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Fate/Stay Night:Drifting Anomaly by demetriusperry
Fate/Stay Night:Drifting Anomalyby Demetrius Alonzo Perry
Anomaly. That is the only word that can be used to describe this young man. Forever drifting away, forever bound to no one. This young man was just like the clouds in th...
Fated Chance [Fate] [Abandoned] by MannyBruhWhoElse
Fated Chance [Fate] [Abandoned]by Manny
He finds himself back in the past. But it's different. Being summoned into the past isn't something new to him. But when he finds himself in his teenage years in a world...
Renací En Kaleid by Muramasa_Emiya_Shiro
Renací En Kaleidby J_A_H
¿Qué tan jodida debe de estar tu vida cómo para despertar en el cuerpo de la persona que más odias? No solo tienes que volver a ver esa molesta cara que denota inocencia...
COTE: Class E Journey by Ryz210
COTE: Class E Journeyby Ryz20
One day, Chairman Sakayanagi has an idea. Place some of the most promising freshmen in a newly created class: Class E. An experiment that aims to see how fifteen outstan...
The Emiya-Tohsaka Family by ExTulzion
The Emiya-Tohsaka Familyby ExTulzion
A Ray Shift that will change the 5th Holy Grail War entirely with the two siblings arriving at different places of the same event. If only Shirou, Rin, Gudao and Gudako...
Whatever it Takes (Fate/Grand Order Fanfic) by JeanCrest8
Whatever it Takes (Fate/Grand Jean Crestlight
Everything seemed normal again. Jean was living in Ireland, happily married and with a kid. However, she had no idea that would change when she took Chaldea's job offer...
From Fake Dreams by ButchOwenBaring
From Fake Dreamsby Butch Owen Baring
Emiya Kiritsugu was happy living the rest of his short days. He had put his past behind him... until he began to dream of futures that had yet to be. Let it be known tha...
Hikari No Tabi [Fate/Stay Night] by Just_Manny
Hikari No Tabi [Fate/Stay Night]by Manny
This Story is moved from my abandoned account. Life moves on naturally and undisrupted, everything is natural. But at the same time, he feels as if these events weren't...
Precious Master (Fate Crossover) by Kamaru_chan
Precious Master (Fate Crossover)by Kamaru-Snow
***** After watching the final season of Fairy Tail, my friends forced me to go with them for hiking activities. To think my fate will end there was unexpected. My deat...
A Tale of Two Archers [Abandoned] by MannyBruhWhoElse
A Tale of Two Archers [Abandoned]by Manny
Two people who never thought they would meet ever again, reunite. Under different circumstances and in an odd way, with a Goddess who slowly combines with her vessel, in...
Yandere! Rin Tohsaka x Male Mage! Reader (Remake) by NicoJohnCaada
Yandere! Rin Tohsaka x Male Akumath
So I asked permission to the author named DarkenedChris to remake the story and I will credit him for remaking the story. I hope you enjoy the remake. The remake is made...
Anime Roommates by -_-WendyMarvell-_-
Anime Roommatesby ウェンディ
What happens when your generic anime protagonist has to share a large house with 11 other girls? A lot of insanity, to answer the question. Characters included are from...
Fate Stay Night: The Class Struggle (ShirouxRin). by ArturoRT12EN
Fate Stay Night: The Class Arturo Reyes
The war of the Holy Grail in this story is closer to that of Fate/kaleid liner prism Illya: oath under snow, the movie. Shirou has a strange dream the same day in which...
Hope of Morning(Fate/Stay Night Fanfic) by JeanCrest8
Hope of Morning(Fate/Stay Night Jean Crestlight
After ten years the 5th Grail War has started. Jean Tohsaka, the daughter of Aoi and Tokiomi, travels back to Fuyuki City to help her sister. However, she runs into a fe...
Everyday life of Shirou Emiya by PeaceEGaming
Everyday life of Shirou Emiyaby Peace E. Writing
|Story| Shirou Emiya, first daughter and second child of Kiritsugu Emiya, adopted sister of Eren von Einzbern. And also current holder of Denial of Nothingness, thi...
Archer x Tohsaka! Reader by CEO_Of_Albedo
Archer x Tohsaka! Readerby Kaori
During the Fifth Holy Grail War, while servants and masters are being contracted, Tokiomi Tohsaka's firstborn child and real heir to the Tohsaka family magecraft, Tohsak...
Fate Harem story or something by Crimsonsector98
Fate Harem story or somethingby Crimsonsector98
So after some event or something in one of the timelines, probably following Unlimited blade works, Shirou ended up with a harem. You'd wonder if he actually wished to t...
[Fate/Stay Night] A Bump In The Night [FANFICTION] by XGILGAMESH_SCHLONGX
Things have been calm lately in the EMIYA household, until one time in the middle of the night, Emiya Shirou hears a noise coming from Rin's room.. Note: haii this was c...
Fate/Exodus by BlackPhoenix002
Fate/Exodusby Zero
If you've seen Fate: Stay Night, basically that but with an OP ass motherfucker in there. The Grail wars have taken a twist as the grail itself decided to give itself a...
The Doctor who wants to be the Hero of justice ( on hold) by Aka1tsuk
The Doctor who wants to be the Ashikaga, Akatsuki
Fate UBW x Arknights (Im gonna be continuing of from the special episode of UBW * Sunny Days* its a special, scenario that shows if Shirou,Saber and Rin survived the 5th...