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All American Boys [B x B] by holysacrilege
All American Boys [B x B]by julia mills
Alex Sawyer never thought much of it when he was approached to 'keep an eye out' for Isaac Anderson. Well, sure he had his reservations about that boy -the loud, obnoxio...
  • war
  • lgbt
  • bible
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sins; by firstluvym
sins;by Baby
❝knowing all of these things yoongi is doing and giving up to be with me is enough for me❞ -church; yoonmin
  • sins
  • bible
  • jimin
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jimin bible  by jonguks
jimin bible by nobody
❝all hail our smol sexy mochi❞
  • hoseok
  • jiminbible
  • namjoon
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Demon Hunters: Book 1 Faith-Organizing Chapters by ChayAvalerias
Demon Hunters: Book 1 Chay Avalerias
God has sent watchers, a powerful set of warrior angels, to earth to track down and kill the evil descendants of the Nephilim, who have managed to unleash demonic powers...
  • fallen
  • fantasy
  • wings
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jeremiah by eudefus
jeremiahby Robert Badiola
  • bible
  • japanese
  • story
David X Saul *Possible smut warning* by i_dont_give_a_fork
David X Saul *Possible smut ✰𝕮𝖊𝖗𝖙𝖎𝖋𝖎𝖊𝖉 𝖇𝖆𝖉 𝖇...
David and Saul developed a forbidden and unholy relationship behind God's back. God of course knows and is very disappointed in his holy appointed kings. God cant find a...
  • yaoi
  • unholy
  • david
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A sinner's tale by dami_breez
A sinner's taleby Damilola Adewumi
This is religious👏 A sinners path And rebel described and narrated
  • mygod
  • jesus
  • heaven
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Papertrails: Finding Me, myself, and I by The_Lost_Little_Lily
Papertrails: Finding Me, myself, Mindful_Introvert
Writing is my only escape to another world filled with serene solitude. It's how I communicate and express what I couldn't verbally express. It's where strong words are...
  • god
  • self-discovery
  • life
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psalms by eudefus
psalmsby Robert Badiola
  • bible
  • japanese
  • story
Original: Fallen and falling by StefanijaRozite
Original: Fallen and fallingby Stefanija Rozite
This is a reflective story on the "creation" story in Genesis with a deconstructive and queer feminist lens. It may offend some readers (specifically fundament...
  • eco-feminist
  • critical
  • queer
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Total Hero All Heroes Hero Tour Book 1-Junior Novelization !  by user50975010
Total Hero All Heroes Hero Tour
It's Total Hero All Heroes Hero Tour! Your favorite Bible Heroes that you like are back to battle each other for money prizes and other things but some challenges will h...
  • bible
  • friends
  • hero
CAMP OF LEGEND PART 2 by RobertHelliger
CAMP OF LEGEND PART 2by RobertHelliger
Jason Voorhees isn't dead. A year has passed. When a teenager goes to Camp Crystal Lake to see whether he's alive, Jason comes back and resumes his new reign of terror...
  • beginning
  • attic
  • sanders
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Poetry, Poetry, Poetry by SouthernGal7
Poetry, Poetry, Poetryby Evie Morandi
Poetry by Evie Morandi! Spiritual Poems, Silly poems, Fandoms and just deep poems! Enjoy! God Bless!
  • bbc
  • memories
  • random
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Praise God! by PDJames
Praise God!by PD
Praising God is a good thing. When we consider the reasons why we should praise God, we find a list of attributes. To try to list all the things God has done and is stil...
  • praise
  • spiritual
  • bible
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King of Darkness by ProjectKOD
King of Darknessby ProjectKOD
Kane must endure the hardships of his life and the overwhelming pain from his past in order to overcome the darkness. He is running out of time to find the light in this...
  • naruto
  • fanfiction
  • narutoshippuden
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The Girl Bible by jessgreen9712
The Girl Bibleby Jess Green
The ultimate girl code. Rules for you and your "bros"
  • friendship
  • friend
  • squad
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12 Days with God by Joshua_Dragon
12 Days with Godby Joshua Dragon
A journal dedicated for God, to inspire and reunite with our original selves. Join me for 12 days to spend more time with God, our Heavenly Parent.
  • god
  • self-awareness
  • bible
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its not me by tobydog131
its not meby tobydog131
a testimony of A kid who thinks she has lung cancer that is fighting with the devil that is trying to pull her away from Jesus
  • helf
  • bible
  • frends
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