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Prayers and Prayer Requests by Ambershine_Christian
Prayers and Prayer Requestsby 🍫 🎀 𝒜𝓂𝒷𝑒𝓇𝓈𝒽𝒾𝓃𝑒_...
Do you have sickness? Disease? Or something bothering you in your life? This book will help you. But, the real thing that gives you healing is God. This is a safe place...
Blogging With Lighteninghead by Lighteninghead
Blogging With Lighteningheadby Lighteninghead
Hi! I am Lighteninghead! And this is a place where I'll be publishing my blogs. It's basically about the day-to-day troubles of a teenager. Hope you can relate to some o...
Just One Of The Guys by Maddie_x4
Just One Of The Guysby ✨❤️
Jordane the new Tomboy in town. She plays basketball voyellball football and runs track. She likes to be called Jordan. If you call her by her real name she will get ugl...
 Accidental Intentions (A ZANEMAU FANFIC) |  ✓  by DreamsCPape
Accidental Intentions (A ✦ bby ✦
[COMPLETED] Highest Ranking: #1 in zanemau -08.10.18 "Aphmau, I like you... will you go out with me?" "Wait what? No Aph, go out with me... I liked you s...
CARRYING HIS BABY by obnoxiouslyQueen
CARRYING HIS BABYby obnoxiouslyQueen
Sometimes we find love in the strangest places and sometimes we find them in the strangest people. Zyaire Zimmermann has everything he wants in life but upon his meetin...
Love Me (Interracial Love) by QueenofWritings22
Love Me (Interracial Love)by Writing Girl
Aaliyah was a determined hard working girl. Has been since the age thirteen. Now she is twenty-three working extra shifts at a diner she has to make a living especially...
Extinguish The Heat Fanfiction by only-maleficent
Extinguish The Heat Fanfictionby Maleficent
Praca brała udział w konkursie literackim na Pizgacz Army, który był związany z twórczością @Pizgacz. Praca NIE jest kopią, jest to fikcja literacka zbudowana na potrze...
Forgotten Memory {RobStar Fanfic} by ShyDreamer25
Forgotten Memory {RobStar Fanfic}by ShyDreamer25
"Memories are the only things you can hold unto when everything and everyone changes" But when certain memories are being faltered, shattered. Will you still...
Burned Mirrors by Shroobet
Burned Mirrorsby Shroobet
Think of them like a mirror. They were once perfect. A few cracks from where someone hit it. But perfect you could still see a reflection. One day something came and sha...
"You don't know everything about me.." by s1ng3r_ga1_13
"You don't know everything about Em
Christine(Crissy) had a hard life,her dad was a alcoholic,her mother left her when she was 12. Her mother passed away. she raised her 2 little siblings and has had to do...
"I'll Have A Slice Of Love" by Princely-Idiotic
"I'll Have A Slice Of Love"by Royal Idiot
/HIATUS/ {OHSHC Fanfiction} ~{BxB}~ "Hello! Welcome to Sweets Paradis! Is there anything that you would like to have?" "One of everything!" "Of...
Your texts by Poabana
Your textsby wiliam kisine
Nishkata was now at middle school. He was not very social and had very few friends. Most of which turned their backs He never met a trustworthy friend in school. He neve...
Garrett's Other Side by sxmply_basxc
Garrett's Other Sideby Grahm
Garrett Overboe is a tik tok-er you went to school with and are just now catching up with. He's so sweet, caring, and just down right adorable. His "other side"...
Locked Away | DAMON BGT  by 1damon
Locked Away | DAMON BGT by some random girl
"If I got locked away And we lost it all today Tell me honestly, would you still love me the same?"
My Unpredictable Boss by velbell
My Unpredictable Bossby velbell
# taglish Velbell.....
Living with my BF  by lyrixio
Living with my BF by Harmony🎶
Ross & Laura are living together in their own apartment. Laura has a boyfriend but Ross isn't a big fan about that. Is it bc he has some feelings for Laura? Or is there...
You're A Miracle  by Danny_loves_Linda
You're A Miracle by Keep The Cannoli
Danny Reagan never felt so dead in his life. His heart practically stopped when he heard the terrible news. Will he lose the thing he values more than anything else on t...
Lost In Deep Thoughts  by Zee-Mysterious
Lost In Deep Thoughts by .
TheStarAwards winner!! 2nd position on 16th/Sep/17 Life gets a little too hard to handle sometimes, so we try to show it through our words filled with anger, regret, fru...
Potty Training Troubles (Discontinued?)  by NottaBabie
Potty Training Troubles ( Ash Cervantes
A story about a young boy being potty trained by his mother. The young boy tends to give his mother lots of trouble though as he isn't quite ready to say bye to his diap...