Calum and I find Luke and Ashton in the dark and we're pressed up against the wall since no one can see and we want to get out everyone's way. No one can call the police and we can't try leaving. We're stuck here.

What do they even want?

All of a sudden a bag is put over my head and I'm being dragged away. "Say anything and you'll be killed instantly," the person threatens. I keep my mouth shut in fear of being killed obviously. I'm not those dumbasses who talk after they're told not to.

A few minutes later I'm set down somewhere cold. I think its the school basement. The bag is removed from my head and I know that my hair is messed up. Good money wasted.

I look around to see Calum being set down beside me by three men and Luke and Ashton already next to me. Luke was knocked probably because he would have punched them or something if they didn't.

"Whats going on? Why are we here?" Caulm questions in panic.

"Well we heard from a little birdy that you guys are the richest kids in school," one of the guys say.

"Ashton isn't rich though," I tell him.

"Ashton isn't but his parents are loaded." I can hear the smirk on the guys face.

All of a sudden I notice a glimpse of blue hair and see Michael come up behind me. A guy comes up behind him and Michael turns just in time to punch him but another one puts a cloth over Michael's nose and mouth.

Michael falls to the floor and we all groan. Well at least he tried.

"What do you want? We'll give it to you if you stop hurting our friends," Ashton tells the strange guy.

"First, we want Calum. You broke my little girl's heart and went with that slut." My eyes basically pop out of my head when I hear this. He's talking about Beth. Is he Beth's dad, uncle, grandpa, mother?!?!

"The truth hurts," Calum shrugs but ends up getting slapped really hard.

"And Luke, you also broke little Chloe's heart when you used her just to break up with Dani," another guy says.

"I had my reasons," Luke explains.

"No matter how hard you try to explain you broke my daughters heart and that's not right!" Guy #2 yells. Luke gets slapped as well but he doesn't flinch at all.

There's a series of loud knocks on the door and I'm hoping its someone who wants to save us instead of killing us.

"Open up this is the police!" A deep voice yells from the other side of the door. You head the door try to be broken down but Guy #1 stops them.

"Break that door and we'll shoot the girl," Guy #1 tells them. The gun is raised to my head and my breathing gets faster. Calum grabs my hand and I squeeze it.

The attempts immediately stop and the gun is lowered. The two main guys chuckle and whisper about something else.

The speaker goes off and there's an announcement that they're on lock down until they make sure there's no one else who can harm the students. The two guys and their henchmen laugh as if they know they're not going to succeed and that scares me.

Michael wakes up from being knocked and looks around. His eyes widen when he remembers what's going on. His breaths become fast and short. "Breathe Mikey. We don't need you passing out on us," Luke says. Michael just nods ad keeps quiet.

"Dani, Luke, Calum, Ashton?" Its my mother. Why is she here. Oh yeah we're here because they want our money.

"Mom!" I shout. There's multiple bangs on the door and the gun is held to my head again.

"I will shoot her!"

"What do you want?" My mom asks.

"Money. One million dollars for each of the kids," Guy #1 answers her. I can head mumbling as if they're wondering if they should give them money or leave me here.

"I haven't got my check book with me but I'll be right back. Don't kill anyone yet," my dad tells him. They're stalling.

The gun is still held to my head and I feel lightheaded. I finally black out and collapse onto Calum.

I feel Calum rubbing my shoulders as I come back to consciousness. I can't open my eyes but I can hear everything clearly.

"How are we going to tell Dani that I'm gay?" I hear Luke ask. I would gasp if my breathing was on track.

"Dani, are you awake?" Fuck, they caught me.

I try opening my eyes or moving but I can't. I'm too lazy.

"Yeah I am. Why did you keep this from me?" I question.

"I wasn't ready. I couldn't break it to you even though you were with Calum behind my back," Luke tells me.

"Then why didn't you just break up with me?"

"Because some of the guys on my team were getting suspicious so I stayed with you. I'm sorry I used you. Its only until the last day of school," he says.

"So you want me to fake being your girlfriend?"


"What so I get out of it?"

"Anything you want."

"Okay I'll do it." I turn to Calum who's just watching the situation. I find it kind of weird that we're being held hostage and we're talking about fake relationships.

"Let us in! We have your money!" My parents shout. The people holding us here hesitate a bit before opening the door just for a few people to come in but they're guarded by Hench men.

I notice that my dad isn't there. Its my mom, Cassidy, Jessie and surprisingly Deandra.

"Wasn't the one male? And where did all these young ladies come from? I thought you all hated Dani as well?" Guy #2 questions.

"Well if we hated her we wouldn't be doing this," Cassidy says and punches the closest guys to her.

My mom throws her heels at people, Jessie is able to kick their faces, and Deandra unties the ropes.

Ashton rushes over to open the door so he can let the police in. Ash, Luke, Calum, Michael and I are all taken outside to be checked if we were harmed and for questions. Thankfully I only have bruisesand rope burn on my wrist from the ropes.

"Did the guys holding you hostage say anything to you that would be important?" The cute police officer asks.

"Um they said their daughters were Chloe and Bethany. Two girls who hate me," I tell him. Damn he's cute. Are clothes really necessary for him?

"Miss, can you stop checking me out? I have one more question for you," he says. I motion for him to go on. "Would you like to be alone with me for a while?"

I fucking would. But then there's Calum and I'm faking to be Luke's girlfriend. Adding him on my list would make this so much worse. He's so cute though! I wish I was just a prostitute. Can I let this one slide?

Technically I'm not really dating neither Calum or Luke. Calum hasn't asked me out and Luke is actually with Ashton. A short make out session won't hurt.

Well it might hurt Calum.

"Can I at least have your number?" He asks.

"Can I have yours?"

We hand each our phones and type in our numbers. He's called away quickly. He looks like an assistant so maybe that's why he's younger.

"What was that all about?" Calum asks behind me.

"Nothing. I made a new friend," I lie. I'm protecting his feelings rather than telling him I'm a slut who can barely keep her legs closed.

"Did you know about Luke and Ashton this whole time?" I ask. He nods slowly like he did something wrong.

"I hate being the last to know." I sigh and walk away.

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