"Okay, so you're working with assigned partners. You guys are going to make a series of quick sketches and it has to make sense. Its kinda like illustrating a book but it has no words. It has to be at least four papers and done by the end of this period so don't take too long." Gwen says. Ugh, I like drawing and stuff but I like to take my time.

Lucky me gets partnered up with Calum. I really dislike anyone who isn't Jacob or Beatrice right now. I don't even have to know the person but I'm just not social anymore.

"So... what do you want to draw about?" I ask.

"Maybe about a dramatic love story. First, the couple is happy then they start to drift apart. Next the guy breaks up with the girl and last the girl is sitting at home depressed and crying." he says.

"Okay, sure so what part are you gonna do first?"

"I guess the end and you could do the first part so we at least have some sort of story."

"Good thinking."

The door to the classroom opens and I turn my attention to it. Luke walks in and I glare at him. He whispers something to Gwen and Gwen quiets down the class as she announces something. I hope he's not going to stay in this class, or even try to talk to me.

"Um, Luke is joining our class for the rest of the semester. Luke, you can join Calum and Danielle." I had go fucking jinx myself.

"Hey, Dani." he says with a smile. "Calum."

"So we're doing a tragic love story. You can draw the part where the guy breaks up with the girl." Calum growls. I put my hand on his knee under the table, signaling him to calm down.

"We only have so long so lets get started,  okay." I say trying to break the tension. Being me, I failed.


"Everyone staple your papers together and put them in a pile next to the stapler, please." Gwen says when its about five minutes until the bell rings. I'm about to put the papers in a stack until I notice that Calum beat me to it.

I put away my pencils and eraser and wait impatiently for the bell ring. "If you're papers are already at the table with the stapler you guys can leave. You guys have better things to do than art."

This is why Gwen is my favorite teacher. She let's us call her by her first name. She is so relaxed. And she let's us out early if we're done early.

I litterally run out the classroom and towards the locker rooms. "Dani, wait for me!" I roll my eyes at the voice. Cassidy. She ditched when the rumors started and I don't want her near me. I keep walking and ignore the bitch behind me.

"Dani! Come on, I'm sorry. You can't stay mad forever. Sluts like you need friends." she blurts out. You can hear when she slaps her hand over her mouth. Dumbass.

"I rather not have fake friends, no thank you Cassidy." I tell her. I open the door to the locker room and change into my cheer uniform.

"Dani, I didn't mean to. I didn't mean to ditch you either but I kinda have reputation of my own you know."

"The only reason you have a reputation to begin with is because of me. Remember?"

"Okay so this isn't going to well but I didn't want to be teased defending you."

"All of those rumors are lies! I don't give a fuck about shit that wastes my time so why should I care about a few lies?" My voice is on the verge of shouting.

"I know they are and I shouldn't have left your side no matter what happened. You had no one and you were against the whole student body." I tie my hair up in a  pony tail and thank god my uniform has long sleeves to cover up the cuts.

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