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Fuchsia Skyies [✧] BFB fanfic by Ashychu
Fuchsia Skyies [✧] BFB fanficby Ashychu
WARNING [✧] minor stibby stabby [✧] It was Halloween and Gelatin, Donut, Spongy and Barf Bag decide to go trick or treating together. On their way they run into Lollipop...
Here's the shit I say in sm Crush :) by zaykayspams
Here's the shit I say in sm zaykayspams
So here's just random things I say usually at night in the sm crush gc
Why The Fork Is BTR In Our Apartment?! | Carlos Pena - Big Time Rush by ilove4dorks
Why The Fork Is BTR In Our ilove4dorks
*This is one of my first stories and is very unrealistic, stupid, and is not well-written. I would delete it but I'm too chicken so please go read one of my newer stori...
-FoRk-  by Fork_Leader
-FoRk- by Førk.
YeaH soRry Im verY lazY
Game On by XxSushiRoxX
Game Onby XxSushiRoxX
Katherine Stark is just one of the typical High School seniors. Her life was normal. Embarrassment, humiliation, awkwardness, heartbreaks, happy, sad, moody, any 17 year...
Unordinary fantasy AU by KeenShort125
Unordinary fantasy AUby KeenShort125
When you turn 18 you have a massive choice. And with a war on the way the young kids must face many challenges.
Living it Big Time ~ A Big Time Rush Fan Fiction :{) by immaRUSHER05
Living it Big Time ~ A Big Time amelia
Nathalie has spent years dreaming about anything and everything about her favourite band, Big Time Rush. When her dad receives a job at Paramount Studios in America, she...
Fork Diaries by xXmotherforkerXx
Fork Diariesby Yinky G
Join Forkki on her life as a fork, meeting her one true love while fighting off her mortal enemy: Macknifezie. She'll experience love, pain, joy and heartbreak on this e...
An UnOdinary chat by KeenShort125
An UnOdinary chatby KeenShort125
So this is a Unodinary texting and yeah! Characters belong to Uru-chan. There is also coarse language in this but it isn't any worse than the swearing in the WEBTOON its...
The fire within by SmolratbeanUwU
The fire withinby Christmastree
Blaze was always quiet,and kept to himself.This made him an easy Target for bullies.however he got the help needed from a friend that he met one day, and now has the cou...
Yellow baby cult by zaykayspams
Yellow baby cultby zaykayspams
This is my cult connected to many things other than sm crush :))
Shrek luv story by friez1lla
Shrek luv storyby kaplopd
Dont get horny gets intence
Raphanie [Based On A Real Couple] by friendporndotcom
Raphanie [Based On A Real Couple]by friendporndotcom
Raph and Beth sitting in a tree FUCKING EACHOTHER ANALLY
The Story of a Fork and its Owner by MyFork
The Story of a Fork and its Ownerby myfork
This heartbreaking story shows the relationship of a fork and its owner. This story will touch your heart and make tears flow out of your eyes, in a not creepy way.
Whispers by Reyning101
Whispersby VGAI
combination of short episodes~ mainly gay~ gnres(or cliches) may include: ABO Fork x Cake Brother love aaaaaaaand so on(totally NOT because I can't remember what they're...
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Nail by oligocene1902
Nailby oligocene1902
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Sports-Car by yawper1970
Sports-Carby yawper1970
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Monster by omnitemporal1950
Monsterby omnitemporal1950
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Lana del rey and K by Radootaku
Lana del rey and Kby Rado otaku
A story based on lana del rey relation with her real lover named K.