Tony Stark x Harry Potter x Loki pt 3

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Tony carefully monitored the machines keeping track of the snake hybrid's vitals. They had just finished an intense 10 hour surgery, Rhodey was not able to convince either of them to rest, but ended up helping to get them items and keep the others away from the room until they were done. The two doctors, as it turned out, were something called Magicals and the two Arab natives were in awe of a real life Naga. They ended up having to explain about Magic and the hidden societies world wide, some have seamlessly blended in with Muggle society. However, there were others that try to remain as separated as possible from Muggles, to the point that there are some extremists groups. They also informed Tony and Rhodey that they would need to be formally read into a world wide secret of Magic and the like. Now they were waiting for a representative from the Saudi Arabia branch of the ICW to arrive to have them sign binding secrecy contracts or to have their memories wiped. Whichever they deemed would be the safest route. Loki, on the other hand, did not need sign the papers and was content to keep working on their Naga friend. At around the 6 hour mark, Tony had started to tire out, which was unfair since apparently Loki needed much less sleep than Tony did and was well rested enough to take over the majority of helping their friend here. Tony was too tired and needed to rest, but wanted to make sure the kid, because he looked like one, was alright. However, Loki would not have it.

"Lord Stark, you will not be of much help for now. Hadrian is out of the woods for now... Go rest, mortal, you are in a much more fragile state than myself." Loki tells him, coming to lightly shake him awake when he starts dozing off.

"But the--"

"We will wake you when they arrive, Mr. Stark. We will protect the young Omega. You need not worry." One of the doctors says while they carefully move the long and heavy tail around, until it is curled around Hadrian's body.

"... Fine, but let me know how the kid's doing when you get me... Rhodey, I am being sent to bed..." Tony huffs and Rhodey laughs softly...

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