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All Roads Lead Home ✓ by witchoria
All Roads Lead Home ✓by Zuzanna
Zoya Hart has been eluding her gold-digging stepmother for the last few years. Knowing that this woman will do anything to gain control of her and her late father's comp...
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The Asexuality And Aromantic Spectrum And My Experiences by 5moreminutesmom
The Asexuality And Aromantic Spect...by Lane
This is for the people who are really freaking confused about the asexuality and aromantic spectrum. I will go over the many, MANY orientations under the ace/aro umbrell...
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Sunshine ➵ G.D by cah-lum
Sunshine ➵ G.Dby cah - lum
❝I really just want to be the warm yellow light that pours all over everyone I love❞ An autistic boy meets a lonely bookstore worker
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Like a lamb to the slaughter. •Green Day by lilalternativekid
Like a lamb to the slaughter. •Gre...by j0e🎈
dear diary- or red notebook. hi. I'm Billie Joe. I'm quiet. people call me stupid. they call me weird. i like rock, i just get super nervous when I talk to anyone. i...
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The story of Twidash Book 2:Motherhood by ChaosLord232
The story of Twidash Book 2:Mother...by Chaos Lord
this is a sequel to my first book . Twilight and Rainbow Dash have been married for 2 years and Rainbow Dash wants a filly but Twilight and Rainbow can't make one. But t...
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The Spectrum by Miss_Lady_Rain
The Spectrumby ☔Reina S
-The cover situation will be sorted eventually- A little dictionary to help with your LGBTQ+ needs
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Forget the Haters!! I love your hair!! Boyinaband x reader by DuskMoon13
Forget the Haters!! I love your ha...by TheSilentWriter
Welp Imma give this a go because I read all of them and there are like uh 5? So why not add a little Silent pizzazz to it?
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Ruby Redfort - Any Last Words? by Emjem03
Ruby Redfort - Any Last Words?by Emjem03
"You broke rule number one, and how can I have an agent that doesn't listen to me? Regarding Mr Crew... No one outside of the agency can be aware of us, so either w...
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K-pop Would you rather {Dirty} by Agust_dick__3
K-pop Would you rather {Dirty}by I Stan Korean Men
The title bitches. The title.
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Ruby Redfort Except Gay by WARNINGwhovian
Ruby Redfort Except Gayby WARNINGwhovian
Probably nobody apart from @universalasteroid will read this and that's okay because this probably will be pretty joking and not the highest quality writing that you've...
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Ruby Redfort (LBaker) -Remember me- Fanfiction/oneshots  by bookfreak0815
Ruby Redfort (LBaker) -Remember me...by bookfreak0815
It's actually just a collection of my ideas and thoughts about the relationship between Baker and LB (especially when they were younger) Hope you enjoy! ...
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Maknae of Korean Boy Groups by a20050612
Maknae of Korean Boy Groupsby Jelly4theJ
Maknae: Youngest child of the family Groups from (A to Z) Cover: EXO's Sehun (oohsehun on Instagram)
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Ruby Redfort: Embers of Memories( A Bradley Baker/LB fan fiction)  by EmbersofMemories
Ruby Redfort: Embers of Memories(...by EmbersofMemories
Ruby Redfort Basically this is just stories based on the ship of Bradley/LB and moments that were missing from
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Skirts (A Haikyuu!!! Yamaguchi Tadashi Fanfiction) by DarkLexy18
Skirts (A Haikyuu!!! Yamaguchi Tad...by Lex
After over 10 years of Yamaguchi collecting skirts, dresses, and other "girly" articles of clothing, he finds that a group of teens from school reacts horribly...
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Colours. (boyxboy)  by Red_Phoenix_writes
Colours. (boyxboy) by Red_Phoenix
17-year old Julian lives a perfectly normal life. He studies his ass off, gets along well with his family, and wants to get to University. But there's just one abnorma...
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Hawkgirl X Spectrum Lantern Reader by AgentKansas632
Hawkgirl X Spectrum Lantern Readerby Agent Kansas632
As a Spectrum Lantern, you harness the power of all attributes of each Lantern Corps, even the Life and Death Lanterns, making you a formidable fighter, and very well kn...
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Science 10 by schoolnotes21
Science 10by school notes
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Spectrum | ✐ by LadyMeringue
Spectrum | ✐by LadyMeringue
PO1 || ❝Because that's the best thing about the human mind - it's never a single emotion, but a spectrum of them waiting to define the person of worth you truly are. ❞ T...
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Ruby Redfort- Watch Where You Step by EliseWauren
Ruby Redfort- Watch Where You Stepby Elise Wauren
She's been dropped off buildings, accused of betrayal, and been at the wrong end of so many murder plots it's hard to keep track. Anyone would think that Ruby Redfort de...
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Spectrum *NOT MINE* by UnderDiscontinued
Spectrum *NOT MINE*by 0UnderCreditor0
It's over. Frisk's journey has ended in the best way possible, and now Monsterkind is moving forward. Sans is eager to join them, but when a personal demon appears to (q...
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