*Dani's POV*

I haven't talked to Calum in so long. All he does is let Bethany drag him around. I ignore him because he's been ignoring me and I bet it's his mom that's behind this.

Bethany has tried to so hard to make me jealous and honestly I don't really care. The most she does is hug him and kiss his cheek. Wow the jealously is real.

Note the sarcasm.

I'm home alone after school since Ashton and Luke had went out somewhere. They never let me join them but I guess its guy stuff they like to do.

"This is so boring," I say to myself and get an idea. I could visit my family that I haven't seen in a while.

I put on better clothes other than my cotton short shorts and tank top. I slip on a pair of sandals, grab my keys, and head to my car.

When I get there Ms. Garcia spots me from the front lawn and squeezes me tightly. I hug her back and we talk for a bit before Rachel decides to catch me up on her middle school drama.

"So basically we're not together anymore because his ego is bigger than my and that just shouldn't happen," Rachel tells me. I was only half listening but I got an outline what her story was about.

The doorbell rings and Rachel squeals meaning its for her. I go up to my room so I don't have to hear another word out of her mouth. I walk out on the balcony and see Calum in his room... With Bethany.

I duck down to spy on them. His window is open so when she starts screaming because she's mad I can hear everything. I laugh quietly so they don't turn and look at me. A few moments after Bethany leaves his mom comes in.

I roll my eyes so far behind I could have sworn one was about to fall out.

The conversation between them goes smoothly only for a little while and then Calum starts yelling. His face is red and his hands are in fists. I listen in on every word he says about his dad and the reason he died.

That's why Ms. Hood doesn't want me near Calum? She thinks I'm going to put him in an accident because to her I'm a slut? I can't believe she could think so low of me.

Actually I could because she hates me.

I'm still frozen in shock and when Calum comes out into his balcony I have no time to react to make up some story or pretend to be doing something else. Or maybe I could be cloud watching. Nah I never do that... But for now it seems like a good cover up.

"Did you- did you hear anything that went on in there?" Calum asks.

"Yeah. Its quiet outside and all that yelling really stood out," I answer.

"So you know now," he states. I nod and we kind of just stand there awkwardly, not looking each other in the eye.

"I'm sorry for ignoring you. I got grounded and I can't go anywhere or call or watch TV for a while," he tells me. "And my mom also told me to stay away from you."

"You're still listening to your mom? You're 18 and legal to leave her. She tries to control you too much," I say.

"But she-"

"Doesn't respect your decisions? Never let you do what you want to do?" I finish for him. He nods and shrugs.

"Well I'm going to go. See you-"

"Wait! I wanted to know if you wanted to go to the dance with me," I say.

"That would be nice."


Friday morning I park my car in my usual parking spot and head to my locker. As I'm putting some books I used for homework away and taking some out Bethany comes up to me.

"Calum and I are taking a little break. And guess who's car I saw when I left his place? Yours. Its obvious you're fucking Calum behind Luke's back," Bethany starts.

"Actually for your information my family lives right next door to Calum. I was visiting. And the two of you aren't taking a break. You guys weren't dating to begin with," I shoot back.

"Yes we were. He loves me still and when he realizes that he'll come crawling back to me," she says.

"Oh come on. You're just embarrassing yourself."

Bethany's face gets red and her takes her fist and punches me. I'm taken back a second. She goes for a kick but my reflexes react in time and I block her. She stumbles back on HSR high heels and sprains her ankle.

Everyone in the hall has stopped to see what happened. People have their phones out recording and there's a few whispers among the crowd.

Bethany is crying because she didn't only sprain her ankle but she also broke a nail. Her makeup caked face looks hideous as the tears take the makeup away as they roll down her face.

Then the crowd starts to part from one side as soon as they hear heels clicking.

The principal.

"So you mean to tell me that Danielle attacked first?" The principal asks Bethany.

"Yes, Ma'am. She punched me and then pushed me which caused me to stumble back. She even came up to me first," Bethany lies.

"I want to hear Danielle's side of the story," the principal says.

"I was at my locker getting ready before class and then Bethany comes up to me. She starts saying things to me and starts an argument. Then out of nowhere she punches me. She tried kicking me but I blocked it and she ended up stumbling and hurting her ankle," I tell her.

Bethany huffs because she knows it's true.

"I see. I'll check the school cameras. And when I find out who, one of you won't be going to the dance next week," the principal threatens.

Bethany's face goes white and tears start to form I'm her eyes. The principal dismisses us and Bethany runs out the room.

No dance with Bethany means no problems.

Yay! OK so I was like once everything makes sense the story will be over. Then I thought wait, there's a sequeal and she has to have Spring break, prom, graduation, and then I also have to choose what college she's going to. So there's roughly around ten more chapters to go.

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