Sesshomaru x Harry pt 2

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Sesshomaru walked down the halls of his home after leaving the human(?), who had fallen asleep once more just a moment ago. The Daiyokai had spent the last hour talking about Rin to the human(?), who smiled and commented on the young child, who refuses to leave his side. He commented that Sesshomaru was a good parent, in his strangely cold way. He certainly made sure she was safe and well fed. It left him feeling oddly... warm, to be praised. It also left Sesshomaru thinking. Thinking of one day having his own pups. Something he has never done before. He is pulled from his thoughts by Rin skipping toward him, a bundle of flowers from the garden in her hand.

"Sesshomaru-sama, aren't these pretty? Do you think our guest would like the smell of them because he cannot see right now?" She wonders.

"They will certainly brighten his mood. But do not disturb him, he has fallen asleep once more." He tells her and she nods, gives his leg a hug and skips off.

Sesshomaru is left bereft once more, imaging pups chasing after her playfully. He shakes the image from his head. Humans were making him strange...

Making him... feel.

He wants to hate it, but he cannot seem to bring himself to...

First Rin, who refused to leave him be when she found him injured. Poor and beaten, but still willing to cook and bring him meals, despite how he told her to leave and to not waste food since he didn't need it to live. But still she came and he ate the meals, they were poorly made, but he ate them never the less. When he found her mauled to death by the wolves and revived her, he felt... strangely curious and possessive. He had thought back then that perhaps it was because she was to be his wife one day... Was this what his father had felt for that human woman?

But now this strange human(?) boy... He could have easily left him in the village to be treated since Rin insisted on not leaving him to die. He was also curious of how he defeated the Oni that had been at least 5 times his size and with so much power that even as far away as Sesshomaru had been, he sensed it. He wonders if others sensed it as well...

Perhaps it was a good thing he brought the stranger back to the Western Palace. What if that filthy halfbreed, Naraku had sensed his power and desires it? He will learn soon enough...

It took a week for the stranger to be able to get up and move on his own. Which was impressive but also strange for a human, so it left the Daiyouki wondering if the stranger was truly human or not. With the stranger up and about, Sesshomaru assigned a gentle natured Neko Demon to attend him. With his guest moving about, Sesshomaru opted to watch from a distance to see his true nature, but it seems that the not quite human likes spending time in the garden with Rin. He seems to be teaching her something and whatever it is, she is learning it well. When they are not outside, Rin is in lessons as always and the stranger, Hari as he later learned is his name, not that he particularly cares (he finds it strange, but oddly likes the taste of it), is usually found on a porch listening to the bustle of the castle. He does not take advantage of anything and seems content to seclude himself away for the most part. This would normally please Sesshomaru, but he feels oddly disgruntled about it when it comes to Hari.

The human(?) is still blinded, but is healing, so it makes sense that he would not wonder around at the risk of falling or being shoved around and not being able to protect himself. However, Sesshomaru feels he might not be fully human, he's not sure how he knows this, but is a feeling. Even if the human stench clings to him still, but is slowly fading away as time passes on. Sesshomaru is pulled from his thoughts as he hears Hari's voice.

"No like this...." He hears Hari instruct Rin, holding her hand up, a carefully cut stick of sakura wood. He adjusts her hand, guiding it in a motion. "Now say Wingardium Leviosa once more."

Sesshomaru watches the child do as told and to his amazement a spark of magic leaves the stick and a pillow he just realized was on the ground begins to hover slightly off the floor. Huh... how strange, but also curious.

"Hari-sensei, I did it! It is hovering off the floor. Not much, but enough to not touch!" She cheers, letting the pillow fall once more as she bounces in delight at clearly learning the trick(?).

"Good!" Hari pets her head as he praises her and then instructs her to practice until it can float as high as Lord Sesshomaru's head. He and his attendant remain, the Neko seemingly practicing the strange spell with his own stick, but this one looking like it was made from willow wood instead.

Sesshomaru was suddenly struck with how beautiful Hari was when the wind blew his growing black hair into his face and he was given a glimpse of pale neck and how demure Hari looked when he carefully turns, tucking the air behind his ear and holding it down with a sweet giggle when the Neko cheers at finally getting a twitch out of the pillow he was practicing with. Sesshomaru quickly leaves then, ignoring the strangeness of his suddenly too hot stomach or how his heart is beating. He runs into Jaken and instructs the Kappa that he will be heading out for a while, to remain in the palace with Rin and Hari until he comes back. He doesn't even wait to hear confirmation or a protest before he jumps into the air, turning into a ball of light and flying away...

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