OMC x Harry Potter

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Okay first of all, I would like to point out that I rarely, rarely pair any of my OCs with my favorite characters, but some people from all the platforms that I write on have been asking to see one of my OCs be the love interest of Harry Potter. So I am putting up a tester here, if I like the reviews I see for this particular pairing I may make a full fledge fic, however if I get to much negative reactions or even subpar responses, I'm going to just leave the teaser and not touch this pairing again.

That being said I think a little back story on this particular OC is needed. I think you might like him since originally he is upposed to be Death's and Chaos' son. As gods, Incest is rather common and has no reprocussions. So the title of Master of Death for this particular story is more of a fancy way of saying Death's Wife because you know what they say: A happy Life means a happy Wife. This OC will be taking over as The Death when the time comes, but for now he's just enjoying his freedom as a Demigod and has to avoid dying stupidly or too often or he loses that chance. Now then onto my baby boy!

Name:  Aspel Eternia Mors
Age: 5, 269 years old (Appears 11-17, depeneding)
Birthday: August 15th (Obon Holiday/Celbration; Lunar Calander)
Primary sex: Male
Secondary Gender: Alpha/Dom/Seme
Father: Honesta Mors; Death
Mother: R. 'Ryilia/Rye' Nubia; Chaos
Appearance: in his human form he has black hair with ultraviolet colored eyes and is pale skinned. He is tall and has a lean build and frame, more like a male gymnast and a cross country runner. He is much stronger than he looks.
Bio: Born on the Lunar Calander holiday, Obon, Aspel is the Angel of Guidance/Misguidance. Much like his other siblings he helps shepard souls through the land if the living, helping lost souls find their path to the Afterlife and from there onto where they go be it heaven, hell, reincarnation or purgatory. On the Holidays, especially his Patron Day, he guides the souls to the land of the living to visit their families and spend some time with them. His job also demands that he misguide souls of the damned that have escaped back into the living world. Luring them into traps to send them back or destroying the more dangerous ones. He does not like Soul Eaters, as A Guide, losing souls to creatyres like Dementors really grates his nerves.

His father, Death, relies on the Angels to help him fetch the souls and keep track of them. He first met Hadrian Potter when his father went to personally collect the later Lord and Lady Potter. Much like his father he sensed his Aunt Fate's touch upon him as well as his Aunt Destiny's. Aspel saw the future waiting for Hadrian Potter and decided he would help his father thwart his Aunt Fate's plans. After all, he was also a Child of Chaos and what is a little Mayhem in the grand scheme if things than a minor hiccup with far reaching results?

Please tell me what you think and if you would like a little snippet?

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