error (Donghae Y Tú) [ Leader_td
Mi gran error ¿Mi gran error?, mi gran error fue abandonarla por irme con otra, mi gran error fue tratarla mal por creer que el hijo que llevaba en su vientre no er...
  • suju
  • donghae
  • superjunior
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LEAVE ME LONELY.    ᵏᵖᵒᵖ ᵃᶠ by yvesning
LEAVE ME LONELY. ᵏᵖᵒᵖ ᵃᶠby ⠀⠀⠀
❝ look, you are not a mistress. a mistress knows she's sleeping with a married man, you don't. ❞ ⊱ ─────⋅. ❊ .⋅───── ⊰ in which 8 women have...
  • exo
  • af
  • got7
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I Know You Like Me by diamondelf193
I Know You Like Meby Min SunYe
Sometimes the one you hate most is the one you love. Superstar and diva, Kim Heechul, and SM trainee, Leenah Jung, have an instant irrational hatred for one another. Sev...
  • heechul
  • superjuniorfanfic
  • romance
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Blood&love by Adosh_haehyuk
Blood&loveby adosh
أسرار~ وفي كل يوم يتم كشف سر جديد كن صبوراً حتى الجزء الاخير سوف تكن شاكراً لي لاحقاً على تلك المتعة التي أمنحها أياك! أبدأ القراءة وأعدك بأنك لن تندم لن تمل!لن ترغب بال...
  • love
  • suju
  • thriller
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Mistake by iamdasz
Mistakeby iamdasz
"Gugurkan saja. abort it" kata Siwon dingin sambil merapikan pakaiannya ke dalam koper. "I'm sorry what??? it? this is a human Choi Siwon, not a thing or...
  • pregnant
  • stephanieyounghwang
  • tiffanyhwang
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His Annoying Texter | Lee DH. by chronicoles
His Annoying Texter | Lee Hopeless
"What do you need from me?" "YOU." Super Junior fanfic. Started: 2016.03.16 Ended: 2016.04.02 Revisio...
  • elf
  • donghae
  • sandarapark
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D&E ENTERTAINMENT by evaenescent
  • application
  • entertainment
  • roleplaycharacters
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My Wife... [PRIVATE] by babyleejunhee
My Wife... [PRIVATE]by babyleejunhee
No edited. Full of typo. Private randomly. "Ne. Keluarlah." Dinginnya pada ku. tangannya meraih gagang telepon dan menekan satu angka dari tombol telepon yang...
  • romance
  • leovixx
  • leehyukjae
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K-Pop Ships!!! (boyxboy) by donghansthiccness
K-Pop Ships!!! (boyxboy)by Donghan’s Thiccness
  • kpop
  • suju
  • infinite
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KPOP GAMES by Blockwinkon_
A variety of kpop games such as Would you rather, kiss marry kill, birthday game and choose one only. Im sorry if there are gramma error because Im not good at english a...
  • games
  • got7
  • pass
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'Lo Siento~ Lee Donghae x Reader by zerohaescoin
'Lo Siento~ Lee Donghae x Readerby Donghae Is my Ult ❤
... And you hated him from the moment his lips met yours. You hated him for the temporary affection he showered you with. You hated him for melting your stone cold heart...
  • onenightstands
  • eunhyuk
  • shindong
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Empty  [Kim Heechul's Little Sister] by Rei_Chan_1
Empty [Kim Heechul's Little レイチャン♡
Elizabeth, a girl that haven't feel loved since birth. Her parents doesn't want her, they wish that she wasn't alive. The same as her famous brother, Kim Heechul who doe...
  • siwon
  • super
  • shindong
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Idol {BTS, EXO, GOT7, NCT, & SEVENTEEN X Male reader} by Kai_ichx
Idol {BTS, EXO, GOT7, NCT, & Kai
Sae Kai-Jun is 18 (Soon 19) years old and is in his last year of school, senior year. He and his 7 friends are known around the school as the cool guys, they all play sp...
  • xmalereader
  • bangtan
  • got7
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Wrong by User_Bawel
Wrongby Nama Gua Ian!
[PRIVATE] Jungkook dan pembalasan dendamnya untuk Lalisa
  • blackpink
  • eunhyuk
  • jungkook
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Lost In Revenge (REPOST) by iamfangirlfriend
Lost In Revenge (REPOST)by iamfangirlfriend
One has lust and the other one has love, while someone between them has a revenge.. WARNING 21+ MOST OF PARTS ARE PRIVATE REPOST Edition. Cerita sebelumnya dihapus perma...
  • suju
  • mature
  • relationship
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Tender Affection [PRIVATE] by babyleejunhee
Tender Affection [PRIVATE]by babyleejunhee
Pernikahan yang di jodohkan dengan paksa yang membuat Lee Junhee perlahan mencintai suami pilihan orang tuanya. Namun, apakah kakak juga adiknya bisa menerima suami pili...
  • suju
  • junhee
  • donghae
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Crazily Looking Only At You by mussic123456
Crazily Looking Only At Youby Wonder_magicbun
Sandara Park was known as the face of the group [2en1]. She gain popularity cause of her talent and cute personality. She was also known to have the most fanboy in korea...
  • songdara
  • 2ne1
  • winner
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