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Beatrice was wrong.  Shortly after all of the rumors dissapeared, new ones came along. I think this time Chloe is the one who started them. Beatrice and her friends hang out with me and now a few people don't mind but its mainly freshman and sophmores. But its only been two weeks so we can't tell how everything will turn out now.

"Miss Dani, you have someone who came to see you." Ms. Garcia says as I study for my biology quiz without Calum. By the way, the FaceTiming thing didn't work out.

"Who is it?"

"Its Mr. Hemmings, Luke's father, dear." she answers. Why is he here of all people?

"Tell him to come in." I order. I hear clicking of heels and moments later three knocks on my door. I tuen the knob to reveal Luke's father. I feel like I'm looking up at a skyscraper even though he's as tall as his son.

"Hello, Danielle. Its always nice seeing you."  This guy wants something and he ain't fooling no body.

"Hello Mr Hemmings. What brings you here?" I ask. Just spill the beans already.

"Its about Luke. I know that he broke up with you and even cheated on you but he's horrible without you. He feels really bad about how he treated and he complains about Chloe all the time. He misses you, he even admitted. You have to get back with him." he explains. I put a fake expression on my face like I care but on the inside I could care less. This could be a scam.

"I'm sorry, but I can't.  I can't trust him anymore. He said the reason he broke up with me is because he doesn't feel the same anymore. Maybe he's just thinking that he misses me but in his heart he really doesn't." I reply.

"Maybe, but just think about what I said." Mr. Hemmings heads for the door and leaves.

I want cookies. Okay, yeah I should be thinking right now and studying but its food!

I make sure Luke's father is gone and head down to the kitchen. I take out all the ingredients to make cookies.

"Miss Dani, I could've made cookies while you studied!" Sammie shrieks. She's one of the newer and younger maids that don't let me do anything around here.

"No, its okay. Its relaxing but you could preheat the oven for me." I tell her. She does as I say and starts muttering to herself.

When the cookies are done I quicky put them in a container since Ryan is like a dog and can sniff food from far away. I grab two for myself and walk next door to Calum's house.

I ring the doorbell and in a matter of seconds the door is opened by some lady.

"Um, hi. I'm Dani," I say.

"Oh, you."

"I don't know you but I'm guessing you dislike me or something."

"I don't want you near my son, he's a good kid. You're probably going to get him in trouble." she scolds.

"I don't even get in trouble myself. My records are clean. I've only gotten in detention twice my whole life."

"I don't want you sleeping with Calum! I don't want you near our house! Now why are you here?" Harsh much?

"I was just bringing over some cookies. Don't worry they aren't filled with hormones." I say. I hand her the container of cookies and walk away with tears streaming down my face.

Everyone thinks I'm a slut now. The whole town knows about the lies and there's no stopping them from going around. Wow and you would think these people would be grown by now.

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