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Heroic Spirits of Hestia familia by Rox18xx5
Heroic Spirits of Hestia familiaby Roxx18
Bell Cranel, an adventurer of Hestia familia, finds one day a golden cup. Unknown to him, the same golden cup is in fact a holy grail. Later on in the dungeon, due to so...
Arknights: Unyielding Blade by RexCelestial
Arknights: Unyielding Bladeby Morax Incognito
A man driven by his desire to create the ultimate blade, to cut down the mountains, to move the skies, to shift the heavens and to purge the damned souls of hell itself...
Senran Kagura : The New Student  by doppelganger09
Senran Kagura : The New Student by Edgy Psychic
Oliver is a new student at an all female Ninja School unfortunately due to the fact that his the only male attending that school everyone seems to have no problem bullyi...
We Finally Meet Shirou x Saber oneshot by Nightfallkiri
We Finally Meet Shirou x Saber KiriN
A reunion between master and servant, but not the reunion that they had expected.
Demon Blacksmith | Genshin Impact by casualsunn
Demon Blacksmith | Genshin Impactby casualsunn
Senji Muramasa in Genshin Impact, I suck at writing descriptions and if some of the lore and fate stuff is wrong, don't come at me because I am an idiot ;) Cover isn't m...
Mó Realta [Gudako x Servant] by Txsakas
Mó Realta [Gudako x Servant]by ❝ Rin ❞
❀ Fate Grand Order Fanbook ❀ ❀ Copies and reposting not allowed ❀ ❀ All the characters belong to Nasu ❀ ❀ Requests are allowed [Read the Author note at the beginning] ❀
Keeping Me Sane by regrety
Keeping Me Saneby regrety
Ichigo can't keep that mans damned voice out of his head.
The Wicked SwordSmith  by SirDi0
The Wicked SwordSmith by SuperDio
this is an Fanfiction whers Naruto Did not become sinobi his role was fill by his Sister
Sword Magnet by Ultimate_Reader10
Sword Magnetby Ultimate_Reader10
Part One Ichigo's always had a protective nature and a desire to help those who need it. These traits are reflected in his spiritual power and pressure. How will this af...
The Cursed (Yokai Watch) by Empire
The Cursed (Yokai Watch)by Empire
Fumika Kodama didn't believe in ghosts, nor did she think she was in possession of a powerful soul. However, when she accidentally transports herself back in time and aw...
Cross Swords Online: The Excalibur by Bzzt_Mode
Cross Swords Online: The Excaliburby Bzzt_Mode
I am Roagil, I'm a gamer, a gamer who has a journey, a journey to take the sword from the stone. The sword that ones slew the mightiest of enemies, a sword which was wie...
Muramasa x Reader by Trouble95x
Muramasa x Readerby YoonNik
Requested by @IgnusKageyoshi I really hope you like and it's not that boring (F/N) means (First Name) (L/N) means (Last Name) or (Surname)
The Truth About Villains (Naruto with some other stuff thrown in) by TheLibrarian22
The Truth About Villains (Naruto TheLibrarian22
I'm still a newbie so go easy on me folks. I was inspired by Once Upon A Time to give villains like Orochimaru and Kabuto a happy ending. For some odd reason, these two...
One Tin Soldier by Ultimate_Reader10
One Tin Soldierby Ultimate_Reader10
What would happen if Ichigo talked Muramasa into living and promised to find a better master? What if that new master was Harry Potter? Wait how did an English Wizard me...
Greatest Blacksmith? (Genshin x Fate) by Sytx40
Greatest Blacksmith? (Genshin x Sytx
What if there's an unknown blacksmith living in a secluded part of inazuma, with the power to defeat even gods what will he do?
Bleach: A Complete Vizored (ON HOLD) by JayFrom13
Bleach: A Complete Vizored (ON God of Universe 13
This story alters history after episode 155, the episode Rukia kills Aarroniero. A Vizored who had his inner Hollow take over 110 years ago, wonders Hueco Mundo and find...
Fate Grand Order's Demonic Blacksmith (Not a story, it is an idea for one) by KCR670
Fate Grand Order's Demonic R.P.
As we all have found, Emiya Shirou is a descendant of Sengo/Senji Muramasa and often becomes his vessel in FGO with Shirou being the controller in various fanfics. But w...
Twin Swords by Silverlobo21
Twin Swordsby Silverlobo21
Brothers, Masamune and Muramasa, set out on a journey in search of a lost love and vengeance. Their path leads them westward across the lands, visiting new villages and...
Bladesmith's Flames Randomness  by WriterEvan12
Bladesmith's Flames Randomness by Ivan Cruz
I don't own Pictures , Anime , Manga of these stories This will be different. Also don't own FGO and DXD Saber or name as Ivan goes through DXD he master three As a Sabe...