"My skin will scream reminding me who I killed inside my dream"-Twenty One Pilots, Car Radio

*kinda boring but whatevs, you can skip it and i can just summarize this for u*
Its Wednesday. The top of the rollercoaster. Hump day. Whatever you like to call it. Its just the middle of the fucking week.

Thinking today is going to be a normal day I wake up and get ready for school. I guess you can say I'm happy and I'm having a good time so far. I walk out to my car after eating breakfast and drive to school. When I get there, nothing unusual seems to be happening.

And that's what makes me suspicious. See, the problem is that... Nothing at my school is normal really. All this crazy shit happens and maybe some explosions come from the labs or the jocks make up some weird new game. Today none of that seems to be happening. Everyone seems happy.

"Dani!" I hear Beatrice call my name from behind. I spin around to see her running towards me.

"Beatrice, is it just me or does something seem off to you?" I ask.

"Nothing is really off today. People are just really happy. And do you want to know why people are happy?"

"Duh," I say.

"Well first, Mrs. Lester was fired so she won't be teaching here anymore. She got in trouble for smacking a student with a metal ruler and making him bleed from his head." She begins. "And there's also the Spring dance where the girl asks the guy!" She squeals. I join her until I realize something.

I can't ask Calum because Luke. But if I don't ask Calum in time then Bethany will.

Being a whore is harder than it looks.

"Soooo, you gonna ask Luke?" Beatrice nudges me in the arm and I pretend to sneeze.

"I think I'm allergic to something in the air. I'm gonna blow my nose real quick but see you in class soon," I tell her before running off.

As I enter the restroom Bethany and her little clique turn their heads to look at me.

"Oh hey Dani! I was wondering if it would be alright if I asked Calum to the dance," she says. Everyone turns to look at me.

"Of course, why would you need to ask me? I'm with Luke so its cool," I lie.

"Thanks babe," she tells me. As she comes close to me she whispers in my ear," This is my school now so back off or it isn't going to look pretty."

"Killer party you had over the weekend by the way," she comments. 

"Bitch, you weren't invited," I say on accident. Bethany turns on her heel as all the girls in the bathroom gasp.

"What did you say?'

"You heard me and I don't feel the need to repeat it," I tell her pushing her out of the way and making her trip on her stiletto heels. I blow her a fake kiss as her friends try to help her up.

I think today is getting off to a good start.


"Come on girls! One more time!" I shout.

"Dani, can I see you for a moment," Coach asks. I nod and walk over to her.

"Well today a student came up to me and asked if she can join the squad since she's new to this school. So I think it would only be far for her to try out. You'll be meeting with her tomorrow afternoon," Coach informs me.

"Okay, thats cool. What time exactly though?" 

"3:30 on the dot," she says before walking away to yell at some teenagers smoking weed on the field. I don't think she cares about them smoking weed but more like them destroying the grass. Sometimes teachers are so confusing.

"From the top girls!" I yell.


 At 3:28 the next I'm just stretching and getting ready for that girl who wants to try out. I hear a familiar obnoxious voice and turn to see Bethany. I roll my eyes and continue stretching. 

"Um hello? I'm supposed to be trying out for the cheer team," she says as she smacks her gum.

"Oh my fuck," I mutter.

"Can we get started or are you just going to stand there?" Bethany asks.

"Okay so I'm going to ahow you a routine and you're going to have to add a few things to it. You should be able to at least do the splits, a bridge, or a cartwheel. Not all three of them just one. And you need to add a few jumps. Then later you're going to be tested for your weight and all the other stuff." I tell her. She nods obidently like she's innocent or something.

After 15 minutes of showing her the routine I go to the other side of the gym to grab a gatorade. I observe Bethany and takes notes. She attempts to do a walkover but it doesn't turn out so well but she shakes it off. I guess her persistence is good. 

I give her a total of thirty minutes of practicing with and without music then bring in the judges. Well by the judges I mean two girls who don't hate me who are also on the team. I didn't just choose any two girls though. I chose cheerleaders who I knew didn't have the best impression on Bethany. If you hate someone you're going to find the most imperfections about them or what they do so why not.

"Show us what you got," one of the girls, Kate, says. The other girl, Mack, restarts the song before grabbing her clipboard to start judging. 

A few kicks, flips, and jumps later, I am shocked by how well she did. Not saying she's the best but she's good enough to be on the team. At least we have to check her weight and medical stuff.

"Okay follow us into the locker room," I coomand. Bethany follows closely behind and I wish she wouldn't because the scent of her sweaty body reeks.

Kate brings out the scale and Mack grabs a few things while I ifnd the survey among a bunch of papers. Bethany's height is measured and she's weighed. 

"I'm sorry but it says here that you're supposed to weigh about 119 to 149 pounds and you weigh 105. I can talk to Coach about it but I doubt she'll say yes. She's afraid girls will either pass out or break something if their underwieght. Its just something that tramatized her a long time ago," Mack explains.

"We can also check your diet though because it might just be how your body digests food," Kate says, Bethany nods and Kate starts to asks questions.

After we're done with all the tryout stuff we put all our data in Coach's office. My theory is that Coach will be too nice and help Bethany gain weight and after she does she can join. And thats exactly what I don't want to happen.


Okay so this chapter isn;t really Calum related in any way but it has something to do with the story.

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