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Diapered For Life by John08589
Diapered For Lifeby Diaperboy
Will, a 13 year old boy goes on vacation with his family and his life is forever changed I'm gonna finish it later
Two little boys by randomaccount1273
Two little boysby Diaperboy45
Just you're every day diaper story
250 Goodnites by AlwaysInAGoodnite
250 Goodnitesby AlwaysInAGoodnite
Clint is a 14 year old boy who relentlessly picks on his little sister. His parents are going to teach him a lesson. Now Clint has to go through 250 assorted pullups in...
The boy who loves diapers a little to much  by Diapersnoofer
The boy who loves diapers a little...by Diapersnoofer
A continuation and rework of this story from ABDLNB When Henry falls into the water and his clothes get wet, his only option is to were his little brothers diaper for th...
Copy and Paste (ABDL) (DISCONTINUED) by Taeronwastaken
Copy and Paste (ABDL) (DISCONTINUE...by Tyrone
One day, Axel finds a cardboard box on the sidewalk while walking home. It reads "Copy and Paste" What is it? What will Axel do? Show his friends, mom, or dad...
Mexico Diapers by Deckgandow
Mexico Diapersby Godoy wish
A boy gets put back in diapers for wetting himself well on holiday
✔~Locked In Paradise~✔ by Alex_Furry_Fiction
✔~Locked In Paradise~✔by Dyl <3
Zach, a fifteen year old deer furry is going on a vacation to a luxurious resort in Mexico! When it comes to entertainment, he'll get everything he wants; pacifiers, bot...
Summer break babysitting  by Diaperboystorys
Summer break babysitting by Diaperboystorys
Jake needs some extra cash so he take up a job babysitting for 4 weeks of his summer break but it was not as he was expecting
Origin of a Diaper-girl by Justaboringgame
Origin of a Diaper-girlby Lil Jen-Jen
The story of how I told my parents and finally convinced them to allow me back into diapers... it is the story of how I became who I am. Some details were changed of cou...
Riley by FreezMilo
Rileyby FreezMilo
Riley, an eleven-year old girl, is going to fall in love with baby diapers. - Before you read my story: This story was written in a different language than English. It...
Serenity back in diapers  by aiabdl
Serenity back in diapers by aiabdl
Serenity is a 12-year-old girl who is very beautiful and lives with her sister Aubrey who is 16 years old and on these holidays Ruby of the same age is spending the holi...
My new little by Deckgandowjjjj
My new littleby Little boi
A 15 years old who finds a little boy
A New Diaper Life by Majackson_Jess
A New Diaper Lifeby Majackson_Jess
Jackson's mother finally finds out that her son wants to be a baby for him. She is willing to not only accept this but embrace it but she has some plans.
Baby Blues by AReaderIsMe
Baby Bluesby AReaderIsMe
From the old Dauphin archive
Magic button by OceansRivers
Magic buttonby Oceans & Rivers
Hi, my name is Jamie I'm 12 years old tomorrow, I still wet the bed but my mum and dad don't like it very much. I was walking home from school on Friday the 13th 2016, t...
covid Babies by tbdlStory
covid Babiesby Michael
still working on it
Back to 3 by Deckgandowjjjj
Back to 3by Little boi
Caught wearing diapers  by tbdl_dill
Caught wearing diapers by Dylan
This story is about a 10 year old boy named Dylan who gets back into wearing diapers during elementary school by his little nephew Maddox (he's 6) but gets caught, he a...
My 2nd baby shower #tbdl by JDuluth
My 2nd baby shower #tbdlby JDuluth
Hello! I am a 14 year old boy who loves wearing diapers to a point. . . That is when my mom finds some of my secret diapers and gives me my worst nightmare but also my b...
Bedwetter by bongBong2000
Bedwetterby bongBong2000
jack starts writing the bed again and his mother starts off by putting him in diapers but he starts having accidents at day so read to find out