"For our spring break you're planning a last minute road trip to Florida?" Luke asks.

"Yes because we need to be free. Wouldn't you like to be with Ashton not having to worry about your teammates seeing?" I say persuasively.

"I guess. My parents already know about Ash and I. That's kind of why my dad came to talk to you after we broke up," Luke informs me.

"It still would have been better if you had said you wanted to get back together but I'm not judging," I tell him.

"Hey guys. What are you guys doing?" Michael and Cassidy both come up to us.

"Road trip," Calum answers shortly.

"Can we come?" Cassidy asks.

"Sure since you guys helped with the hostage things," Ashton says.

"But if they're coming then Beatrice has to. I can't go off and have fun while she's sad," I announce. When I mention the name Beatrice Michael tenses up and his face turns red.

"Okay so we'll all meet early tomorrow morning at Ashton and Dani's place," Luke says. We all nod in agreement.


The next morning I'm completely ready to go on that road trip. I take my suitcase out into the living room where Calum and Luke already arrived.

"We're going to get our things in the van but there might not be enough space," Calum says.

"My parents own a RV. Maybe we can use that?" Ashton suggests.

"Is it big enough for 7 people?" Luke asks.

"Yeah of course. I'll go get it right quick while we wait for everyone else," Ash answers. He grabs his car keys and heads out the door.

"What did you bring?" Calum asks me.

"Clothes and shoes. What else?"

"What about hair products and sunscreen?"

"I have that all in my bag that I'm bringing with me," I say.

"And where is that?"

"In my room. It's too heavy to carry so I was just thinking you could carry it for me." I flash Calum a smile and he glares at me.

Half am hour later everyone is in the living room and the boys are putting our things in the RV. It looks big enough to fit 7 people so hopefully we'll make it.

"Okay. Dani since your parents offered for everyone to stay at the hotel in Florida, Calum is in charge of paying for gas," Mi jarl announces.

"What? That's like $200 to fill a tank!" Calum exclaims.

"You carry around like $600 in your pocket though," Ashton shoots. Calum stays quiet and we all load onto the vehicle.

Ashton and Luke sit in the front and Cassidy sits in the seat which is part of the "living room" but all has seat belts. Michael and Beatrice take a seat on the couch across from Cassidy. The whole living room has seat belts. Calum and I go into the back of the RV where the bed is. We close to sliding door shut and lock it so it won't slide open.

"As soon as we get there we're going to Disney World and then Universal Studios," I tell Calum.

"Of course since we'll only have two days there. It takes two days to get there already. And then two days coming back. Ash already said that the only time we stop is for gas," Calum says.

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