Dani's P.O.V.

I got home a bit before 3:45. I was kinda nervous because what if my tutor was a rapist. Okay if its a peer tutor then I think I'm safe. Usually high schoolers aren't rapist.

I sit on the couch in the longue with all my biology stuff on the small table. The doorbell echoes throughout the house and moments later Calum walks into the longue. This is so embarrassing. Someone as smart as him is going to think I'm like the stupidest girl in the world.

"Hey, so I'm supposed to tutor you." he says.

"Uh, yeah. I need to raise my grade in biology." I admit.

"What do you not understand about biology? " he laughs. Wow, great way to make me like you, Calum.

"Everything! Its so boring and confusing."

"Its the study of life! Its not that hard once you think about it. Okay, so what's an esophagus? "

"Um, some type of animal that's endangered." I answer confidently. Calum laughs at my answer. What did I say wrong?

"Your esophagus is an internal body part connected to your stomach, not an endangered species."

"Give me an easier question!" I command.

"That is easy! That's what fifth graders learn!" he exclaims. I feel stupid.

"Whatever, just something else."

"I have a feeling that this is going to take a while." he says.


"I have to go home for dinner, Danielle. I can't stay." I kinda like it when he says my full name.

"Come on, you can eat dinner here. Besides, you live next door so its perfectly fine." I persuade him.

"Okay, as long as your sister doesn't stare at me. Its kinda creepy."

Calum and I just finished studying for the past three hours. While he was patient enough for me to get one answer right after reading a chapter in my biology text book, I was about to fall asleep.

We made our way to the dining table and I sit in my usual spot next to Jacob. Once Rachel and Ryan sit down I regret letting Calum staying for dinner.

Poor guy doesn't know what he's in for.

"Rachel and Calum sitting in a tree. K-i-s-s-i-n-g. First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes the baby in the baby carriage." Ryan sings and teases.

"Ryan, we have guest." Rachel says in defense.

"Fighting at dinner isn't healthy for a family. Dinner together is supposed to let us have a chance to bond. If we fight there are chances that we may never eat dinner together as a family ever again because of our hate for one another." Jacobs says.

"Shut your face, smart-"

"Ryan, no cursing!" I shout from across the table.

"I can say whatever I want! Its my mouth and you're not my mom!" Ryan yells.

"I'm your older sister, I'm supposed to care for you! I could care less that I'm not your mom! You are giving a bad example to our little brother!"

"You're the one who's a bad example in front of our guest screaming and yelling at me!"

I'm about to reply when I remember that Calum is still here. Ryan is right but still he shouldn't curse in front of Jacob neither guest. I'm completely embarrassed enough that Calum thinks I'm stupid but even worse he probably thinks I'm crazy.

"I'll be right back." I say as I stand from my seat. I run up the stairs and into my bedroom. My family is so embarrassing.

For example, my thirteenth birthday I invited everyone in the eighth grade and my mom decided that she should show everyone my embarrassing baby photos. You know the ones where you're doing ths most weirdest and awkward things or taking a bath. Seriously, who takes pictures of that.

Another time was when my family and I were at a dinner party with Luke's and two other families, Ryan puked on my new black dress. That was before Luke and I started dating and even started talking.

I hate my life. I hate being rich. I hate being popular. I hate dating Luke. I hate having siblings. I hate a lot of things.

"Dani?" I turn my head to my door. It sounds like Calum. I walk over to the door and open it to see Calum with his hands stuffed in his jean pockets.

"You can go if you want." I tell him.

"I rather stay with you than your little sister or be all alone at home." he admits. Thank God he doesn't think I'm a mad woman.

"Well, while you're here I have to show you something." I grab his hand and pull him to a locked room. I take out the key and unlock it after checking to see if anyone was around.

I open the door to reveal my art studio. I'm not that good at drawing but I'm practicing on getting better. I have dozens of paintings on the walls that I just keep even though they're terrible.

"Wow, did you paint all these?" Calum asks as I lock the door.

"Yeah, but I'm not that good."

"These are amazing. You should paint one of me one day." he says.

"I'll consider it once I can at least sketch your face." I don't realise I haven't let go of his hand until now but I kinda don't want let go.

Calum walks over to a recent painting I did yesterday of the sunset he drew in art class, pulling me along with him. "Its better than I sketched it."

"Nah, not really. I like your sketch better."

"No, your painting is beautiful." he compliments.

"I bet there's something else way more beautiful than this painting."

He mumbles something but I can't hear. I drop his hand and he notices this but we try to make it not so awkward.

"I should get going, I have my own tests to study for." he states and unlocks the door and leaves me all alone in my art studio.

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