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The fifth lord  by alexajames60
The fifth lord by Sin of Wrath 👑
Haiii it's me again with another story. this is most likey a harem story, kinda. G!P fem reader 😋 Warnings: Blood Torture Foul Language Smut
The Little Heartshaper | Lady Dimitrescu x Baby Boy by AndrewGoodguy
The Little Heartshaper | Lady Dimi...by Andrew Goodguy
Note: For fans of my boy reader fan fiction, this is completely separate from this. Also this will be mainly made for fun and I will use the possible things Alcina would...
My Dear Nightmare by Nerdible
My Dear Nightmareby Dede Addy
"What's your name?" he asked. "Daniela. Daniela Stevens," she responded. "Look at me Stevens... now that I've met you, I promise I'll work eve...
Our food~ (Dimitrescu ladies x male reader) by xXReaper_DEATHXx
Our food~ (Dimitrescu ladies x mal...by Riyeko_Shinobi
I'm a man of "submissive male reader" books and this one is no exception, you the reader is a submissive male that somehow got kidnapped and was brought upon i...
Dommy-Mommy (male child reader X yandere mother Lady Dimitrescu) by CRProductions
Dommy-Mommy (male child reader X y...by CRProductions
This story will not follow the plot of Resident Evil.
Y/n Dimitrescu by _Windex_is_my_wepon_
Y/n Dimitrescuby _Windex_is_my_wepon_
Y/n was only 4 when it happened. When they were taken away from their family. Since they were very young they don't remember much from their family, but they do remember...
one big happy family fnaf/afton family x male reader by fatal890
one big happy family fnaf/afton fa...by god mix
once a happy family turned into a broken one
The Mold Connects Us | RWBY X ABUS...by D
The ones who hurt me will pay Wether by blood or other means They will pay deeply
Luberto: Love Beneath the sea by AlyssaCruz1834
Luberto: Love Beneath the seaby Firesear
Human Luca x Sea monster Alberto AU Luca lived in Potoroso with his family and they were very poor but Luca continuing his studies he will work hard to provide for his f...
My American Family  (modern family) by mofy_pritchett
My American Family (modern family)by Gemma <3
Hola! I'm Daniela Gloria Rojas-Delgado. I'm 12 years old and I was born in Barranquilla, Colombia, where I grew up with my parents until something horrible happened to t...
🫀Resident Evil Village One Shots🫀 by MansonGirl666
🫀Resident Evil Village One Shots🫀by MansonGirl666
Series of one shots about the four lords ! So include : -Lady Dimitrescu -Bella -Cassandra -Daniella -Donna Benevento/Miss Angie -Salvatore Moreau -Karl Heisenberg...
Village Of Shadows by DKay37
Village Of Shadowsby DKay37
Follow Jason, Mother Miranda's eldest son, as he returns home after so many years. Resident Evil Village. Series of one shots, in which we will travel to the past, to...
Cassandras happily ever after by LuryRoth
Cassandras happily ever afterby Lury_Roth
Cassandra has come to the right age to marry someone but isn't even thinking of marriage, Lady Dimitrescu thou has other plans what will happen and will Cassandra be hap...
lady Dimitrescu imagine by DekuMidoryia1
lady Dimitrescu imagineby Deku Midoryia
request open June 11 2022 request closed
Her Strange Maiden by YourLocalGayTomboy
Her Strange Maidenby Lexi B Exon
You were strange and Alcina couldn't understand you, you made her curious.
The Dimitrescu Daughters X Fem! Reader!Stuck in Between by Extobots
The Dimitrescu Daughters X Fem! Re...by Branch
You move to a city after your mom marries a rich dick, you are enrolled into an infamous private school filled with rich kids. On your first day three girls introduce th...
The Cat and The Canary~OC x Daniela Dimitrescu by LostInTheUpsideDown
The Cat and The Canary~OC x Daniel...by Raven Blancq
Elaine has spent most of her life in the shadows, and the dark side of humanity is all she has ever known. Never once, has she been on the receiving end of gentle hands...
Timeless by TheNinjaHug
Timelessby Danny
Riona Willow has known darkness and refuses to ever be helpless again. When this modern day warrior woman lands in 12th century Scotland, things are bound to go awry. B...
Our Guiding Light Resident Evil Village: Bela, Cassandra and Daniela X OC Alexis by destinycopley13
Our Guiding Light Resident Evil Vi...by destinycopley13
Alexis was always gifted ever since her birth. For Alexis her life has never been easy. Always running from different places due to her not being accepted by humans or h...
Frostbite- Lady Dimitrescu x OC by LostInTheUpsideDown
Frostbite- Lady Dimitrescu x OCby Raven Blancq
Alexandria Frost knew the rumors of the great castle above the village, ever since the day she was born. She knew that she was never supposed to go near it, and to never...