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Gilgamesh reborn as Naruto by Luna_Uchiha1
Gilgamesh reborn as Narutoby Luna Uchiha
What if Gilgamesh was reborn as Naruto Uzumaki.
  • sasuke
  • fate
  • narutouzumaki
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Hunter of The Red Plains by MustafaBaranelik
Hunter of The Red Plainsby Lorde Chef de l'Etat
This book takes place in the years of Emiya Shirou being a Counter Guardian, from its bottom to its top. For the ideal he lived up for, to become a Hero of Justice, Emiy...
  • order
  • archer
  • fateseries
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Face Your Fears by HonorInTheRain
Face Your Fearsby Ally
Archer Morales's life is finally perfect. He's married to the girl of his dreams and finally has a job he enjoys. But when something completely unexpected happens, Arche...
  • sequel
  • archer
  • hadley
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The Blind Alpha | ✓  by reneefuzzybunny
The Blind Alpha | ✓ by bleepbloop
❝ What did I do to deserve you? ❞ ❝ Nothing, nothing at all, ❞ Irene Rose didn't want to be tied down by a mate, but fate was cruel when she paired her up with an Al...
  • blind
  • luna
  • wattys2018
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The Dark Archer by Gingy484
The Dark Archerby Gingy
Kylie Barton is the daughter of the famous Clint "Hawkeye" Barton. She was taught by her father at a young age in the ways of archery. When she turns 18, she d...
  • captainamerica
  • falcon
  • clintbarton
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The Bad Boy Knows How to Love (#1) by paeesha
The Bad Boy Knows How to Love (#1)by paeesha
[ C O M P L E T E D ] With one finally breath, I raise my hand up and slap him across the cheek. I would've bitch slapped him but I only met him today and h...
  • chloe
  • love
  • badboy
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Leave the future in the past (Gilgamesh x Reader) by datboitresh
Leave the future in the past ( datboitresh
One day you find youself in the middle of the Fourth Holy Grail War. Being the (un)lucky person you are, you manage to summon Gilgamesh, one of the strongest Legendary S...
  • xreader
  • romance
  • zero
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Moonstone ➳ Rae Hood One-Shots by Cat_Archer
Moonstone ➳ Rae Hood One-Shotsby ˗ˏˋ𝒄𝒂𝒕 𝒂𝒓𝒄𝒉𝒆𝒓ˎˊ˗
A little one-shot book surrounding my character, Rae Hood, and her... antics. ©2015 - 2019 Cat Archer
  • peterpanoc
  • rae
  • onceuponatime
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Till I Found You - Ricci Rivero [Book 1 COMPLETED]  by MissAesthetic_
Till I Found You - Ricci Rivero [ Xiantellarr
RRFF#1 What if Mr.Basketball Meets Ms.Volleyball? Rankings as of 09/25/18 #1 in GreenArchers #1 in LaSalle #1 in Animo #1 in LadySpikers #1 in dlsu #4 in Archer #2 in ri...
  • wattyfanfic13
  • zacci
  • wattyawards
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Rules of a Rebel by OutsideMyWindow
Rules of a Rebelby yours truly
A somewhat traumatized Peyton Monroe moves to Florida, creating a set of rules to ensure that she never again date a boy that is: a) good-looking b) popular c) flirtati...
  • romance
  • animals
  • bullied
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Star Trek One Shots by hey_there_delilah21
Star Trek One Shotsby Delilah
This is just a random compilation of one shots and reader inserts from the original Star Trek and Next Generation characters. There might end up being a few Enterprise c...
  • archer
  • mccoy
  • spock
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The Men of Fate by Lady_Rhey
The Men of Fateby Jen (aka Rhey)
Stories from the Master and the Men of Chaldea in a modern AU. Not all men will be represented, but requests are welcome. ****Image done by Takashi-san ( C_hkt) I woul...
  • berserker
  • cuchulainn
  • crystalacademyawards
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The Blonde Archer by petitefirecracker
The Blonde Archerby petitefirecracker
"Trust me babe you will love me."- Violet Mickelson ••••••••••••••••••• ""The gasp around the room was deadly. I stared at Ian who had on a surpris...
  • problems
  • petitefirecracker
  • werewolf
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I am no Man. [Legolas FanFic] by Annabanana2895
I am no Man. [Legolas FanFic]by αηηα Cantacessi
A Legolas FanFiction Legolas and Anya has known and hated each other since the Valar knows when, with their parents playing Match Makers makes them both hate each other...
  • archer
  • marriage
  • mirkwood
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No or Yes? (completed) by iylajoon
No or Yes? (completed)by iyla
BOOK 1 OF THE NO? SERIES "So" James drags on the word "What do guys want to do on a nice Monday evening?" "We could kill Archer and hide his bo...
  • projectlovecliches
  • featured
  • heartbreaker
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Resisting the Bad Boy  by JasmineCroft_
Resisting the Bad Boy by Jasmine Croft
He shifts forward slightly, our lips lightly brushing. My eyes flutter shut. A part of me thinks I should be resisting, rejecting this, but I can't fight it. Archer's ha...
  • raven
  • heartfelt
  • kiss
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The Name's Archer by JohnnyNguyen989
The Name's Archerby Johnny Nguyen
Emiya Shirou had been through a lot of shit in his life. For better or for worse. Then deciding to be a Counter Guardian, falling into more despair, then contemplating o...
  • emiya
  • fatezero
  • shirou
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Just Emma: Hawkeye's Daughter by rebelaesthetics
Just Emma: Hawkeye's Daughterby Oh Schnapp
Emma is just your average teenager. She goes to the local high school, has some friends, and two parents that love her. She's always had a passion for archery and that's...
  • sam
  • hawkeye
  • ironfist
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Agapi / Ricci Rivero / by ElleeeWrites
Agapi / Ricci Rivero /by —Luna
COMPLETED ‼️ Kyrielle Montalbo + Ricci Rivero fanfic [70 chapters + Special Chapter]
  • elle
  • archer
  • fanfic
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