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Ally's Pajama Experience by 00panda
Ally's Pajama Experienceby 00panda
10 year old Ally has a bed wetting problem.
  • pajama
  • teen
  • middleschool
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Baby of the family  by sau387
Baby of the family by Bubba Phantom
Timothy Alexander Drake Being Youngest of Family gets Treated Like a little Kid at School and house Micheal ( Mike )/ Older Brother :- 20 year Old . Mason :- 18 year Ol...
  • overprotectivebigbrothers
  • diapers
  • babybrother
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Saving Superman [Complete] by Omorashi
Saving Superman [Complete]by Omorashi
"Hero" "God-sent" "Legand" These were all words Cade heard all day, every day. A military war hero, someone who had saved countless live...
  • military
  • bedwetting
  • suicide
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Sweetheart  by Ellawhiting1234
Sweetheart by Ellawhiting1234
Melody is only 7 and had to deal with 5 brother and now has 2 dad as well.
  • bedwetting
  • 2dads
  • little
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Not So Big Now by Caylamarie8888
Not So Big Nowby Marie0423
Ever since she was a toddler, 15-year-old Madeline was convinced she didn't need someone to love her. She knew she had herself, Pookie, and most importantly her parents'...
  • tbdl
  • mommy
  • ageplay
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Can You Keep A Secret? by SjMiku0118
Can You Keep A Secret?by Shadowjumper
Bendy has always had a small bladder. Yet he was too shy to say anything. But when his secrets are discovered...what's a cartoon ink demon to do??
  • bedwetting
  • desperation
  • omorashi
Framed by tyguy19
Framedby tyguy19
After getting invited to go camping with Grandma and Grandpa and being able to bring a friend. The friend turns the bad news on him.
  • badfriends
  • bedwetting
  • framed
SKATING ON THIN ICE by WritingViking
Two boys disobey their mothers and go skating on a semi-frozen lake. Their escapade almost ends in tragedy. As punishment, both boys are forced to wear diapers.
  • bedwetting
  • panties
  • humiliation
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How it all began  by milliesstory14
How it all began by milliesstory14
It's a story about a 14 yr old who is a foster kid and gets treated like a little child Will she escape or get brain washed ?
  • sickchild
  • diaper
  • bedwetting
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It's My Fault that I have to Wear Diapers Now by Adibaa0
It's My Fault that I have to Adibaa0
14 year old Lily starts wetting the bed just to get her busy mom's attention. Little did she know about the consequences of her actions.
  • bedwetting
  • generalfiction
  • diaper
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unexpected bed wetting by CyberseTheBaby1
unexpected bed wettingby CyberseTheBaby1
a boy named sylver ended up having problems at night that might affect his life forever. But he is making new friends thanks to the bed wetting problem. Are the diapers...
  • bedwetting
Inner secrets of an average girl by annie8moore
Inner secrets of an average girlby Anne.moore
Girl starts wetting the bed for the first time in years. Her boyfriend is kind and supportive but her brother is giving her a hard time about it. Read to find out more.
  • diapers
  • ageregression
  • medical
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The story why I'm a full time baby by _itsyagirlhope_
The story why I'm a full time babyby _itsyagirlhope_
One day you play a prank on your sister that wants to be a little and she didn't like it so she gets you back in the most evil way.
  • daddy
  • diaper
  • ddlg
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Confessions of a bedwetter by submissivegrrl
Confessions of a bedwetterby submissivegrrl
My journey growing up as a serial bedwetter in a family of secrets and shame. And finally, my ultimate transformation into a real adult baby. I will try to tell my story...
  • thumbsucking
  • bladder
  • secrets
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My Mean brothers are diaper bullies by DL1234567890
My Mean brothers are diaper bulliesby Dl1234567890
I am boy that recently filled 5 years. I have two brothers, Kyle and Eric. They are 11 year old twins. I am still wetting the bed, so every time before bed they are lau...
  • teens
  • diapers
  • nappy
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Maddie's Unforgettable Holiday by sportgirl1722
Maddie's Unforgettable Holidayby diapergirl72
Maddie is a 13 year old girl that lives with her mom, dad, 2 older brothers, and a younger sister. Winter break started and Christmas was right around the corner. Her fr...
  • diapers
  • dares
  • bedwetting
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Accidents Happen- A Harry Potter Fanfic by Deamus_Always
Accidents Happen- A Harry Potter Deamus_Always
Dean discovers that Seamus has been wetting the bed at night, and tries to help his boyfriend out.. I do not own any of the characters , full credit to JK Rowling
  • dean
  • deanthomas
  • boyxboy
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Klance Ageplay| Little Keith by nobodythatisme11
Klance Ageplay| Little Keithby marlamaples1
Keith was into ageplay because of his rough childhood. But then one day Lance discovered Keith's little secret. Now Lance is the caregiver and Keith the little. don't li...
  • hunk
  • coran
  • klance
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It all started with a Dare, by Depressedwriter_04
It all started with a Dare,by Depression
this is a ddlb TomMatt story about a time when truth or dare goes wrong
  • eddsworld
  • diapers
  • alcohol
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Ava's Family Vacation by soxfan08abdl
Ava's Family Vacationby soxfan08abdl
13 year old Ava Williamson is a bedwetter. No big deal, right? What happens when she forgets to pack her goodnites for her family's annual road trip to the beach? Read a...
  • diapergirl
  • bedwetting
  • tbdl
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