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Little Leo  by Imissyou420
Little Leo by Imissyou420
In this world you get classified as either a Master , pet , Mommy/Daddy , Little or Neutral Leo finds out he is a Little and quickly gets kicked out of his household an...
Daddies boys  by ThatOneAnnoyinBestie
Daddies boys by Bro-idek -.-
When the supernatural took over most people were kidnapped. Of course, some went into hiding, and others were killed on the spot. Most who went into hiding were found qu...
Papa, where are you? // Ghost B.C Papa Emeritus III by s_x118
Papa, where are you? // Ghost .gh0stM
Hey guys! This is one of my new stories, I might make more of them with different Ghost members <3 - For the people who don't know who they are, it's a band named &qu...
Jungkook's little [PT1 COMPLETE] by ladyb790
Jungkook's little [PT1 COMPLETE]by .
You're jungkooks little and it's all fluff and kisses. Ever wondered what it's like to be BTS's spoilt little princess? Read ahead to find out. There is no smut. Only th...
SABONGERO CHAPTER 9  by SamuelIsaya03
SABONGERO CHAPTER 9 by Samuel Isaya Wold
Ang kwentong ito ay pang lgbtq+ o m2m stories, and this is the original works of samuel isaya wold covered by copyright claim for the year created and posted...
Cardinal Copia x Reader by emeritushisfavgirl
Cardinal Copia x Readerby emeritushisfavgirl
This book is about you wanting to be Cardinal copia's assistant, youve seen posters about it, but things are about to take a turn for it to find out. NEW BOO...
Ghost hc/preferences  by miachaellandonsbitch
Ghost hc/preferences by Idk what to put here
Mainly gonna be just the ghouls
My Code is Family Blair Bilkins O'Connor Z by SeanFastandFurious
My Code is Family Blair Bilkins O' Hailee Fast and Furious
After the passing of her mom who was a part of the HPD Task Force Blair begins the search for her father. Blair finds her dad in Miami, where he is a special agent. Blai...
The Demon Behind The Mask |*x OC*| (Ghost Fan Fic)  by kittycattylou
The Demon Behind The Mask |*x OC*| Kittycattylou
Jasper ~ a crystal that promotes healing ~ Creatures from the Underworld are known to be summoned to the Mortal realm, especially when their summing sigils are in circul...
Will You Help Me Escape? by MrNightmareBoi
Will You Help Me Escape?by Ace.of.Spades
This is a Henry/001 X M!reader fanfic *Quickly note your number is 019* eleven is like 8 in this because the past is far back- Your 20 in this Henry/001/Peter is 32 &q...
- 001 and 007 - (romance story) by _venc_
- 001 and 007 - (romance story)by _venc_
When 001 sees 007 in the rainbow room. He feels something. Something such as feelings. But he doesn't know to say his feelings to 003. Papa also punished Peter. And...
Mary by YumenoKKinnie
Maryby Cheyenne Tindall
.............. "Mary, what did you do?" "I'm sorry." "Ozq vav qgm cadd lzw dset?" "Al osk sf suuavwfl!" "You're only Eigh...
Our Little Prince (spanking story) by EEFERSONN
Our Little Prince (spanking story)by Eef
Want to know what's it like in a day to day life with a very rebellious 5 year old that lives with his two daddies in a far away castle in a different dimension?
Ghost B.C Imagines ;) by crisp_chip
Ghost B.C Imagines ;)by tasty orphan
Oi!It's just fan fictions of one of my favorite bands 👌
My Little Hope || أملي الصغير by lilbu097
My Little Hope || أملي الصغيرby Purple-blue
(نقية تماماً من كل ما هو محرّم) أمل صغير فقط هذا ما نحتاج... أنا لم أر صغيراً بحجم هذا الصغير... هو لطيف جداً بل وأشعر أنه حينما يمشي قدماه تصدر موسيقا لطيفة مضحكة... ...
kakashi's daughter Yuki by lexiDrag
kakashi's daughter Yukiby lexiDrag
⚠️⚠️CONTAINS CUSSING IF YOU DONT LIKE THEN DONT READ SIMPLE AS THAT!⚠️⚠️ A book based on love and revenge. Can two over come their differences and work together or do th...
papa deku by soramidoriya27
papa dekuby Skyhigh
This story begins after the events of the yakuza raid and fight against overhaul as izuku midoriya goes to the hospital to visit eri little did he know that this visit w...
Loki's Stay by bloodybunnybarber
Loki's Stayby bloodybunnybarber
Thor has to tend to politics in Asgard, so he won't be able to care for Loki, who is a little. Thor takes him to Earth to be cared for by Bucky for a couple of days. Wil...
Faith by JOKES_ON_U
Faithby S.C.
Valentine, a fresh out of college photographer was always devoted to her faith to God. Raised to do everything good and right in the world. She's both shy and timid, the...
Mots et Idéaux by pauline_btr
Mots et Idéauxby Pauline
Recueil de poèmes, de pensées, d'idées, d'espoir et de secrets. Créés sur le coup d'une émotion, d'une idée soudaine, ou d'une inspiration au milieu de la nuit.