Aragorn/Legolas/Haldir x Harry

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He was going to hand it over, on a foolishly vain hope that if he did they would let his friends go, but then he remembered who all was here. Bellatrix LeStrange (holding Neville) was not known for showing mercy, neither was her husband (Hermione) and his twin brother (Luna). Crabbe (George) and Goyle (Fred) Sr. were here as well and they were more thugs than anything else. McNair (Ron) enjoyed hurting everyone. They would just torture and kill them anyway, not caring that they were still children. So he smashed it.

Mr. Malfoy went to hex him, but was distracted by Sirius appearing from nowhere (Shadow travel via Severus' aid) and punched him in the face, all the while telling him to leave his son alone. Then white, almost glowing versions of the mist and smoke trick the Death Eaters had used was being used by the Order of the Phoenix. It had been chaos. Spells, yelling and cursing, Moody and Tonks thankfully got his friends out of danger as he and Sirius were locked in a two on two duel with Bellatrix and Mr. Malfoy.

And then Remus shielded them both from behind as suddenly the Death Eaters were engulfed in shadow before they were flung at the walls, most knocked out, but there were a few still standing. Severus appeared from his shadow, pulling him close in a brief hug before he proceeded to scold him. His parents (all three seemed to hold that title) tried to send him away, but a powerful curse from the LeStrange brothers dropped Remus' shield, a silver knife striking him in the chest and forcing him to stumble back into the arch as Sirius screamed and tried to save his mate, but was pulled in with him. Severus saw a flash of green spell fire and, threw Harry into Moody's arms as it hit him in the back. He, too, fell through the veil with the other two. The scream of anguish that Harry had let out, would forever haunt those who heard it. All but the laughing bitch!

He came out of his thoughts as he heard Bellatrix, cheering and laughing that she killed the traitor (Severus) and the faggots (Sirius and Remus). His screams turned from sadness to rage. He dropped Moody with a kick to his prosthetic leg, rage fueled cutting and stinging hexes dropped the Death Eaters and nearly got the bitch in the throat, but she ran off, still taunting him as she went and he had followed.

His mind was filled with only the thought that he was hurting, alone and it was her fault! His vision was engulfed in fiery red, his magic, which was abnormally powerful for someone his age, seemed to break something in him, doubling, tripling, it kept growing! The sheer magnitude of his power knocked the bitch down and when he aimed a Curio at her, thinking of her bones grinding to dust, from her waist down, because he didn't want to kill her just yet, it brought the most delicious sound from her lips.

Her wails were music to his ears. He thought of her being cut a thousand times, shallow and nonlethal, but enough to hurt and that they were drenched in acid. Her screams echoed through the main lobby of the Ministry. But sadly he couldn't kill her because the snake faced had bastard arrived. He dodged a hex as the bitch crawled to her master. He didn't hear what she had said to the madman, but Harry didn't fucking care! He wanted her to fucking pay, to fucking DIE!!!

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