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Chicago's Girl (K.S.) by Gerlithequeen
Chicago's Girl (K.S.)by Gerli
Florence Michaels is the sweetheart of Firehouse 51. Florence is with 26 years in the Rescue Squad 3. She had moved to Florida after the Chief had put her in Squad 3 to...
T@GGED ~ R. B. | THANKSGIVING  by b1tt3rsw33tt34r5
T@GGED ~ R. B. | THANKSGIVING by Havensgonecyber
In which a group of teens, following a Black Friday massacre, are targeted by a man in a pilgrim costume and a John Carver mask, following a series of increasingly distu...
Your Protector [Completed] by shibesxoxo
Your Protector [Completed]by El
Dari awal dia tidak menerima kehadirannya di sini. Menurutnya, kehadiran seseorang yang sering disebut ayahnya Bodyguard itu membuat dirinya risih karena tidak nyaman, k...
zoes leaving by normie67
zoes leavingby normie67
the story is about zoe leaving to try out for the nationals team but not everyone is happy by her actions.
The girl from the other side | Free Rein (DISCONTINUED)  by hypocow2
The girl from the other side | equinewritingz
Madelyn Hawthorne is a talented young rider, but she is from the 'other side'. She is the best friend of Callum Elphick and Gaby Grant as well as the little sister of th...
Gallya Shorts by amerasian21
Gallya Shortsby Amerasian
Little Chapters of Illya and Gaby. This will be updated with chapters every so often. If you have any requests, let me know in the comments or private message. I hope yo...
Avarice (THANKSGIVING//OCxOC) by craycraytay2
Avarice (THANKSGIVING//OCxOC)by OfficialTay13
Margot Collins had a bright future ahead of her, with her gymnastics scholarship overtaking it all. However, after sustaining a brutal knee injury and witnessing her mom...
Soulmate to an Archangel~ Supernatural [Gabriel/the trickster] by partlywilbur
Soulmate to an Archangel~ partlywilbur
"I'm serious, hun. I'm an angel, more so an archangel." "Yeah, sure. And I'm the queen of hell." ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••...
U.N.P.L.A.N.N.E.D// Illya Kuryakin by notyourworld
U.N.P.L.A.N.N.E.D// Illya Kuryakinby notyourworld
-The man from U.N.C.L.E. fanfic- A spy accidentally kidnaps the wrong person - you, or so you think... Intrigue, romance and much more. since 2017
All American Girl ~ A Free Rein FanFic  by chicagopdfangirl
All American Girl ~ A Free Rein Ugly Potato
She had her life without crazy things, perfectly happy and content with it all. A dancer, a gymnast, a trick rider and showmen. She was a famous girl in America but that...
The wedding of John Lennon and Gaby by John_Lennon_Lover_
The wedding of John Lennon and Gabyby John_Lennon_Lover_
It's about a girl that meets a Beatle named Paul McCartney he nice to her and he likes her but she likes an other Beatle named John Lennon that her cousin is friends w...
Les Parodies d'Inazuma Eleven (GO) by Wunderbar-le-coach
Les Parodies d'Inazuma Eleven (GO)by Wunderbar-le-coach
{{{CES PARODIES NE M'APPARTIENNENT PAS}}} (Je veux juste les partager avec vous. Voilà venez rire avec nous! Explication: Quand je parles en () c'est vraiment moi. Sin...
Men of U.N.C.L.E. by anonymoun
Men of anonymoun
You are U.N.C.L.E.'s newest recruit. Your mission? Win a bet. Sounds easy enough, but can you really make Illya smile?
Chapter 700: Together. by FreezeBunny
Chapter 700: FreezeBunny
Setelah pertarungan panjang antara aliansi J Paradise Kingdom dan K3 Union melawan Teenerium Magical Institute. Commander Gaby, pemimpin dari ksatria J Paradise yang keh...
Mi Ex Enamorado by GabrielaHernandezFel
Mi Ex Enamoradoby Gabriela Hernandez Felix
esta es mi historia no se es lo que apasado conmigo misma desde que me fui de la tragedia de mi ex , pense que iba cambiar por completo pero al contrario no fue haci...
My story by gaby_1614
My storyby gaby_1614
Toda mi vida en una historia Cada día se subirá un fragmento de esta historia
Querido diário  by valentinaloira
Querido diário by valentinaloira
Conta uma história de uma garota alta chamada Anna que sofria bullying porque entrou no final do ano de 2022
Threads of Love Falling (edit) by StingRogue10
Threads of Love Falling (edit)by StingRogue10
Illya kuryakin and gaby teller are on a mission and they are paired up with two different people. Gaby is paired up with another Russian spy while Illya is paired up wit...
Wolved by WriterOfWolves
Wolvedby That one random writer
Her name is Gaby, America allowed the newly discovered "werewolves" from God knows where to wolve people, to be like them. see what happens to Gaby, in Wolved...
Paved Streets by LilPuffyKitten
Paved Streetsby _nightfall wolfie_
Characters such as Alex, Charli, Jaxx, Levi, Light, Luca, and Sora are from Inquisitormaster. Characters such as Drake, Gaby, Kat, Sky, and Zach are from the Z Squad. Ev...