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What if?   {Levi x reader} by dokado1106
What if? {Levi x reader}by dokado1106
*CRACK* The sound of lightnig is earpiercing. All you feel is pain. An incredible pain. You jumped off a cliff after you saw them die... It was horrible... But what if y...
Une Colocation Difficile. || [ Livaï X Oc ] by aownies
Une Colocation Difficile. || [ Liv...by 𝐐𝐔𝐀𝐂𝐊𝐒𝐎𝐍
Hazel et Livaï ont tous les deux loués la même résidence, situé à proximité de leur université. Mais il n'était pas question d'une quelconque cohabitation pour aucun des...
En cada vida nos volvemos a encontrar...Parte I by MaraConchaMiranda
En cada vida nos volvemos a encont...by Manecilla del reloj
Mikasa se encuentra en coma, su hermano mayor Erwin junto a todos sus amigos tanto de ella como de él, deciden contarle su vida, a través de un libro creado por ellos mi...
Blonde by Ackermanloveylle
Blondeby Ackermanloveylle
eren's friends keep disappearing. they all have one thing in common, blonde hair. the police can't do anything about it, so eren decided to find out himself. will he reg...
Big Brother Grey's [Cancelada]  by MozaoCapshaw
Big Brother Grey's [Cancelada] by A.
Big Brother é um Reality Show onde, durante cerca de três meses, um grupo de pessoas ficam confinados sem contato com o mundo exterior. Dentro da casa, onde os participa...
Whisperers - Not The Same Anymore (Aot FF)  by Laalachs
Whisperers - Not The Same Anymore...by Laalachs
Eren, Levi und Armin sind beste Freunde und 16 Jahre alt und Mikasa ist die 14 jährige Schwester von Eren. Sie leben in der Kleinstadt Shiganshina. Doch seit ein paar Mo...
ℒ𝒆 𝓳𝒆𝓾 𝓭𝒆 𝓵𝓪 𝓶𝓸𝓻𝓽..( Livaï x Reader) by maepvn
ℒ𝒆 𝓳𝒆𝓾 𝓭𝒆 𝓵𝓪 𝓶𝓸𝓻𝓽..( L...by Mae:/
Dans un monde hostile rempli de titans, la jeune (t/p) devra en bavé pour trouver sa place dans le bataillon d'exploration. Comment fera t-elle pour fuir son passé atroc...
Kidnapped.. Or Love? {On Hold} by TheSaltyDestroyer
Kidnapped.. Or Love? {On Hold}by TheSaltyDestroyer
It's Saturday night. Eren Jaeger is watching a horror movie, until he heard a window breaking. He walks quietly to the kitchen and sees a shattered window, but no one to...
Attack On Titan: The Atomic Aaltonen (Male Reader) by DanggaM12
Attack On Titan: The Atomic Aalton...by Manra
The story of [Y/n Aaltonen], the Grandson of [Angel Aaltonen] the creator of 3D gear. But, we're not talking about a regular human here... Have you heard about Monster...
Attack on Facebook by UsernamesRPointless
Attack on Facebookby UsernamesRPointless
Verbotene Liebe (Ereri) (Riren) by annika2992
Verbotene Liebe (Ereri) (Riren)by annika2992
Hallo ich bin Eren, ich bin ein Engel. Mein Leben ist ziemlich langweilig weshalb ich beschloss auf der Erde als Mensch zu Leben. Fiele würden jetzt fragen weshalb ich n...
Nuestra Historia (Fanfic Shingeki no Kyojin) by OdethDreams
Nuestra Historia (Fanfic Shingeki...by LaFrutilupis
El conocer a Levi Rivaille y Hanji Zoe desde hace años ya en un fastidio, pero el que lleguen un puñado de mocosos a joderme la vida junto a ellos es otra cosa. Buen...
So ist es immer (AoT: Levihan) by MoogleMog
So ist es immer (AoT: Levihan)by MoogleMog
In the world ruthless as it is, there is no such thing called love. Or at least that's what it seems like. Levi and Hanji soon realise the pain this all brings to them...
Levi x Oc x Yandere!Erwin x Reiner  by Only-Desire
Levi x Oc x Yandere!Erwin x Reiner by Only-Desire
Levi x Oc x Erwin x Reiner x (Mike) Editing because it sucks
Daddy, I'm pregnant. // ×ereri× by taephorix
Daddy, I'm pregnant. // ×ereri×by ·tvoye·🖇️
No soy buena haciendo resúmenes, así que solo lean ah. Todas las partes de la historia que estén mal escritas o algo por el estilo, las voy a corregir cuando el fic esté...
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𝐎𝐧𝐞-𝐒𝐡𝐨𝐭𝐬 ↬ʀɪᴠᴀᴍɪᴋᴀ [ENG] by I_LOVE_MIKASA
𝐎𝐧𝐞-𝐒𝐡𝐨𝐭𝐬 ↬ʀɪᴠᴀᴍɪᴋᴀ [ENG]by -ᴋɪ.🍁.ʀᴀ
Just a bunch of One-Shots for my otp, ʀɪᴠᴀᴍɪᴋᴀ, in english :b Most of the strories will take place in au settings (alternative universes, which will be in the title when...
NOCHES DE LUNA Resubiendo by LeidyZuigaHerrera2
NOCHES DE LUNA Resubiendoby Tia Waka
Eren estaba cansado... Cansado de que su padre le trate de manejar la vida... Cansado de que le digan que puede hacer y que no... Que le digan que por ser un omega debía...
until death do us apart | Ereri Omegaverse by Sakuyacos
until death do us apart | Ereri Om...by Sakuya
Alpha Eren x Omega Levi All kinds of humans lived together in peace for many years, until the government decided to eliminate the ones that seemed to be less human than...
[Levi One Shots] by ko-hi-san
[Levi One Shots]by ko-hi-san
This started out as one story but I had an idea for another one so I thought I should do this rather than make another book :/ These will be Levi x reader, Levi x someon...
Levi x Reader [PL] by pyokki
Levi x Reader [PL]by znowu żyję
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