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The Alpha Meets The Rogue by xXdemolitionloverXx
The Alpha Meets The Rogueby Olga Guevara
Leila lived with her pack all her life. It was until she was forced into an arranged marriage that she ran away from home. She turned into a rogue and while running away...
  • alpha
  • dylan
  • barbecue
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Captured : Winter Soldier x Reader  by buckystruelove
Captured : Winter Soldier x Reader by buckystruelove
Y/n wasn't a hero, she was just at the wrong place at the wrong time. Being captured by hydra was not a walk in the park. This is my first fanfic, I'm not a professiona...
  • buckybarnesxreader
  • buckybarnesfanfic
  • slowburn
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Stockholm Syndrome. by bolueniola
Stockholm bolueniola
He is a cold blooded killer An assassin A psycho. A hitman His name strike fear in many. A killer without background and remorse. He is known as the ENFORCER to all. Bu...
  • hitman
  • baker
  • kidnap
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Alpha's Kitten by 10178animeangel
Alpha's Kittenby 10178animeangel
A strong, possessive, but quiet, and patient upcoming alpha. and the last female neko. Can they overcome the threat of both their kinds. Come and find out the story of t...
  • escaping
  • government
  • neko
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The Perfect Daughter by Xxstars_moonxX
The Perfect Daughterby m a e g a n
((COMPLETED)) When Summer is kidnapped by a married couple who are determined to have perfect daughters,and a perfect family, there's just a sick twist to the entire th...
  • perfect
  • sister
  • mystery
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Way of the Vampire: Rebellion by Scottish_writer
Way of the Vampire: Rebellionby Rebecca
Picked for the wattvampires February Showcase! And featured on their profile! Also featured in the Dark Fantasy reading lists! The Risen Series Book 1 "You are funn...
  • darkromance
  • vampires
  • featured
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Present Demons Of Our Pasts by kind-comforting-love
Present Demons Of Our Pastsby Laurakings1324
"Sometimes, just escaping our demons is not enough. Sometimes we need to defeat and overcome them too. And in those Sometimes, just having a person understand the r...
  • secrets
  • illegitimate
  • badgirl
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Stockholm by booklover5234
Stockholmby booklover5234
*Warning* 1. I can't write, but I'm trying 2. This will not be edited, probably 3. I'm writing this because a little hoe said "Bet" and I said "bet"...
  • happyending
  • beach
  • cabin
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Surviving Deadland [Up For Adoption] by GhostRareRune
Surviving Deadland [Up For Ghostie
When people picture their own deaths, they never picture it as something gruesome to avoid scaring themselves. They certainly don't picture it as being mauled to death b...
  • ocxoc
  • killing
  • fanfic
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The Alpha's Human (book2) by wolf158
The Alpha's Human (book2)by Wolfy
Sequel to "The Alpha's Huntress" Avery Powers. Adopted by a harsh and cruel man when she was 3. She was abused by him at the age of 10. She finally has enough...
  • mate
  • revenge
  • escaping
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Voices Deep Inside by JulieGranger
Voices Deep Insideby Julie Granger
His chilling cry that night touched her soul, and this time Talia ran toward the sound. The corridors of the castle were filled with cries of desperation. His voice had...
  • tower
  • romance
  • prison
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Escaping Time (Doctor Who) by FaithfullyNerdy
Escaping Time (Doctor Who)by AJ
(Completed) The touch of an angel brings Jemma Woods to Ellis Island, 1897. She is left to die on the streets as she's seen as "another immigrant". Until her...
  • time
  • eleventhdoctor
  • escaping
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Clemency (Reiner x reader x Bertholdt) by iiivizh
Clemency (Reiner x reader x ☑ ⓋⒾⓏⒽ ☑
You heard something you shouldn't have heard, the consequences are massive You are captured by two traitors. Will you try to escape? or will you fall into their charms...
  • aot
  • abuse
  • violence
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The Perfect Family by Xxstars_moonxX
The Perfect Familyby m a e g a n
((COMPLETED)) (Sequel to The Perfect Daughter) Two very long years of hiding and living under strict rules, Summer is finally allowed to live freely. And so are...
  • false
  • falselove
  • taken
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The Girl who Survived Hell (h2odelirious x reader) [completed] by h2odelirioustrash
The Girl who Survived Hell ( trash
you are a young girl, who's been "missing" for 18 years. the apocalypse starts and you change your life around, even meeting someone you grow close to. you put...
  • zombieapocalypse
  • apocalypse
  • evil
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Remi's Great Escape (Forestfolk Prequel) by Zoe_Blessing
Remi's Great Escape (Forestfolk Zoe Blessing
Before he ever met Siena, before he knew Foresthome even existed, Remi was an Aberration living under the iron-fisted rules of his tribe. Learn how a spirited and resour...
  • powers
  • tribe
  • oppressed
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Escaped Series - Book #1 by Profingtons
Escaped Series - Book #1by Profiteroles and Lamingtons
Occasionally, the thought of running away from everything crosses everyone's mind at one point in their life. Crystal Rose is no different. The only thing is, she actual...
  • teenfiction
  • teen
  • accomplice
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Kidnapped | RAINBOW98 by Paton98
Kidnapped | RAINBOW98by Paton98
Casey is having the time of her life. She's 18, allowed to drink and she's ready to hit up the night clubs. One night, Casey parties a little TOO hard and a unknown man...
  • mystery
  • teen
  • mum
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Remembering Our Love(book 1) by MG_writing2703
Remembering Our Love(book 1)by Madeline Grace
(book1) James Buchanan Barnes remembers Natasha Romanoff, the beautiful assassin and women he once loved decades ago. There is just one problem...She is missing never re...
  • escaped
  • remember
  • memories
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Perpetuity Of Agape [FS #2]✔ by LivelyLeo
Perpetuity Of Agape [FS #2]✔by 🍒Vampy🍒
After leaving Philippines, Hurricane pursue Architecture in Oxford University of United Kingdom. She live alone in a lonely silent house beside the seashore in Spain aft...
  • onenight
  • mistake
  • hurricane
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