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VegasPete (Fanfic) by BetterUnseen
VegasPete (Fanfic)by Aster
This is just a fanfic for those who are supporting VegasPete.
jesus x judas- enemies to lovers by gerardwayreal2
jesus x judas- enemies to loversby gerardwayreal2
jesus x judas is canon they kissed in the bible
Vegaspete ♡♡Tied My Heart by Fat43tihah
Vegaspete ♡♡Tied My Heartby Fat43tihah
one shot of Vegas pete from kinnporsche the series Guys if you don't want any spoilers don't read this although there isn't much spoilers I'm just warning you ⚠️ Warning...
Will You Remember Me? (VP Fanfic) by BetterUnseen
Will You Remember Me? (VP Fanfic)by Aster
After the confrontation between the Major and Minor Clan, Pete chose to ran away following Vegas. But then, what will happen if Vegas forget about him?
The Son Of The Beast. ''666'' "TRIHEXA'' by anudithchauhan
The Son Of The Beast. ''666'' " anudithchauhan
What would have happened when The Beast. The Emperor of Apocalypse ''666'' ''TRIHEXA'' Had a son how It would have had effected the supernatural world
Diary of an angry widow by DeWannaW
Diary of an angry widowby Dewanna Whitted
Why me? Why my husband? What did I do wrong? Get ready for a up, close and personal look at widowhood. A real raw experience of widowhood after 19 years of marital blis...
THE GRIMOIRE by AniagbosoMartins
THE GRIMOIREby Aniagboso Martins
In the wrong hands it could unleash hell on earth. Which clan of sorcerer gets the book, the GRIMOIRE.
Loving Him (Him Series Book 1) by writingforChrist
Loving Him (Him Series Book 1)by Only Jesus
Kyle Huxley's charm and rugged good looks made him every high school girl's dream, including Lucy Donovan's. A prank brings them together, but the connection they form i...
Glorify  by Ianerciapontes
Glorify by Ianércia Pontes
A compilation of poems to expresse love and give glory to the one and only all over the world, Messiah. A chance to glorify in every single hymn, verse and strophe, by e...
Gods and Queens by Precious_Nkem
Gods and Queensby Precious Nkem
What if? What if the gods of Egypt existed? A house of hulking vicious deities fighting for dominance and obsessing over power? What if a son of Pharaoh escaped the tent...
Biblical Contradictions From An Ethics Standpoint by AlexisTolkkinen
Biblical Contradictions From An AlexisTolkkinen
The United States of America has always been considered a deeply rooted christian country. Afterall we have 'In God We Trust' printed on our money, swearing on a Bible d...
Unfold  by ElRayLeigh
Unfold by ElRayLeigh
Jeanette Arthur had no idea what was going to happen to her when they opened the doors. Was she going to die? Or would she wish she was dead? She began to think that th...
JEMIMA by oluwayanmife__
JEMIMAby Chosen🏵️
Meet Jemima, a christian and a lover of God. Born by Christian Ministers and raised in the way of the Lord. But then Jemi's lovely family is crashing, her parents are op...
I Need Him. by black_gurl24
I Need Sarah
God is a medicine to my pain; a father, a friend, a blessing to my life. Someone I know I can call on when I'm afraid or in danger. A bandage to my scars and bruises. Da...
My Diary to God  by cloverthesky
My Diary to God by trèfl
Tinay's journey in God's presence where her life is filled with ups and downs. Despite the storms she experienced, she never forget that God is constant. His love never...
•The Lost Warrior•  by ScarletKennedy
•The Lost Warrior• by Kennedy The Nerd
The story of Harley Connors is a difficult one... You've heard epic tales of mighty warriors saving the world. The hero saves the day, the guy gets the girl, lives happ...
Steam And Diesel Nation by JustAHillbilly777
Steam And Diesel Nationby JustAHillbilly777
What if the world never left the steam era of the rail industry? Or better yet, what if diesels still came around, but instead of being found to be suitable replacements...