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Banana Fish Fluff by l_gayfrog_l
Banana Fish Fluffby Keith
Eiji had gone back to Japan after Ash got stabbed. He thought he was dead. But one day the Asian boy got a surprise when he saw the American boy stood by his doorstep
[ EDIT ] Thê Tử Của Bạo Quân - Mạt Trà Khúc Kỳ by Nguyenshiro
[ EDIT ] Thê Tử Của Bạo Quân - Mạ Nguyên Nguyên
Tác giả: Mạt Trà Khúc Kỳ Thể loại: Cổ đại, cung đấu, gia đấu. 3s. HE Văn án: Ngày Tiêu Ngư gả cho Hoàng Đế biểu ca cũng là ngày nàng thành quả phụ. Thế là tuổi còn trẻ đ...
Close to You || Ash Lynx (Banana Fish) by jijinbap
Close to You || Ash Lynx (Banana Silver
"Just like me, they long to be, close to you." (y/n) lives a normal life-a struggling student whose only worry is how to earn enough money for her to get by e...
Ash lynx x Reader || Viridescent by mangardel
Ash lynx x Reader || Viridescentby RJ callenreese
Ash lynx x reader short imagines and headcanons. All of these are mine. My tumblr is @mangardel I post there before I post it on here.
Tatoos: A Billdip Story by ChloePerson123456789
Tatoos: A Billdip Storyby ChloePerson123456789
Dipper and Mabel return to Gravity Falls. Dipper has a huge secret he's been hiding from everyone, will they find out?
Kagamine len x reader by Emmalikesvocaloid
Kagamine len x readerby Emma rose Spencer
Your a vocaloid! And have loads of new friends Miku,rin,Luka and a cute banana boy. But what happens when your love for him is more than just lyrics in a song...? I'll t...
A Love Story- Anna & Ag by LittleWolf210
A Love Story- Anna & Agby LittleWolf210
A story abt Anna Shumate and Ag McDaniel
The Only Reason Why 《Banana Fish x Reader》 by Kizzy_Phrases
The Only Reason Why 《Banana Fish Kizzy_Phrases
Seeing New York from a different perspective, drug dealings intertwines alongside Mafia Warfare, indoctrinating the innocent. Living that life is like a bird in a tight...
MewGulf Family  by PretySunhi
MewGulf Family by Sunhi
MewGulf family Rich family
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41 Ways to Kill Someone With a Banana by FaitheFayFaeOndracek
41 Ways to Kill Someone With a Faithe Ondracek
if i were not myself * * *   (Eiji x Ash highscool au) by abcheeselz
if i were not myself * * * ( abcheeselz
Ash Lynx is a troubled student. He is not perfect. His being is simply television static Numbness. Inescapable numbness. But one day a foreign exchange student from Jap...
story of death || banana fish ✓ by ssignoraa
story of death || banana fish ✓by rachel:)
*bf spoilers ahead!* Y/N L/N, a fifteen year old was a banana fish stan, just like us. She read, watched, and rewatched multiple times, never able to get over the short...
The Banana Spilts meets Willy's Wonderland by 4804294519R
The Banana Spilts meets Willy's KayKay2432💙
Ever the studio cancels their show, Jessica helps Fleege, Bingo, Dropper, and Snorky be fix and looking for place to stay. But when they find out a place called Willy's...
✅ Banana Fish - altenative ending [ENG] by LaufeysonWriter
✅ Banana Fish - altenative LaufeysonWriter
A poor boy hurt by life. He fell asleep surrounded by books, at the desk, with a letter in his hand. For sleep lulled by the feeling that comes from it. ☆Banana Fish - J...
STA Studios: Short Stories by lunat1cpr0duct10ns
STA Studios: Short Storiesby Luna
A collection of platonic, SFW one-shots for the Among Us series STA Studios makes on YouTube. If you don't know what that is, I suggest you search them up. *Please do no...
The Banana Spilts: Old Friends, New Future by 4804294519R
The Banana Spilts: Old Friends, KayKay2432💙
Well, we all know that the banana splits being murders, their show was being canceled and was taken by Poppy in the end. They was alone, dismantled and being forgotten...
Together at last [Shorter Wong x reader] by purplehairbaddie
Together at last [Shorter Wong x squigglels
Wow I have simped over this man for to long fanfic ttimees oh ya I post onse a day unless I don't want to I DO FONT OWN BANANA FISH OR ANY OF ITS CHARACTERS COVER ART...
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The Banana Fic (phan) by Disco_Lizard
The Banana Fic (phan)by Disco_Lizard
You thought The Cherry fic was bad? You thought The Hat fic was worse? Well The Bananna Fic is ten times as sexual and insane. Warning 18+ content extremely sexual and c...
Playing With The Lynx by Tasty_Cream_
Playing With The Lynxby Alaycia
A stubborn girl named y/n l/n meets a gang leader ash lynx. They both share similar pasts but refuse to accept there feelings for each other.