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From the Sky | Susie x Male Reader by Rakuwoo
From the Sky | Susie x Male Readerby raku.
[HIATUS] Lemme cut it short for ya~ (Y/N) is a expressionless boy, He is one of the smartest people for his age, He became a nurse to follow his mother's footsteps after...
♡𝑆𝑡𝑢𝑏𝑏𝑜𝑟𝑛♡ (Delta Rune: Susie X Reader) by fufuvie
♡𝑆𝑡𝑢𝑏𝑏𝑜𝑟𝑛♡ (Delta Rune: ༻♡︎𝑪𝒉𝒂𝒐𝒕𝒊𝒄♡︎༺
「She's in solitude」 「She's impecunious」 「She's in neediness」 「She's ashamed」 ♡Can they cure their wants and needs?♡ #1 on videogame #1 on Deltarune #1 on susie #23 on un...
Mechanical Minds by PoecilotheriaKrow
Mechanical Mindsby Poecilotheria
To improve the Halberd's defenses, Meta Knight is forced to seek out somebody he never wished to see again.
My Spooky Best Friend! by TheSpookeez_666
My Spooky Best Friend!by hungry and tired
please don't cancel me, this is skid x pump. no smut or sexual stuff. they are 13 and 14 in this fanfic. the art is mine, don't steal or use. this will include fluff, ki...
Marx Pranks Everyone by SuperMarioStar
Marx Pranks Everyoneby SuperMarioStar
Marx is bored. So what does he do? Gives everyone a prank that they'll never forget. I do not own Kirby.
Kirby's Trust Issues by GattanoInk
Kirby's Trust Issuesby GattanoInk
My first story! Cool. The protagonists are going to be the guys of Wave 3 in Star Allies (specially Magolor), Magolor from Kirby: Return to Dreamland, Susie from Kirby:...
~A Girl And Her Broken Heart And Promises~ A kirby fanfic  by CaseyAgrest
~A Girl And Her Broken Heart And ~♡Laura♡~
"Father... I failed you... I'm so sorry..." As years passed ever since Susie disappeared to a other dimension. She relised as time passed the promise she made...
don't forget [♡REMASTERED♡] - kris x reader by _Jevilsdevilsknife
don't forget [♡REMASTERED♡] - susie but horny (irl susie)
yeah uh,,,, this is a remake of my most successful book,,, since its known for its,,,,, frequent mistakes,,,
The Closet by candyapplesoul
The Closetby Candy Apple
TRIGGER WARNINGS (before story description so y'alls know what y'alls getting into): Throwing up, self harm, physical abuse, gaslighting, suicidal intentions, depression...
Undertale AU Sibling Oneshots by CrowBorn666
Undertale AU Sibling Oneshotsby CrowBorn666
Yup! They're back! A thing I started back in my older account UndertaleKyannaKitty. They're your siblings now! Cute, edgy, as much angst as you want, sad-whatever! Reque...
One Piece Star Allies: (One Piece x Male Dedede Reader) by MetalSmasherNTT
One Piece Star Allies: (One MetalSmasherNTT
I have actually been wanting to write a One Piece story before I even got on Wattpad and I don't want to wait any longer. In this story you take on the role of Captain t...
Wilted Frenzy by Light123hazerd
Wilted Frenzyby Light123hazerd
Lisa Rose was a girl that wanted nothing more then to be loved by her parents but sadly they only focused on her twin sister Ruby. She soon left only to find more despai...
Connection || p.h  by randomstxries
Connection || p.h by randomstxries
Aubrey Phillips comes to England with her 2 sisters, Zoe and Rosie, and mom. They're staying at her grandad's house. They wanted a calm, peaceful summer but instead they...
Tale of Love || Male Kris x Female Ralsei || Kralsei (Unfinished) by Migiiiiii14
Tale of Love || Male Kris x Migiiiii
Kris, the only human living in Hometown, has a normal life there with Toriel. He and Susie, an unlikely friend, entered in a closet which led them to the Dark World. Now...
It Beats For You | Deltarune: Kris x Fem Reader by 0Lxnar0
It Beats For You | Deltarune: Lunar
"You moved to a town full of monsters and new neighbors. You were never quite the chatter box but you also weren't quiet to make new friends. But to be the only hum...
The Delta-Simps//Deltarune Fanfic by edensloveletters
The Delta-Simps//Deltarune Fanficby e d e n < 3
[GN! READER INSERT] "I'm the comic relief character!" "You're annoying." "Oh." ====== With the cool and quiet MC, the tough and headstrong...
Kirby Right Back At Ya! Season 2: Haltmann Works Company by FluffyChocolate777
Kirby Right Back At Ya! Season FluffyChocolate777
Kirby's new adventure in Cappy Town with a new enemy, Haltmann! King Dedede signs a contract with Haltmann so that he can torment Kirby even after the fall of Nightmare...
Wholesome Deltarune Oneshots by ThatDorkyIntrovert
Wholesome Deltarune Oneshotsby ThatDorkyIntrovert
(COMPLETE! Thanks ya'll for coming! :D) See the rules before requesting, thanks! All of these will be SFW, with only possibly some very light swearing. I'll just kinda t...
Incorrect Kirby's quotes by Fluffy--Prince
Incorrect Kirby's quotesby Every day is Magolor's day
Magolor came out of my wii and called me a bitch
Deltarune X Reader Oneshots by Wa44Pad_
Deltarune X Reader Oneshotsby Wa44Pad_
There's fluff, there's angst, there's smutt, if you don't know what lemon, lime, smutt, or literally any type of citrus tagging shit means, then fuck off. ALSO, NONE OF...