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Living it Big Time ~ A Big Time Rush Fan Fiction :{) by immaRUSHER05
Living it Big Time ~ A Big Time amelia
Nathalie has spent years dreaming about anything and everything about her favourite band, Big Time Rush. When her dad receives a job at Paramount Studios in America, she...
Heatwaves(But it's not heatwaves) by Pawpatrol_89
Heatwaves(But it's not heatwaves)by Person
Today we coded it so when you type everything is spelled wrong. This is more broken than Dream's AC. Written by Wolfy and Nessy. Read a story about a white blob and a c...
Why The Fork Are You Back..Again?! | Sequel to wtfibtrioa by ilove4dorks
Why The Fork Are You ilove4dorks
**Sequel to Why The Fork Is BTR In Our Apartment?!** This is not well-written and is one of my earlier stories so run while you can, you will die of it's cliqueness and...
Forkie Writes A Dumb Story by OmoriButBad123456
Forkie Writes A Dumb Storyby Fork and Ron Trash
Two dumb immortal gods are very stupid and write something, maybe, idk
Why Did I Make This? What's Wrong With Me? by awjeezrixk
Why Did I Make This? What's awjeezrixk
This is a mix of two short stories, one of which I created after editing my friends as Lady Dimitrescu's cigarette holder and laying on top of her breasts. The other I c...
Fork x Fork porn story *very sexy* *new girl* by forkporn69
Fork x Fork porn story *very sexy* forkporn
A new fork comes into a new school in the middle of February. She feels so out of place and alone but there's one girl that can fix that. The popular fork. This story co...
Impossible Romantism by Gery_writes2
Impossible Romantismby I'm gae
the thick tomato that has ùwù soft shy vibes falls in love with the bad sassy baka fork. pls idk what is this shit
Блудний лицар by Fon_Karu
Блудний лицарby Вячеслав Козюра
Подорож довжиню в життя? Ні. Подорож ціною в життя? Можливо. По мірі наближення до кінцевої точки свого маршруту, ці та безліч інших питань роїлися в голові героя. А...
Utensil tragedy by The_Anime_Ghost
Utensil tragedyby Sunburnt Rat </3
another crack story because why not. I think I need serious help after this one. -K.s
Merry Go Round by Veritable
Merry Go Roundby Veritable
Clockwork Ducks, Gambling with Body Parts, Destroying Cities, a Parade of Monsters, Carniverous Clouds and lots of Death. All told in loving rhyme and joyful prose, a tw...
forklovestory by ursogaealsourmom
forklovestoryby guess what
a boodiful story 😍😍😍 ENEMYSTOLOVERS?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? 🍴🍴🍴🍴😍😍😍 [warning v cringe and yes]
An UnOdinary chat by KeenShort125
An UnOdinary chatby KeenShort125
So this is a Unodinary texting and yeah! Characters belong to Uru-chan. There is also coarse language in this but it isn't any worse than the swearing in the WEBTOON its...