"We got home safely thank god," Calum sighs as I open the door.

"We almost hit a cow on our way back! How is that in any way safe?!" I wishper yell. Calum shrugs and we enter the apartment.

"I would go home because my mom hasn't seen me in like two days straight but I think its better to stay here," he says.

"Yeah I don't think you would like to crash into a cow on your way home," I laugh.

"Dani? Calum? Is that you?" Ashton calls from his room. He sounds fully awake so hopefully we didn't distrub his sleep.

"Yes Ashton its us. We just got in," I tell him.

"Okay well I'm in my room. I was just going to sleep. See you in the morning."

Calum and I quietly make it to my room and I go change into something more comfortable. Calum strips to his boxers and I could care less since he doesn't have anything else to wear and e can't bother Ashton for anything.

We drift off and fall into a deep sleep.

*Calum's POV*

Dani squirms and mumbles multiple words in her sleep. She seems to be having a nightmare. All of a sudden she wraps her arms around me and sighs like she's being protected from someone or something.

I smile at her and watch her as she stops moving and talking and snuggles closely to me. I run my fingers through her hair and him softly to her. I feel her lead kisses up and down my bare chest and she looks up and smiles at me.

"I had a horrible dream," Dani tells me.

"I know because you wouldn't stop kicking me for the longest," I tease.

"Its not my fault. What time is it?" She asks.

"Its only 5 in the morning. We should get back to sleep," I answer.

"No I don't want to. I hate going back to sleep after a bad nightmare," she whines.

"Its okay. I'm with you and I won't let you go," I assure her. She nods as she fakks asleep again. She's so adorable.

I wake up before Dani and decide to get dressed. She doesn't seem like she's going to wake up anytime soon and I really need to get home before my mom gets even more pissed than she already is. I leave Dani a note explaining why I'm gone and leave.

Whe I get home my mom is the first person I see when I walk through the door. She looks and and worried. I'm scared how this is going to turn out.

"Where have you been!? I've been worried sick wondering where the hell you could be for the last two days!" My mom shouts.

"I was out with a few friends and I got caught up. I stayed with Ashton one of my friends from school," I lie.

"That doesn't give you any excuse to why you couldn't come home at least once!" She yells. "You're grounded for two weeks so no car, no phone, no TV, nothing at all. And you can't leave the house."

The things I get myself into for Dani.

"Okay mom." I sigh. I don't look sad because I want her to pity me but I look sad because I know that Dani would be mad because I'm not going to call her or see her this weekend.

"Oh and stay away from Dani. Bethany says that the two of you are getting a little too close and you wouldn't want Beth's father to be upset and think you're playing around with his daughter," my mom says.

"I don't even like Beth. She thinks I do but I don't and she tells her father how much in love we are. She's delusional!" I exclaim.

"Be quiet. Its obvious you have feelings towards Beth."

"Those feelings are full of hatred."

"Its true love. You'll get through it."

My mom is just as delusional as Bethany.

I haven't talked to Dani yet and its already Wednesday. Bethany has kept me way from and since I can't call or go anywhere I have no other choice. Not even during class. We have a strict substitute for the next month and no one can talk.

Now every time I do try to talk to Dani she ignores me as if she thinks I'm ignoring her. My mom had to go and ruin everything didn't she?

"Calum baby. How about we get a little busy?" Bethany tried to flirt. She bites her bottom lip and flitter her eyelashes but it doesn't work. She looks like a beaver trying to take flight with its eyelids.

"Yeah we can study!" I say. I grab my biology book and open it but Bethany pushes it away.

"No I mean we can do something else. Like... I dont know-" She walks her fingers up my chest and I try to move it. "-We could make out."

"I don't feel comfortable doing that. But we could talk about cells in plants. Did you know that potatoes-"

"Cut the crap Calum! I want you and I know you want me. So let's just get together and you can stop playing hard to get," Beth snaps.

"Correction. You think I want you but in reality I don't. I don't like you at all even though you tell yourself I do," I say.

"What are you talking about!? You love me and I love you! That's how its supposed to go!" She screeches.

"But its isn't that way," I tell her and she stomps out the room crying. I hear the front door slam and soon enough my mom is walking my room her arms crossed across her chest.

"What happened between you and Beth just a while ago in here?" My mom asks.

"I told her how I really felt and she didn't like it. So now she's gone," I explain.

"Your father wouldn't like the way you're treating girls ever since you met Dani. I bet you've been sneaking around with that slut behind my back."

"This has nothing to do with Dad! The only reason he died is because he caught you with another man, got drunk, and was driving. He wouldn't have crashed into that bridge if you kept your legs closed!" I shout at her.

I know I'm hurting her feelings right now and I'm going to regret it all but I'm just angry. She thinks that Dani will be the same way as her and get me killed in a car accident. But Dani isn't like my mother and I'm not like my father.

My mother starts to burst into tears and I look away because I feel so guilty. I have never made my mother cry before. Never.

"You're right. If I wasn't whoring around with other men then your father would still be alive. I'm just going to go," my mom say and exits the room and I can't get in another word.

I'm left thinking about the event that just happened. I want to take it all back. Sometimes I wish I never talked to Dani. Life was so much easier being invisible.


Woah. Wow this is a lot to take in. The reason behind a few things. Maybe even the reason why Bethany is here. I literally made this up right on the spot. I don't know what came over me and I got really deep. This story is so bipolar and I really want to thank the people who have dealt with my shitty writing at this point. I want you to know I really appreciate it.

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