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"Tell me, is this the part where we part ways forever" Tove Lo, Over

"You guys have to win though! If you don't win then you don't get to State!" I exclaim.

"I know but without Michael on our team, we suck. We barely won our last game. I can't believe he actually quit because he's upset we don't hang out anymore," Luke says.

"How about I talk to him about this? Last time I checked he didn't hate me," I suggest. That's something I thought I would never say.

"As soon as possible would be great. We need him quick. Our next game is this Friday," he informs me.

"I'll talk to him during lunch. Where does he hang out usually?" I ask.

"The field. He usually watches some of the cheerleaders practice stunts," he answers.

"Okay thanks. I'll see you later," I say before heading off to 3rd period.


When the lunch bell rings, I head to the field to find Michael. I see some of the cheerleaders practice their stunts. Its mostly freshmen and sophomores who giggle at anything senior boys say. I find Michael on the bleachers with some guys I've never seen before.

"Michael!" I yell. All heads turn towards me. I motion him to come towards me and he slowly gets up from his spot. He looks scared actually.

"Um, hi," he says.

"Yeah, yeah. Why did you quit the football team?" I ask.

"I was angry and I felt left out because of Ashton. I didn't mean it but I really wanted pity from Luke I guess," Michael answers.

"Boys," I mutter.

"Can you ask Luke is I can rejoin the team though?" He questions. "I miss that life."

"That's why I was here. Okay so problem is fixed!" I say cheerfully.

"You really are a cheerleader," he jokes.

"I think you're just jealous," I tell him, flip my hair, roll my eyes, and turn on my heels. I flash him a smile before I'm out of sight.

I enter the cafeteria and spot Luke at the usual table. I sit on his lap and he turns from his conversation to smile at me and kiss my cheek.

"Michael wants to be on the team again," I infirm him.

"Really? No way! You're kidding me!" Luke exclaims. "We're celebrating at your place with a movie marathon and some food."

"And you're paying for it all," I say.

"Anything for you babe," he whispers. His hot breath tickles my ear a bit and I smile. Things like this make me kind of guilty.


"But he can't die! They only finished the second book of the series and they already killed him off in the movie!" Luke shouts at the TV.

"That's because Logan Lerman didn't want to be in the next movie. Or at least that's what I heard," I tell him.

"What!?! He must be crazy!"

"Quiet down before our neighbors call the cops because they think you're high," I warn him. Luke just smiles and leaves a gentle kiss on my lips.

"Let's just start the next movie, babe," he says.

I put in my favorite Harry Potter movie which is the fifth one. I've read the book the most out of the whole series. Actually I haven't even finished the last book yet. I'm trying to finish it so it can match my school years. I was eleven and thought it would be cool.

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