Balam x Harry Potter

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Severus pulls his beloved nephew into his lap, restring his chin on the child's head as they sit high in a tree. His sweet little fledgling is giggling away as some colorful birds of paradise flit about them, singing their songs or gossiping much to Hadrian's delight. It is a nice peaceful afternoon, the sun is bright and warm on his great wings and Severus would not mind sunning himself as well, but little steps at a time.

"Uncle Sev?"

"Yes, my little one?" He hums back softly.

"What's a Zoltal and why should I be wary, whatever that means, of Alaguars?" Harry wonders, the boy is only 6 after all and thus would not understand certain things just yet.

Severus stiffens and glares at a bright red parakeet, who squeaks and zips off least he get killed by the angered Zoltal. However, the damage is done and Severus knows his nephew will never drop the topic. He is too much like his mother to leave something that interests her well enough alone.

"Well much like our people are called Zoltals after the great Sky Serpent; the Alaguars are named after the great Jaguar God. Both of whom originate from the Mesomexican Parthenon. We use to get along with the other mortal or demigod children of the other Gods once upon a time, but sadly Magicals who sailed over with Cortez and his men took too much of a liking to us and well...." Severus sighs.

Harry blinks nervous but still itching to know, "What happened, Uncle Sev?!"

"Well we had an ancestor who was selected to marry Balam, the Jaguar God, assuming he found her worthy first. However, she was one of the many Zoltals captured by Cortez and his men. The captives were brought back to Europe and then later stolen by the Magicals to sell off, enslave or simply hunt for sport. She was sadly sold off. It was not until many years later, our kind being gifted with very long lives and eternal beauty, even when I am old and gray, I will still look this handsome!"  Severus teases and Harry giggles.

"But what happened to granny?" Harry wonders.

"Like I said she had to wait a very long time to be saved by the survivors of our People. They were never able to go home because their home had sadly been found by the Muggles and the Magicals. And much like Atlantis, El Dorado simply vanished. Those of us outside of the city are left without a means to go home or know where to begin looking. Anyone who had been captured and taken away or was out fighting back the invaders were sadly banished to keep the rest of the city safe. So she eventually fell in love with a fellow Zoltal and had a family. However, due to her kidnapping, her parents being killed in the attack, there was no one who could tell Lord Balam what had befallen his promised bride. The Jaguar God felt slighted and mocked. It enraged him so much, that he began to send his Jaguars to attack our people who remained in El Dorado. Our God, Kukulakhan, was quite enraged, in return, by the attacks. He tried to talk it out at first but eventually they began fighting. Thus their mortal and demigod children began to battle as well. You must understand, my sweetest one, that this anger has carried on for generations. Not many recall why our people fight upon seeing one another, just that a Zoltal and a Alaguar simply must. However, until Lord Balam's rage is calmed there is little hope. Perhaps one day, if we can give him the promised bride he was denied, perhaps this will all stop. But for now, be wary of any Jaguars you come across. We Zoltals weren't the only ones who had been kidnapped but several Alaguars and others too." Severus cautions.

"Oh...." Harry is both awed and greatly saddened. "But why didn't they tell Lord Balam that granny had been kidnapped, that she wasn't trying to insult him? And why didn't they offer another one in her place?" Harry wonders.

"Sweet child, this was attempted. As you have perhaps realized We Zoltal pass on our memories onto offspring. You can see the attempts to make it home and from family memories who had remained home and sadly died, he was not willing to listen beyond that she was gone. You can also see she had been somewhat special among our people, a rarity. Hence why she had been offered. We have not had another like her, Hadrian. Perhaps if another like her is born, is as blessed as she had been by Kukulakhan, mayhaps Lord Balam's rage will finally cool, but that is not a concern for now. Ah, it is lunchtime. Hold tight, my little one... Here we go." With that, Severus pushes them off the tree and opens his great big wings, the seemingly black feathers flashing green and blue in beautiful waves.

Harry cannot wait until his own wings will come in. Right now they are just little bumps on his back. After eating lunch and an afternoon of lessons, playing, and some light shopping, Harry enjoyed pointing out what he wanted for dinner that night. He even helped his Uncle cook, not like with his Aunt Petunia, who expected Harry to cook everything and to do it perfectly. After a delicious dinner of roasted veggies and simmered fish, he got washed up for bed and asked his Uncle to read to him. Severus smiled softly and pulled him onto his lap by the fire where he had some old fairytales of their people. Harry was amazed by the rich colors of the pictures and the stories, but even his excitement could not keep the 6 year old awake any longer.

Once Harry was asleep, Severus stood up and quickly carried him to bed, tucking him in and humming an old lullaby to ease his sleep. Once he was assured Harry was asleep, he set monitering spells and an alert before he left for his own bed. He had not expected this when he had been alerted that his 'sister' and her family had been killed. Call him heartless, but he is glad Petunia and her lot were all killed, it saved him the trouble of wasting his venom on them...

Harry dreamed of the vast rich jungles of the Amazon, of the sites and sounds. He raced along the riverbed, swung from trees and flew under the clouds! He comes to a stop at an Alter and is a bit wary of the big hulking man he sees there with an impressive headdress. He slowly comes forward and when he turns, piercing gold eyes glare at him. Harry sweeps into a bow and is stopped as his chin is caught. He allows this large man, even larger than Uncle Vernon, to carefully examine his face. He follows the fingers turning it this way and that, his glittering green eyes never straying from the man. And then he is let go.

"So young yet... But clearly her..." A voice rumbles out darkly and Harry shivers at the sound of it. "So this is what Ts'unu'un looks like... Special indeed... Sleep now, child, but know that soon our paths will cross...."

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