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guardian of gaia (gundam x Fate stay) (hiatus for now) by NheyanDelaMasa
guardian of gaia (gundam x Fate NheyanDelaMasa
this is what if kai jackson the mc of the story guardian of Remnant was transferred to gaia the home of world fate series. and will join he quest of protecting the peopl...
Fate grand order: the king of knights's second son by Arthurpendragon285
Fate grand order: the king of Arthur Pendragon, el avenger
" i this story ends for sake of my máster's hopes as son of king of knights and King of sacred knights!"
The Servant Summoner (Baka To Test To Shoukanjuu x Fate/Grand Order) (HIATUS) by ReinerBraun456
The Servant Summoner (Baka To Kameraden
Ever wondered, what if our favorite Master of Chaldea from Fate/Grand Order uses the chibi version of the Servants for a war?
A Real Fucking Vampire (FGO x Abridged Alucard) by MenacingR
A Real Fucking Vampire (FGO x Menacing
In Chaldea a new singularity seemingly popped up that being the events of Hellsing ultimate, when Alucard, nazis, and the church were doing their 3 way war. Alucard rele...
The demon of the round table by demonCaron
The demon of the round tableby Flexifyyy
You know all the knights of the round table but there is one who's name is in a shroud of darkness And they call him the demon
Fate/Code: Unknown - The Unknown Servant by -Lord_of_Tuna-
Fate/Code: Unknown - The Unknown -Shadow_Monarch-
Y/n "Chaos" L/n, Child of the Void. The past of emptiness. He always question himself why he ever exist. With his powers, he start his adventure into unknown w...
Fate/Zero - The Saint of Chaldea by TheAxel1105
Fate/Zero - The Saint of Chaldeaby TheAxel1105
Fujimaru Ritsuka, also known as Gudako was the young magus who saved mankind from extinction by restoring its foundations in history with the help of her many servants...
Caretaker of Chaldea by ImNotASimpForMashu
Caretaker of Chaldeaby Plot_Armor_is_Op_BS
He was a brother figure to the kids, a therapist to those with special needs, a dutiful butler to the sophisticated, a bodyguard to the last master of humanity but most...
Hiccup and Toothless Join Chaldea by Spidermason666
Hiccup and Toothless Join Chaldeaby Spidermason666
During the orleans singularity Ritsuka Fujimaru makes a summoning circle and to experiment she puts a piece of wyvern meat on the circle. Three circles form and then a r...
Fate stay/BERSERK (Book 2) by gokugunslinger
Fate stay/BERSERK (Book 2)by gokugunslinger
Word spreads throughout Britain of a man known as the Black Swordsman. Mountains of corpses are left in his wake........this, is his story.
The Fight for Camelot by maria_antoinette
The Fight for Camelotby Manaka Antoinette(maria antoi...
This fanfiction is just for the fgo players who used Leonidas to solo Tristan. I do not own any FGO related Material, only gameplay experience. All rights belong to thei...
Fate/God Fallen by Evasive_Writer
Fate/God Fallenby Evasive
One day Gudao had decided to summon a new servant upon returning from a Singularity. During the process the FATE system had begun to malfunction, its systems spasming ou...
the star IS (infinite stratos oc inserted) by blastercrow
the star IS (infinite stratos oc blastercrow
I will fight no matter what my name is Max and I was Inrolled into the IS academy to gain strength to protect those who can't protect themselves (I watch the anime and s...
Kamen rider Saber x nasuverse: the Hero of Fate by Arthurpendragon285
Kamen rider Saber x nasuverse: Arthur Pendragon, el avenger
the World of nasuverse live people from different earths now become one, some people are beings known as servants, old and mythtical legends from different past now brou...
Fate/Over Quartzer by -Lord_of_Tuna-
Fate/Over Quartzerby -Shadow_Monarch-
Reiji Tokiwa, has been chosen as new Kamen Rider Zi-O. Now, he need to save the World from the Singularity. Will he along with two Master save the Timeline and prevent t...
Fate/Abandoned World Alter by veldra123
Fate/Abandoned World Alterby Nahimana raoul
Gudako was getting tired from all the singularities as he came back to chaldea she could hear her own servants and friends mocking her in the end she fall for despair an...
The Spirit of Termination: (A Date A Live x Fate Grand Order Fanfic) by Elementorsl
The Spirit of Termination: (A Elementors
Across infinite timelines, one shows the result of an arrival to a world that leads to a chain of events that will change its fate and future. "A nobody, who had fa...
[My World and my Sins] FateGrand: Order by Just_Beru
[My World and my Sins] JustBeru
pls read my story A/N: The title is temporary I can't think of any good one
The Heir To The King Of Heroes by GilHaku
The Heir To The King Of Heroesby Wise King Of Heroes
King of Heroes. A title exclusive to the oldest Hero in history, Gilgamesh. Never having his own heir the title of King of Heroes was never passed down. That is until...