Never forget how beautiful you are (Gerard Way FF) by Daerith
Never forget how beautiful you Daerith
Rylee Stump was adopted when she was young. That fact made for her possible to meet her friends: Mikey, Frankie, Ray, Gerard and Bob. They go to the same high school...
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Erotic wolf Vol. 2 by oooookaaaay
Erotic wolf Vol. 2by oooookaaaay
Enjoy another volume of random erotic werewolf stories!
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The Flow Of Time (Bnha Fanfiction) Izuku Has A Quirk by MrBobTheBest
The Flow Of Time (Bnha Fanfiction) Bobgaming909
What if Izuku Midoriya had a quirk? Other fanfics give him a quirk from birth, but what if he gets a quirk from somewhere else? I'm not talking about One for All, I'm t...
  • inspiration
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  • allmight
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Can I stay? (Gerard Way x Reader) by Freyathegeekgirl
Can I stay? (Gerard Way x Reader)by Freyathegeekgirl !
You get to go to your first every MCR concert .. a dream come true and everything is perfect. Well until the end... Disclaimer: This story includes self harm, depression...
  • mcr
  • frank
  • raytoro
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Hold on JackABoy  by Phantom_septiplier
Hold on JackABoy by Phantom_septiplier
XXXXXX Trigger Warning XXXXXX -alcohol -swearing -minor character death -PTSD -Selfharm -past abuse Jacksepticeye. A hilarious Irish Gaming youtuber; who uploads almost...
  • bob
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Save Me Before I'm Gone! (Septiplier) by bigd0170
Save Me Before I'm Gone! ( Kamdyn
Jack William McLoughlin, he is abused, beat, forced to starve and self harm himself, he just wants a normal life but of course that doesn't happen when you used to be da...
  • jack
  • pewdiecry
  • kamdyn
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Our long distance story - Alycia/You by bravesalycia
Our long distance story - Alycia/ skinny moon
Social media started it all and it will keep like this. How long can it lasts? Different social medias: Instagram Twitter imessages enjoy..;)
  • marie
  • devon
  • the100
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Demi god Jacksepticeye (Edit Mode) by NinjaSOwlStudios
Demi god Jacksepticeye (Edit Mode)by Ninja S Owl Studios 2.0
welcome to the world of humans with powers. there are four tribes that work together though peace and harmony. until darkness came over the tribes. plants got spoiled or...
  • demigods
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  • septiplier
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Instagram||Bob Morley|| by SailorGirl9574
Instagram||Bob Morley||by Maria
@bobmorley commented on your photo!
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Outsiders Smut! by angi3_m12
Outsiders Smut!by Angieboi Curtis
The good ol' usuals. The Outsiders smut! I do requests, so text me! You can even dm me on instagram and I'll your request. @jd.grease
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You Give Me Problems (Van McCann) by Indecent-Inspiration
You Give Me Problems (Van McCann)by Indecent-Inspiration
Whoever you're mixing your drinks with, is dying to, go to town on you... ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ He was wearing his usual uniform of black skinny jeans and a...
  • johnnybond
  • catb
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Seduce and Destroy {Septiplier} by StayClassyCastiel
Seduce and Destroy {Septiplier}by 🥂 RewReader 🥂
You could tell it in the way he walked. Those cocky strides and perfectly placed steps. The way he would stand with his feet pointed outward while talking. Leaning his h...
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Singulier by YouTube-Inception
Singulierby YouTube-Inception
So odd it's one of a kind.
  • toro
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The Vigilante's apprentice by Phantomxx0
The Vigilante's apprenticeby Phantom reaper
the boy named Izuku Midoriya what happens if he never admired All Might but somebody else? what happened if he admired stain the hero killer? follow Izuku Midoriya's jou...
  • izuku
  • togaxizuku
  • vigilante
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The Snow Falls Down (Jacksepticeye X Reader) by applausequeen780
The Snow Falls Down ( ey guys dead account lamo
There is an updated version of this story because my old writing (aha, I wrote this a while ago) was not quite what you'd call "great". It is Wintertime, and y...
  • jacksepticeyexreader
  • pewdiepie
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Atlas II | Bellamy Blake by mirammda
Atlas II | Bellamy Blakeby /məˈræn·də/
Han pasado cuatro años desde que Briseida Galamedo aterrizó en la Tierra. Cuatro años desde aquel momento fallido que definió el resto de su vida, obligándola a sobreviv...
  • ravenreyes
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A Quiet Vampire (Monsters vs Aliens fanfiction) by DJ_Wubs
A Quiet Vampire (Monsters vs DJ Tharp
Team Monster is getting a new recruit: A young vampire! But, he isn't as everyone expects; he's aggressive, quiet, and emotionless. He doesn't show his face, having it c...
  • monstersvsaliens
  • drcockroach
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Decisions [Septiplier] by SepticGirl88
Decisions [Septiplier]by SepticGirl88
Shit can get complicated in life. Especially between friends, or even best friends. And it all usually tends to happen when someone goes and makes a bad decision, and th...
  • youtube
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  • ken
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Bully -Tythan by Glambert263
Bully -Tythanby Youtube Trash #1
Tyler, Mark, Bob , and Wade are the school bullies but what happens when Ethan; the new kid shows up and shakes everyone's life around? Highest ranking - Tythan : #13
  • fanfiction
  • markiplier
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My Gamer Lover by serrenity16
My Gamer Loverby serrenity16
your jacksepticeye's sister and you slowly fell for the famous markiplier. i sincerely hope you enjoy this story.
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