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The Pessimist  by MakeBelieveGirl
The Pessimist by Elizabeth Wood
Olive Gail is a girl stuck in a never ending cycle of pessimism and stress. After meeting a stranger on a bench it appears he'll change her life forever. He finds that...
Prove It ~Odell Beckham Jr. love Story~ (Sequel to First Sight) by Live4Love__
Prove It ~Odell Beckham Jr. love Live4Love__
Odell and Alana are back as they battle even more issues with their relationship concerning arguments, infidelity, and trust. New people emerge and new drama sparks as t...
Prove ~Hwang Hyunjin~ by kateheart19
Prove ~Hwang Hyunjin~by Kateheart
"Let me prove to you that I do love you" -Hwang Hyunjin
Prove It (Larry Valentine's Day) by keeeponsmilingg
Prove It (Larry Valentine's Day)by keeeponsmilingg
In which Harry is the school player and Louis is sick of hearing about his sex life everyday during biology, so he challenges him not to flirt with girls for an entire w...
The Curse Of The Petrova Doppelgangers by DarkDusk
The Curse Of The Petrova Danie
"How many Petrova doppelgangers are there?" Damon Salvatore wondered as he came down the stairs, to see.....four girls, each with chocolate brown hair, honey-b...
Prove It Hummel by KlaineDrarryMerthur
Prove It Hummelby Zoe
“I can get all the guys I want, Puckerman.” “Prove it, Hummel.” “I will.” “Oh yeah? Go get one of those prep boy’s number’s.” Kurt and Blaine’s relationship is a secret...
Not Just A Pretty Face by Teiona_lashay
Not Just A Pretty Faceby Teiona_lashay
This book is about a girl who's been told she can't do half the things a man can just because she's too pretty. People underestimate her all the time now this is her one...
The Billionaire's Dilemma by The-Superstar
The Billionaire's Dilemmaby Anushka
"The world expects you to fail. People think you are nothing but a pretty face. They think you are like your father." I clenched my jaw. Anger and shame seepin...
Perchè credo nei fenji by _queenackerman_
Perchè credo nei fenjiby _queenackerman_
Qui metterò delle prove fenji. Buona lettura <3
Love, Lust or Passion by dreeyahh
Love, Lust or Passionby Dreeya
When Leanne meets Odell, she thinks that he is nothing but a player and a heartbreaker but Odell does everything to show her that she is wrong. Will love, lust or passi...
Haunted or Not, Here I Come by Spar_tan
Haunted or Not, Here I Comeby Spartan
In the forest, Dering Woods, in England, there was an abandoned house, which had stood still for many decades. It was situated in a forestry, but developed area, but no...
Falling  in love with four guys  by JumainahGazi
Falling in love with four guys by Jumainah Gazi
left home to live life in own way and find love . but ending up falling for 4 guys at the same time
For by callahanholton94
Forby callahanholton94
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Behavior by nemhauserradford19
Behaviorby nemhauserradford19
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Democrat by harrisdiamond66
Democratby harrisdiamond66
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Thinking Out Loud by ohadiyorumm
Thinking Out Loudby Cey
Do you ever just want to think out loud too? Speak your mind, show the people out there that you are something too? Yeah, I do too and that's why I'm here.
Pressure by levanahouston24
Pressureby levanahouston24
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