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Healing a broken heart  by plewd1
Healing a broken heart by Sonic the Hedgehog
Lincoln finds out that Ronnie Anne has been cheating on him with his best friend Clyde and he falls into a deep depression. While Luna is helping him get over Ronnie Ann...
Kiều thê dâm sử by tieubach2222
Kiều thê dâm sửby tieubach2222
Thể lọai dâm thê, sắc, cao h, ngụy insects. Nguồn: sachiepvien
Cagaster of an Insect Cage: The Before Times (Kidou x Reader) by Katjaface
Cagaster of an Insect Cage: The Katjaface
Kidou wasn't always a top exterminator. He remembers when the disease first broke out. In other words, he remembers the apocalypse. Now that there's an end in sight, the...
Unbreakable love triangle  by plewd1
Unbreakable love triangle by Sonic the Hedgehog
Lincoln,Luna, and Sam form a pretty close bond with each other when Lincoln finds out about Luna's sexuality. But when he finds out that his girlfriend was cheating on h...
Born to Fly by Keraca808
Born to Flyby Keraca808
Mory lives in a world where everybody's got their own special set of powers from a certain animal. On the day of his graduation from the Bird Land Academy, insect warri...
Werks, Queens, and Other Dangerous Things √ Complete by KathaOwens
Werks, Queens, and Other Katharine Owens
LIfe is hard enough without being attacked by giant metal insects. It's 1897 and the kingdom of the Netherlands is being threatened by attacks from clockwerks of destruc...
Brotherly Love (Human! Leo x Human! Raph) by DemonicSpawns
Brotherly Love (Human! Leo x The Sinful BBs
Raphael has had a crush on Leonardo for a while now. He's always hidden it and secretly tried to impress Leo, and make Leo feel the same. When he finally gives up on hi...
{*inside the cage*}~{cagaster of an insect cage x Male reader} by Childishclan5
{*inside the cage*}~{cagaster of | SHSL SLOTH |
In a bug infested world filled with despair few people still have hope humanity may survive this godforsaken planet and defeat the cagasters that have taken over our wor...
Illicit Infatuations ( Yaoi ) by sokalover123
Illicit Infatuations ( Yaoi )by Arbre-Chan
A Yaoi Incest Story Read first part for description.
Raphanardo  by oatsyfanfic
Raphanardo by oatsyfanfic
Raph and Leo recently got their father's permission to be together. See how they deal with all complications that come their way.yes there will be smut guys,duh,geez wh...
Bug Crawler by FluffyLaunaa
Bug Crawlerby FluffyLaunaa
"..Nothing to see..." I silently cried. The sounds around me yelled for me to answer, to tell them anything so they know I was alright. But only buzzing of ins...
Diseased Helicopter | Sasuke One-shot by jeonaruu
Diseased Helicopter | Sasuke jeonaruu
Sasuke has a problem with insects. - Don't question anything.. One-shot No pairings, Naruto au
Infestation by NormanCrane
Infestationby Norman Crane
The wasps kept coming. I needed to find their source!
The insect hero by storly
The insect heroby Storly
Your quirk was nothing special because you never wanted it. Insects and Arachnids nobody likes them not even you. At the orphanage, the others would make fun of you for...
Skinless by mdpotter55
Skinlessby Mike Potter
Detective Crosby had never seen anything like it. Corpses devoid of skin and a culprit beyond all her training.
Sea of Pictures by scribblerbibliophile
Sea of Picturesby Yuchae Moon
Pictures that I've taken 💓
Past Tense by adventurebears
Past Tenseby shae | 山下美姝
Kira Nguyen saw her childhood through watercolored eyes, her memories blending effortlessly together to create fairytales and dress-up plays and songs dancing across the...
Attack of the killer termites #9 by kaijuwriter4
Attack of the killer termites #9by TheOneNerdyGuy
termites are taking over Neo city and now it is up to Goyjoi to stop it.
Happy Love~Hidashi by Coco2249fan
Happy Love~Hidashiby Dis a gay boi
This story contains- Boyxboy Incest aka brother x brother And gayness But NO smut I'm not so but kinda but really not kid friendly 😅 enjoy!