*next week Thursday*

Bethany has cried all week because everyone has been talking about the dance and she can't go. She tried clinging onto Calum and making me jealous but it hasn't worked. She has nothing at all now. Her friends ditched her because now she's an embarrassment because she lost a fight she started, she's known as the crazy ex, and she can't go to the dance. If she wasn't such a bitch she would have all her friends and a be able to go to the dance.

"Hey Dani, we need to go shopping right now. We still need a dress for tomorrow," Beatrice tells me.

"Okay okay. Let me get my keys and we can leave right now. Who cares if we ditch 6th period?" I say and we leave the school.

Ten minutes later we're at the mall and Beatrice is pulling me into some store who is known for their designer dresses and shoes.

"Oh and after the dress and shoe shopping we need to get our hair and nails done," Beatrice reminds me. She's only doing this because she knows I'll pay and she's having fun with it.

"Okay okay come on. Let's try on some dresses!" I exclaim.

I grab a blue dress, a pink one , a purple one, a red one, a green one, and an orange one. I think Beatrice just grabs a whole bunch of dresses without even looking at them. When she shops she gets a little crazy but its alright. I can handle her.

"I'll try on my dresses first since I have less than you and then you can go," she says. I nod and sit down on a chair.

As I wait for her to change I go on my phone. I notice I have two text messages. One from Beth because she signed her name after it and one from that anonymous number.

Beth: Get away from Calum. I will ruin you

Anonymous: watch your back at the dance tomorrow honey

I'm kind of weirded out but I delete both texts. I just need to ignore negative things like that.

Beatrice comes out in a yellow dress and its a definite no. "It makes you look like a lemon."

A bit later she comes out with another dress on. This one is purple and doesn't look good with her skin tone. "No."

Two dresses later she finally walks out in a red dress that comes up just before knees and doesnt make her look like a fruit and it matches her skin tone.

"Perfect." I comment.

"Great. Now its your turn." Beatrice picks up my dresses, shoves them in my arms and pushes me into a changing stall. I quickly change into the orange dress first and I just know it isn't right at all.

I walk out and Beatrice looks as if she wants to shoot herself. I immediately go back in and change into the blue one. I walk back out and Beatrice shakes her head.

"It makes you look bloated."

After trying in every other dress I finally try on the pink one. It's soft and its not too long. Its more of a spring color anyways. I unlock the stall door to show Beatrice the dress. When she sees me her face lights up.




The hair dresser is curling my hair and putting various kind of product in my hair to get the curls to stay in over night. I already know I'm going to put in a bunch of hair rollers in tonight. I'll look like one of those old ladies. Ugh.

Some lady beside me is painting my nails the same shade of pink as my dress. The person doing my hair and the one doing my nails start conversing in some language I don't know. They could be talking about me like if I had split ends and they were horrible or how my nails look horrible. People need to learn how to speak more English.

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