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រឿង ស្អប់ព្រោះស្រឡាញ់(ចប់) by bm_biblebuild
រឿង ស្អប់ព្រោះស្រឡាញ់(ចប់)by Bor Mey
ជាប្រភេទរឿងbottomឆ្នាស់គួរឲស្រឡាញ់និងtopកាចព្រាននារីplay boy
Taboo(Kim/Vegas) by Red-Chip
Taboo(Kim/Vegas)by Lavender Haze
Kim and Vegas ,two psychopaths fall in love in between their chaotic mafia life. Main couple - KimVegas Side couple - Jossluke, kinn Porsche,Macauchay,khunpete. This wor...
Forced Marriage by ILovePhongsakorn
Forced Marriageby Yin 😍
Pete a 19 year old and vegas a 20 year old are forced to marry each other by their fathers.. What will happen? will they fall inlove? Or will vegas run away with his g...
OMG by flipthatcoinbij
OMGby Kei
A MileBible Hybrid AU by @flipthatcoinbij
Arrange Marriage  by KimMaisha123
Arrange Marriage by Chelly of Apo 🍒
Hie, Since i could not upload any scenes for side couples of my story "Step Brother's Love" So here is a Mini story for them. Hope you love it <3
Thieves in the Market by TheChosenStories
Thieves in the Marketby The Chosen Stories
Philip and Nathanael are tasked with going to the market, but find themselves in a mishap....
Marriage Not Love by KrishMew
Marriage Not Loveby Krish Mew
This is a Vegas Pete fanfic and i don't want to give any spoilers so read the first chapter then you can understand the story line. This is Mprg Concept. Thank you for c...
When June kissed December (Completed) by hazel_crescent
When June kissed December ( Anna
Who will covet a barren omega? Pete expected to spend a life doomed to loneliness, but he could not imagine that he would have to share it with someone who is so frighte...
All Along, You by juwee0309
All Along, Youby Jo
A series of begging, chasing, rejection, and pain had led Kinn and Pete to fully lose faith that their lovers, Vegas and Porsche would come back to them after running aw...
PROMISE🥀(ចប់) by seuneang31
ស្នេហាកើតឡើងពីទំនាក់ទំនង រវាងបងប្អូនចិញ្ចឹម ការមើលថែ យល់ចិត្តទុកដាក់ ផ្តល់ភាពកក់ក្តៅ នឹង ការសន្យា🥀 «បងប្រុសនឹងមិនទៅណាចោលអូនទេ តើមែនទេ?»🐱 «បាទ! បងសន្យាថា នឹងមិនទៅណាចោល...
𝐑𝐈𝐂𝐇 𝐌𝐀𝐅𝐈𝐀 𝐁𝐑𝐀𝐓𝐒 |𝐊 becklicious
➪what will happen when the two rich cousin brothers laid their eyes on two young college boys. ➪chaos are meant to happen when the familes will get to know about their r...
Ruin My Principle (VegasPete) by justadevil
Ruin My Principle (VegasPete)by stella
Pete was appointed as The Chief of Bodyguard of Major Family replacing Chan. Meanwhile, Vegas try to break Pete in two because Pete wasn't captured when he sneaked in ba...
With You [VegasPete] by SongNamNing
With You [VegasPete]by Song Nam Ning
🖤💙 This story is about Kinnporsche series Second Couple. Vegas and Pete. this story include their love and care for each other and some mysterious story around them. T...
VEGAS AND PETE by imalogus2004
vegas doesn"t love pete. but pete hope his love.however pete got pregnant. but what will happen after this kind of situation? 1) vegas is 27 old a tough guy. he onl...
Alpha X Omega (Boyxboy) (Vegaspete) by AriiiGrandeeeAriii
Alpha X Omega (Boyxboy) (Vegaspete)by Ariana Grande
In an alternate universe they are defined as Alpha,Omega and Beta. After many hardships vegas and Pete are finally together with their adopted son Venice. But little did...
Our Little Summer | BBB Fanfiction by build4bible
Our Little Summer | BBB Fanfictionby build4bible
Build Jakapan Puttha; a man who almost have it all. From his cute innocent look and bright smile that can easily have everyone swoon over him, he have his supportive fri...
This story highglights the KP 2nd couple, VegasPete. The story may include familiar scenes from the live action of the series but changes were also made. Also, this this...
Kiss My Scars (VegasPete) by BetterUnseen
Kiss My Scars (VegasPete)by Aster
A fantasy VegasPete Fanfic.
My Hope by sonyspy
My Hopeby sony spy
What happens if Vegas stays in the main family? Will he be able to make Porsche fall in love with him and finally destroy the main family or else he will find his soulma...
Return my wing (Freedom) by VegasPete4
Return my wing (Freedom)by Vegas Pete
FANFIC: Pete was traded by his father who didn't have enough money to pay for the debtor which he borrowed during gambling. Pete was brought by Mr Gun who was the head o...