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Mafia's girl by AgeregressionKitten
Mafia's girlby Kitten is little
Aria Blackwell is a 20 year old partier who gets in a lot of trouble. Whether it's with police or gangs, she can't seem to stop getting in trouble with her best friend L...
The Little of the Alien Commander by 00Misty00
The Little of the Alien Commanderby MIsty Moonlight
15-year-old Katie is just a normal girl that is until aliens take over Earth fast forward a few months and all humans are in camps, and the general visits the camp she's...
Baby Talk by Writerandreader17
Baby Talkby Tawney
Stephanie never imagined that meeting Garrett and Lori would change her life as it did. She never expected their rules to be so... odd. Is $1,000 enough money for Stepha...
I will try to fix you (Camren Ageplay) by adorably_sassy
I will try to fix you (Camren Amaia
An unbreakable bond between a little and her mama x
Babygirl by misstamerica
Babygirlby misstamerica
A normal girl. A normal night. Until she's kidnapped and forced to be a baby. ~a non-sexual ddlg story~ //I might be able to translate to Spanish if requested enough ...
My Bully is My New Mom?! by MaxKegan
My Bully is My New Mom?!by Max R. Kegan
Max is a 17-year-old who just started their summer break but now has to spend it with their bully Mya
Alexander 28 years old and a leader to rusian-america mafia , he have everything he needed BUT one thing he don't have "someone to take care of" . What happen...
Loser of the bet  by Gwilli2830
Loser of the bet by Gwilli2830
Best friends Sam and Grace make a bet and the loser of the best has to be treated like a complete baby for a whole week....
Mommy little angel by Piggy-unicorn
Mommy little angelby Tinicia
it all starts with a hope that's 17 and lives in a run down apartments untill one day she walking to work when a mystery car show up and kidnapped her... well she fall i...
Project L {DDLB} by MeXagainstXtheXworld
Project L {DDLB}by MeXagainstXtheXworld
After signing up to take part in Project L, Callaghan Walsh was unsure what to expect. Specifically recruiting Littles and Dominants, the project splits the thirty- one...
Diapered Stay by rahyu123
Diapered Stayby rahyu123
Two twin boys stay at an extended stay house sitter, however when one of them has an accident, they both are diapered
Doms&Littles Adventures by Cendrillon1996
Doms&Littles Adventuresby Cinderella
The year is 2997 the world went through some major changes, vampires are now a thing. Human get categorised at the age of 16 to become a dom or sub then we get classifi...
Bubble magic by 00Misty00
Bubble magicby MIsty Moonlight
Same names as my other story but a different thrilling story. Katie for some odd reason gets sick every time she goes to an after school event but thats because there ar...
Vampire's wolf pup by MaxKegan
Vampire's wolf pupby Max R. Kegan
In a world where Vampires rule a couple decide they want a baby boy
Were Babies  Again  by StephanieCruzado9
Were Babies Again by Stephanie Cruzado
Two16-year-old girls gets put back in diapers will they gets out of them or be turned into a babies for good
The Baby Blues by Writerandreader17
The Baby Bluesby Tawney
"Either wear the diaper or you get punished." Garrett said, watching me and my reaction. "No. You're not punishing me again." I crossed my arms over...
Day Care by Writerandreader17
Day Careby Tawney
Moving to a new town was far more difficult than Lyla ever imagined. She expected to meet new people and make friends and start over. Little did she know just how far sh...
Saved Soldier (AB/DL) by Blebbleb22
Saved Soldier (AB/DL)by ~Sleepy n’ Dreepy~
When Johno, a young soldier is shot in the rib, found by an enemy soldier and taken into the enemy base, what will happen? What will be awaiting him? Who will he meet? S...
Hungry Little by secretstories96
Hungry Littleby LGBT+Little
Eliza is hungry, but she doesn't want her bottle anymore
Little princess  by Laney_the_queen3
Little princess by Laney_the_queen3
Rosie Winters didn't expect to make a lot of friends when she started her senior year at her new school. She also didn't expect to be kidnapped and forced to act like a...