Calum's Birthday. (At least it is in the USA)

"You're not a skin color, a pretty face, the number of inches around your waste" -Cimorelli, You're Worth It

**Dani's POV**

-about 2 weeks later-

"What do you want for your birthday?" I ask Calum as we lie on my bed. We've been silent for the past five minutes and its just been awkward.

"How about you throw one of those parties you but its all Calum theme?" He suggests.

"Nah, you face might scare the guest away.," I joke. "I really want a cool party where you give out invitations to people but I don't want people to feel left out."

"Its not your party to plan," Calum reminds me.

"You the one saying I should throw one. If you have a problem with what I'm saying then just tell me," I say.

"Okay the invitation thing sounds good. But don't add the people who look like they're going to murder people, the weirdos, the ones in gangs, the ones who do nothing, or the ones who do drugs because if the police come then that wouldn't look so good on our records," Calum rambles.

"Don't worry. I'll just invite the normal people. I just need to make a whole bunch of invitations. There's so many people who go to our school its ridiculous!" I exclaim.


"The drinks and food have to be set up by 7! Its already 6:39 and you guys are still working on the balloons. I'm helping the DJ set up while you guys are slacking off!" I complain to the maids. I've been so stressed to get Calum's party to perfection but its doesn't like its going to get anywhere.

"Miss Dani, we're trying as hard as we can but Ms. Garcia isn't back with everything yet," Sammie explains.

"Fine whatever," I say. I then realize I'm not even ready for the party myself. I go up to my old room and spot the dress I picked out on my bed. I'm going to be late to my own party but whatever.

I take a quick shower mainly focusing on shampooing my hair. I blow dry my hair quickly after drying it a bit with a towel. I slip on my dress with some black flats. I put on some mascara, eyeliner, and lip gloss and curl my hair. I put my hair in a ponytail with side bangs.

I feel like I'm trying to much just to impress Calum. Its not like he's the president or the Queen or anyone super important. He's just Calum. A cute, cuddly, aborable teddy bear.

"Miss Dani, you've been in here for a whole hour and the party is already in full swing," Ms. Garcia says behind me. I didn't even notice she came in my room.

"Do you think Calum will like my dress?" I ask. I'm starting to feel insecure about my look.

"You look gorgeous. You didn't over do anything so don't worry. I think Calum is waiting for you though," she smirks. I sigh before giving Ms. Garcia a big hug.

"Thanks. I should get going," I say before exiting my room. I get a few whistles here and there but ignore them. I go downstairs to find Calum but he's nowhere to be seen.

I bump into someone and the person spills their drink. I look at the person to see that its Beatrice and her new boyfriend, Brian.

"I was looking all over for you!" Beatrice shouts over the music.

"I was running a bit late. Sorry," I tell her.

"Let's dance. Brian wanted to hang out with his friends for a bit anyways," she says.

We dance for a long time but during that time I still look for Calum. Beatrice and I stop dancing to get some snacks and drinks.

"Remember in 8th grade when Jessie's shirt got caught on the door and the whole class saw her bra?" Beatrice laughs. We both start cracking up before Brian approaches us.

"Can I dance with my girlfriend?" Brian asks shyly.

"Go on ahead. I don't own her," I answer. Beatrice leaves me for Brian and I'm here standing alone. I should start looking for Calum again.

Like isn't here because he has to do extra studying and Ashton isn't here because he's working on his article for the paper. I need to get more friends. More real friends.

"Hey have you seen Calum?" I ask some girl from my math class. She shakes her head and continues dancing.

I search around the house for a while. I even go outside to check if he's there. I finally go into my room and take a rest. Its already 10pm and I haven't seen Calum once today. I've sent him a few texts but that's it.

I walk out onto my balcony to get some fresh air. I close the glass doors and I can only hear the beat of the music.

"This is hopeless. I bet you he didn't even come and he's up in his room studying or something," I mutter to myself.

And like in every other book or movie the guy is supposed to come out and 'Or is he here with you' or some shit like that. But my life isn't a movie or a book. Everyone has a life and some people have adventurous ones, other has interesting, romantic, amazing or weird lives and some have boring ones. I have go admit though, my life has become very interesting since Calum has came in it.

Its like I've never had this much excitement to live. And its all because of him. I don't know what makes me so attracted to him though. Is it his laugh? Is it his personality? Or am I just a whore?

"I'm a crazy idiot if I actually thought Calum would come to a party that his mom wasn't attending," I say to myself. Again I kind of hope Calum is behind me about to say something so I turn around to see nothing.

A single tear rolls down my cheek. I feel so stupid to have thrown this party that I planned on spending with friends only to have my plans crushed. I don't even know if Calum is here enjoying it. That's all I wanted. For him to have a good birthday. I just hope he is.

I sigh and leave my balcony. I walk out my room and go back downstairs to get a water bottle. I slightly dance to the music before getting an idea. Maybe if I make an announcement I can probably find Calum.

I get up in stage next to the DJ and grab a microphone. The DJ turns down the music which makes the drunk, hormonal teenagers groan.

"I just wanted to thank all of you who came. Happy Birthday Calum!" I announce. The crowd cheers, looking around for Calum but can't find him. At least I didn't look stupid all the way.

"I give up," I mutter to myself and trudge myself up the steps to my old room. I'm just going to change and go back home. Maybe Ashton can comfort me.

My eyes are glued to the ground as I open my old bedroom door. A few tears have already slipped and the sight I see only cause a wave more.


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