Bedwetting Stories

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Don't know how to Love by mdlglez
Don't know how to Loveby LuvBellamione
AU Where at 16 you take a test to determine if you are a little, caregiver, sub, or dom. Natasha is a secret little, Wanda is a caregiver in need of a little. Will Nat o...
My little secret by DiaperSarah
My little secretby DiaperSarah
Sarah is 16 years old she has a 15 year old sister Hannah and a 13 year old sister Ivy. Ivy still wears pull ups and goodnites to bed. Sarah gets jealous of her lifestyl...
To be diapered by lalalollllooo
To be diaperedby lalalollllooo
After a while of looking for someone to take care of Rachel settles for her friend
Kidnapped And Babied by Ropeatul332
Kidnapped And Babiedby Ropeatul332
An abused 12-year-old boy gets kidnapped after walking home late at the evening. He then gets treated like a baby by his kidnapper. Read to find out what'll happen.
The Baby Brother by Emma_Estelle
The Baby Brotherby 😇Emmy 😈
My entire life my brothers have treated me like i am a fragile little baby and they still do. Some of it is for their own amusement and some of it is because they are ju...
There for You by whenhazzametboo
There for Youby whenhazzametboo
Eleven year old Zayn is abused at home. Mr. Tomlinson finds out.
Secrets In A Small Town [Complete] by Omorashi
Secrets In A Small Town [Complete]by Omorashi
Cade never thought he would find anyone like Brooke. He had grown up certain he would be all alone. He knows he will never outgrow this.
Summer time, Diaper time by Littleone23456
Summer time, Diaper timeby Littleone
When Faith Dean has an accident on the first day of summer, little did she know it wouldn't be her last.
Sisters revenge  by Little_agereggressor
Sisters revenge by Little_kitten
This is about Nina she is very jealous of Kallie her sister she is perfect, unlike her 15 year old sister Nina. Waning this book has humiliation, bed wetting.
The bed wetter  by Lisalovebtsarmy
The bed wetter by Lisalovebtsarmy
After a few weeks of living with bts 15-year-Old jungkook starts to wet the bed.
Sweetheart  by Ellawhiting1234
Sweetheart by Ellawhiting1234
Melody is only 7 and had to deal with 5 brother and now has 2 dad as well.
Sister's Diaper Revenge by little_callie
Sister's Diaper Revengeby Callie
Renée has always been the favorite child, the queen bee of school, and the perfect role model in everyone's eyes. But behind closed doors, she's a completely different p...
Our Brother is a Superhero by -NewRules-
Our Brother is a Superheroby -NewRules-
Liam Payne is the oldest of Geoff and Karen Payne's five sons, the most wealthiest business people in the whole world. Due to his parents being away all the time in busi...
Just a Little Accident by Brooke070101
Just a Little Accidentby ~ >BROOKIE<~
Chase is a 14 year old boy. He has everything u could ever imagine. Except for one Tiny Problem.....Chase is a bed wetter.
Noah Atwood-The Bedwetter (fanfic) by darkshadow75
Noah Atwood-The Bedwetter (fanfic)by DarkShadow
At ten years of age Noah starts wetting the bed and doesn't know what to do. Brittany and Roman find out. Read more to find out what happens to Noah. (Happens before Cor...
SHOCKED STRAIGHT by viking-writer
SHOCKED STRAIGHTby viking-writer
12-year old Josh Taylor writes about his imprisonment in juvenile jail. Confined to his cell for 21 hours a day and forced to wear a diaper at night, the boy forges a st...
Goodnites for the holidays by Hydratedone
Goodnites for the holidaysby Hydratedone
Emma is ready to go on a trip with her best friend and family but she discovers a new aspect to to her life
Little Luca // Ddlb Tbdl by SadAssHoes
Little Luca // Ddlb Tbdlby Idfk
Littlespace DDLB TBDL // Omorashi Random Updates Possibly Some Light Scat idkkk
Easter Bedwetting by takumi41
Easter Bedwettingby takumi41
Allison and her family nearing Easter were going to take a trip to see their grandparents. However, Allison begun wetting the bed during the week before which didn't see...
Sophie's new problem by diapergirl05
Sophie's new problemby diapergirl05
After Sophie has an accident in her girlfrien'ds bed for the third time, Ellie decided its time to take action.