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Parallel (A Virtual Gamer's Story) [Vol.1 - Vol.4 Complete] by Renoe_K
Parallel (A Virtual Gamer's Story)...by Renoe Kisaragi
After being kidnapped and thrown into a VRMMORPG, 17-year-old Suzuki Mato must find the line between his real and in-game personalities before it kills him. ...
Trigger-Happy Potioneer by lostinwords017
Trigger-Happy Potioneerby lostinwords017
Sixty years from now, VR has advanced to the point that full-dive is possible and VRMMORPGs are everywhere (but really nothing else has gone as far). Since all the stand...
Orc Wars : Uprising by Ghost_Lord
Orc Wars : Uprisingby Ghost_Lord
Fleeing his home, Jace ends up starring on a reality show, playing "Orc Wars: Uprising". Only one avatar can win, and if he loses, Jace is back on the streets...
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The Return of the God Level Assassin by tyraphr
The Return of the God Level Assass...by - Tyramisu -
As soon as Luo Yan graduated, he immediately got an offer from a prestigious gaming company. He thought all his hard work finally paid off. And he would finally reach th...
VideoGame: I began with Top-Tier Luck by ElderYonah
VideoGame: I began with Top-Tier L...by Yonah
In the year 2060, a holographic game named Glory descended. Players discovered that the skills and equipment they acquired in the game could be materialized in reality...
The Fake Player by MiyujiPerez1
The Fake Playerby Sigmar Stormlord
On his death bed Shirou was paid a visit by Zelretch. Offering him a chance to escape eternal servitude to Alaya the fake hero takes it to avoid a future like EMIYA. Wak...
Twisted Love {KiritoxReader Lemon} by kirito2kawaii
Twisted Love {KiritoxReader Lemon}by Just a fangirl
This is a KiritoxReader-chan Lemon Kirito and you have always had feelings for each other, but just too embarrassed to admit. You soon know about your love for each othe...
The Clueless Beginner by MorpheusthatDreams
The Clueless Beginnerby MorpheusthatDreams
A busy woman that is dedicating her life to working for the sake of her family had been invited by her friend to play a VRMMORPG to take rest. A peaceful and a new escap...
VR Resident by DozyJov
VR Residentby Johaiver
[]Now Completed![] A virtual reality game full of battlecrazed players is not scary. Not unless getting killed inside the game means dying for real. Ackey Teal wakes up...
Parallel: United Front by Renoe_K
Parallel: United Frontby Renoe Kisaragi
WARNING: Make sure you've read Parallel VOL. 1 & 2 (May contain SPOILERS) A strange message/challenge is sent out to the entire world from the enigmatic CEO of Genaco En...
Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God 2919 by Heavens_Edge
Reincarnation Of The Strongest Swo...by Heavens_Edge
Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God 2919 ROTSSG RSSG
Fantasy Burst Online: REBOOT! by Vaughn_Gray
Fantasy Burst Online: REBOOT!by Vaughn Gray
LANGUAGE USED: ENGLISH Stevenson Kyle and his younger sister, Ashley, become orphans after a tragic accident claims their parents' lives. While going through their pare...
That One Save I Forgot by Whit3Hare
That One Save I Forgotby Whit3Hare
After being convinced to download the latest Full Stream hit game, Fallen Arc 2: Online by his friend, Hakeem reluctantly gives it a try. Quickly he realizes this game i...
World of Souls #RPG Certified #Discontinued  by MrKingEmperor
World of Souls #RPG Certified #Dis...by MrKingEmperor
#RPG Certified #DailyUpdates After being persuaded by his friend to play the most popular and newest VRMMORPG on the market, Hiro Bane finally thought that not only coul...
P4NGEA by AlitaKayali
P4NGEAby Alita Kayali
AI companions, advanced AI with the capabilities to act like humans. Anton had built an extensive relationship with Kayla, his AI companion, and his partner in the game...
Sword Art Online: Les Loups Fantômes / The Phantoms Wolves by -Luckau-
Sword Art Online: Les Loups Fantôm...by Lucky Luckau
November 2022, Sword Art Online (SAO) is the first full-experience VRMMORPG to be published. Chris a young french player got the pleasure to play the game with his frien...
The Living Game by Icyneth
The Living Gameby Icyneth
The different government's across the world agreed to pass one law on all the countries across the globe, including North Korea. It is said in that particular law that t...
That Time When I Became A Slime Inside A VRMMORPG by AzureDexterity
That Time When I Became A Slime In...by AzureDexterity
Satoru Mikami, An 18 year old boy who goes to Kyoto University. He's a generic introverted student who spent practically his whole life playing games. ...One day, He ret...
SAOIF (REWORK) : A New Beginning by KiraTemo
SAOIF (REWORK) : A New Beginningby Temo
This is a telling of a story.... a story of a man, that faced death, yet never gave up. follow Kate, 18 years old, on his Journey in "Sword Art Online".... wit...