"Will you mouth still remember the taste of my lips" -End Sheeran, Thinking Out Loud.
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Calum and I have only been asleep for about thirty minutes until we here the sound of sirens and people panicking. I shake Calum- who is now sober- awake so we can get out of here.

"What's going on?" He asks.

"The police are here and we need to leave as soon as possible." I say as I drag him to the door but he stops me.

"We can't go that way. Let's jump out the window. We can climb down the ladder," he tells me.

"There's a ladder?" I question.

"Yeah. This room has an emergency exit since its the master bedroom. I thought you would have known that since you rented this place."

"Smartass," I mutter.

"Heard that," he says as he opens the window and motions for me to go first. I try to go as fast and safely as I can. Calum follows me down the ladder and I jump off the last step with a soft thud.

"What do we do now?" I ask.

"We run."

So that's what we did. We snuck past the windows on the first floor and looked all the chaos that was currently happening. I parked my car at the end of the street and not anywhere near the house.

Calum and I ran behind a fat tree and then behind a car that didn't look like it was leaving anytime soon. Then we hid behind car after car until we made it down the street.

I look around in my purse for my car keys and since I'm such in a rush and my heart is pumping so fast its hard to find it.

"Come on Dani! We don't have all night! More like two minutes," Calum exclaims. "Let me handle it," he says once he's annoyed with me. He finds it within seconds and unlocks the car.

"If we get caught and it goes on my record I'm suing you." And those are the last words Calum said to me before speeding off to my apartment.


"Did you park the car in the garage?" I whisper to Calum as I unlock the door to my apartment.

"Yes and don't worry. The police can't find it here. You're like a whole hour away from that place," Calum assures me.

As soon as we step in, I notice Ashton lying on the couch with a whole bunch of junk food and soda. A movie is still playing and I'm kind of worried why he stayed up this late since he's always talking about going to bed early because he has busy days and a stuff. Its nearly two in the morning.

"I'm gonna drag him to his room. Meet me in mine," I tell Calum. He nods as I try to get a HD if Ashton's body. Only then do I notice the muscle on his arms and torso.

"Dani? What are you doing?" Ashton questions.

"You fell asleep on the couch so I'm taking you to your room," I answer.

"I can do it myself," he mumblesand pushes me away. I let him go and he falls to the ground. He begins to snore peacefully and I can hear laughing coming the the hallway.

"I could help you, you know," Calum says.

"Why don't you then?"

He playfully glares at me as he lifts Ashton from the ground with a bit of my help. We pretty much drag him to his bed but who cares.

"You wanna dance?" He asks.

"I thought you'd be sober by now," I joke.

"No. I'm serious," he says.

"I guess that would be nice." I shrug.

Calum scrolls through his phone searching for a song. I follow him into the living room and move some furniture. He sets his phone down and music starts playing softly from the speakers.

When your legs don't work like they used to before

And can't sweep you off of yourf eet

I take a few steps close to Calum and he pulls me in and wraps his arms around my waist. I put my arms around his shoulders and we sway from side to side to the music.

"Why did you choose this song?" I ask him.

"Because its like the slowest song I have on my phone," he answers. I laugh a bit before pressing my head against his chest.

People fall in love in mysterious ways

Maybe just touch of hand

Calum starts to sing along quietly and I close my eyes, letting the moment sink in.

When my hands don't play the strings the same way
know you will still love me the same

He kisses my forehead before spinning me and pulling me back in.

"This is nice. Why haven't we done this before?" I tell him.

"Because it took me forever to find something romantic on Tumblr," Calum mutters under his breath but I hear him.

"You little shit!" I exclaim and smack his arm

"Ow! It was Tumblr or something really cheesy like a movie date and dinner."

"Point made."

The song comes to an end and Calum disconnects his phone from the speakers.

"OK Mr. I-spent-a-long-time-on-tumblr-for-romance, what do we do now?" I question. I take a seat on the couch.

"When in doubt, you cuddle," he responds and attacks me on the spot. I have no time to react.

"Do you think we can last?" I ask in a whisper voice. When he doesn't respond I know he's asleep. Oh whale.

I pull my bed comforter over our bodies before he can keep me in a cuddle I won't be able to escape or move and we freeze to death. I wrap my arms around his torso and he scoots closer to me. Note to self: tell Calum to stop being so damn adorable all the time because its not safe for teenage girls.

 Yeah that seems like a reasonable note. Or is it too long?

"Shut the hell up, Dani. Just get some rest," the voice in my head orders. 

Note to self: Don't make the voices in your head angry.


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