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The Summer I Drowned (SEA GLASS) by solacing
The Summer I Drowned (SEA GLASS)by Taylor Hale
WATTPAD ORIGINAL EDITION When a summer of fun turns upside down, Olivia must figure out whether her paranoid imagination is playing tricks on her or if she's being follo...
The Summer I Drowned (Wattpad Books Edition) by solacing
The Summer I Drowned (Wattpad Taylor Hale
WATTPAD BOOKS EDITION. The past always resurfaces . . . Five years after almost drowning, Olivia Cathart returns home to Caldwell Beach determined to face her fears and...
Ocean Blue by Olivaughn
Ocean Blueby olivia vaughn
[GxG, Wattpad Featured] "'Hella heavy' is your response to seeing me with a literal fish tail?" "Sorry. Should ... should it be something else? Wait, does...
Guess its Never Really Over by BeccaEdwards3
Guess its Never Really Overby Becca Edwards
Jessie always told herself to never fall in love at the Shore..until she met Vinny. She became extremely close with Nicole, Jenni and Pauly. She was close with all of th...
Qurbat | ✔️  by zayywritesstuff
Qurbat | ✔️ by z.
Qurbat (قُربت) transl. Proximity || Used to point out the nearness between two persons or things. 𝘒𝘩𝘰𝘰𝘯 𝘢𝘶𝘳 𝘮𝘰𝘩𝘢𝘣𝘣𝘢𝘵 𝘴𝘦 𝘣𝘢𝘯𝘯𝘢𝘺 𝘳𝘪𝘴𝘩𝘵𝘢𝘺 𝘬�...
VOL2 RETURN OF THE MERMAN PRINCE Giving birth to twins was a blessing but also the start of their suffering. The merkraid appears on land and curse one of the twins who...
Saline Strings by archiecringe
Saline Stringsby archie
Changing tides, the screams of seagulls in the morning, the monotony of life, visions of death; those were Favian's favorite things to include in his poems. As the ocean...
Jersey Shore Season 3 by realme911
Jersey Shore Season 3by Lue
The crew is back in Seaside for one of the most drama filled seasons ever!
Son of the Sea by themrdebonair
Son of the Seaby themrdebonair
Nana is a normal teenage boy. He may be a little too big for his age, very muscular without ever working out, and very talented with the flute. He may be an unnaturally...
Jersey Shore Season 1 by realme911
Jersey Shore Season 1by Lue
I've been rewatching the series sooo I decided to write my own. I'm horrible at description but, I swear this is a decent story. Enjoy!....
Tides Shifting | A H2o Just Add Water Story by Darth-Caillic
Tides Shifting | A H2o Just Add CJ
I know it's a stressful time, with high-school and growing up. Yes... high-school. That's what it is After an abrupt visit to the mysterious Mako Island, Cory Watsford a...
Vanilla by leigh_
Vanillaby Leigh Ansell
"Not just a flavour, but a way of life." When seventeen-year-old Flo Kennedy is forced to up sticks and trade her life in London for a sleepy seaside town on...
This Thing Called Hope NaNoWriMo2022 by AJMohlgan
This Thing Called Hope @zéff@h
Adelaide Reid must choose between living in the past and moving on when she returns to her hometown and meets a charming restaurateur. It's been seven months since Adela...
Murfey's Law by BecJohnson
Murfey's Lawby Bec
When Lori James' father writes to her for the first time in years her life is literally turned upside down. Inheriting a rundown general store 17,000 kilometres away in...
The Beauty of the Sea 🌊 ✔︎ by melanie0_L
The Beauty of the Sea 🌊 ✔︎by b
Teen Katsuki Bakugou lives in a small village near the beach in Japan and has always been told that all creatures of the ocean were monsters and deadly. But a young merm...
My other self (Vetja ime tjeter) by Kise_2002
My other self (Vetja ime tjeter)by Kise_2002
Dhembja e rende sjelle ndryshime ne psikologji dhe ne personalitet.. E vetmja gje qe duhet te besh eshte te eksplorosh veten tende te re... Persivali kishte gjithcka der...
Seaside Coffee (Percy Jackson Fanfiction)  by prettyhollland
Seaside Coffee (Percy Jackson Hannah
Annabeth works the afternoon shift at Seaside Coffee, and Percy comes in and orders the same thing everyday.
Beginnings Beyond Endings (A Sanditon Fanfiction) by GrainneSwann
Beginnings Beyond Endings (A Grainne Swann
Charlotte Heywood left Sanditon with a broken heart in the summer of 1823. Four years and several adventures later, she returns to find the seaside town much changed in...
The Uneventful Life of Harvey Mackler by elysiani
The Uneventful Life of Harvey ♕ Carmen ♕
Harvey's life is an uneventful as it gets. A great day for her consists of binge watching obscure shows, multiple series at a time, gushing over book characters and man...
The Third Shadow by bigimp
The Third Shadowby Michael D Smith
Sometimes the truth is just too terrible to ever be guessed... Readers' comments: 'Excellent story', 'gripping page-turner', 'marvellous read', 'great writing', 'simply...