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A Cellarful of Dreams by loupjgr
A Cellarful of Dreamsby loupjgr
June 1960, Lou, a sixteen-year-old french girl arrives in Liverpool, with a head full of dreams and a great desire to make them come true, without knowing that she will...
Mclennon-The Notebook by yeeyeepol
Mclennon-The Notebookby Beatles fan girl
(High School Era) John and Paul were classmates. John always got into trouble, and Paul didn't. They balanced each other out perfectly, and their friendship was perfect...
Martha My Dear by mysweetlordharrison
Martha My Dearby mysweetlordharrison
1966. Charlie is a struggling waitress who's never cared for romance. Paul McCartney is a womanizing Beatle who romances millions of girls each day. Martha is Paul's do...
Borrowed Time: Saving John Lennon - A Beatles Fanfic by Jjdec8
Borrowed Time: Saving John Jjdec8
Holly DuPont spent the majority of her life wondering what things would be like if John Lennon had not died on that fateful night in December of 1980. As an adult workin...
Baby Boys (Beatles Fanfiction) by Rock_on_Babes
Baby Boys (Beatles Fanfiction)by Rock_on_Babes
The Beatles get turned into babies and reader has to take care of them.
No reply by existentials
No replyby existentials
Paul had always looked up to the most intimidating teddy boy in town, John Lennon. They were best friends, band mates, and maybe even a little more in time. When John is...
Nobody told me ~ Paul McCartney  by PMStyles94
Nobody told me ~ Paul McCartney by PMStyles94
Nobody told me my brother was going to be a famous star. Nobody told me life would be this complicated. Nobody told me I'd fall in love with my brothers bestfriend. Nob...
In My Life by mysweetlordharrison
In My Lifeby mysweetlordharrison
1961. In which John Lennon meets Elle Whittaker, a girl who would come and go from John's life, yet stay with him forever. Though I know I'll never lose affection For pe...
I Wouldn't Change a Thing by flowersinthebackyard
I Wouldn't Change a Thingby Sun Follower
Upon first glance, Gail Greene appears to have it all: Beauty, confidence and a nifty job as Brian Epstein's secretary. However, she secretly longs for something more an...
Is It Worth It? (Mclennon Fic) by mclemon
Is It Worth It? (Mclennon Fic)by dani
In 1964, two Liverpool lads are both on top of the world, and feeling the weight of it on their shoulders. Paul McCartney and John Lennon are half of the band The Beatle...
Hey You ⌲ Paul McCartney by starrymccartney
Hey You ⌲ Paul McCartneyby totally tubular
❝I can't love you,❞ he spoke lightly. How I had yearned for him - how I had begged and pleaded for him, how my strength had fallen at the foot of my door when he walked...
Little Ms. Darling  | george harrison ⁎⁺˳✧༚ by raviolli_formuolli
Little Ms. Darling | george ˚✧ ジェン
"What I feel, I can't say. But my love is there for you, any time of day." River "Darling" O'Donovan, the young, talented rock star in the 60s-𝐋𝐢𝐯...
Sweetest Little Show - Paul McCartney Fanfiction by itsallrocknroll
Sweetest Little Show - Paul t
She would never understand why she signed the contract, but she did. A contract to be Paul McCartney's on screen girlfriend, but it seemed that contract leaded to someth...
I Need You by mysweetlordharrison
I Need Youby mysweetlordharrison
(Do You Want to Know a Secret book 2)
Do You Want To Know a Secret? by mysweetlordharrison
Do You Want To Know a Secret?by mysweetlordharrison
When seventeen year old Poppy Epstein's uncle Brian decides to start managing one of the most popular bands in Liverpool her world is completely turned upside down. How...
George Harrison Smuts & Maybe Sometimes A Little Fluff by Malkat1969
George Harrison Smuts & Maybe Mallory Lane
Just some short smuts about our main man George with a few other Beatles smuts thrown in every once in a while. Have a look and enjoy ❤️✌️
McLennon by -Sitarday-
McLennonby Joj Harrisun
Do you ship McLennon? Do you want to laugh? Do you want to say, "Awwwwww"? Do you want to have a feels-attack? If you answered yes to any of these questions, y...
temporary fix || george harrison by cheekylennon
temporary fix || george harrisonby cheekylennon
a time traveler who doesn't know she went back 50 years into the past, and a lead guitarist who refuses to send her back.
The Beatles Imagines by DiphylleiaHeart
The Beatles Imaginesby {DH}
Imagines, preferences, scenarios, and other stuff involving The Beatles... {REQUESTS OPEN}
In My Life - George Harrison/The Beatles by dinosaureatsman
In My Life - George Harrison/The Olivia
"We grew up together thinking of each other as best friends, but these last few weeks have been like us really getting to know each other, getting to know all the l...