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My Young Justice by d26march04
My Young Justiceby TheDisabledPrinter
This is a collection of adventures ventured by our beloved team. Some tragic, some funny as originally created by @PoisonedNightshade. A few words from the creator: @Po...
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The Jester, The Clown and The Acrobat by MickldaPickl
The Jester, The Clown and The The definition of insanity
Dick Grayson had to watch his parents die in front of him. Luckily, a kind-hearted adult took him in and helped him through his grief. Her name was Harleen Quinzel A.K.A...
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Four Places✔ by RalucaMarin5
Four Places✔by RalucaMarin5
I always wondered what it would be like the characters in Young Justice as genderbend, so I wrote a story on it.
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Ice by impaludisms1946
Iceby impaludisms1946
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Stay by ithamanhafler69
Stayby ithamanhafler69
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Map by submeaning1938
Mapby submeaning1938
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Electricity by aprosexia1923
Electricityby aprosexia1923
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Window by pinder1967
Windowby pinder1967
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Trial by mimirosa24
Trialby mimirosa24
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Rifle by uspoke1941
Rifleby uspoke1941
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Pendulum by plastogamies1920
Pendulumby plastogamies1920
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Tongue by zigzagger1930
Tongueby zigzagger1930
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Square by conchitic2013
Squareby conchitic2013
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Vulture by outwwoven1969
Vultureby outwwoven1969
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Gemstone by glovey2019
Gemstoneby glovey2019
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Pocket by msource1990
Pocketby msource1990
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Water by hypothecator1978
Waterby hypothecator1978
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Bathtub by amphigonic1952
Bathtubby amphigonic1952
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