Zack Mitchell x Harry Potter

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Harry sighed as he found an empty seat but saw a pair of feet on it. Following them up to the owner he blushes a bit. He has known for a while that he is gay, but rarely acted on his impulses. He was usually too busy trying to avoid whatever yearly shenanigans happened at Hogwarts. However thanks to a rather unexpected turn of events he has been sent overseas and back into the Muggle world until further notice. Shaking his head he clears his throat and leans over go tap the cute boy's shoulder.

"Excuse me, could I have this seat please?" He asks and the boys dark eyes seem to light up as he quickly pulls his feet off the chair and his headphones off his head.

"Sure, sorry about that..."

"No worries... Thank you." He sits slowly and does his best to hide his pained wince. Even though he had offered to pay for the whole trip, his uncle beat him something fierce the day before, claiming Harry stole his money until said young man had showed him the Muggle friendly bank statements from his Accounts.

"You okay?" A boy about 10 or 11 asked, his grayish hazel eyes looking at him worriedly under a mop of unruly curls.

"I'm alright, no need to worry!" He quickly says but he can see both boys, brothers the similar cheeks and noses and jaw shape were anything to go by, flare their noses and he mentally curses.

"You shouldn't lie." The younger brother reprimands.

"Not to be rude, but it is none of your business-- oh bother!" Harry huffs when he sees Vernon shoving people out of the way. "What could I have possibly done now?" He grinds out as the man finally spots him and shoves his way faster to him.

"Boy! Some Dearing Woman is on the cell!" He shoves his phone at him. " what did you do?"

"Hello? Oh yes, I am still interested in the job... Yes... Very well I shall see you later tonight. And I do not mind having dinner with your family. Oh? Well that depends... My family might prefer to get checked in and to sleep--"

"What Boy, what?" Vernon hisses, looking eager now rather than 10 seconds from throttling him.

"A moment please... Ms. Dearing wishes to know if we, as in the whole family, would like to have dinner with her and hers this evening to go over the details and benefits of my job here. She also wants to speak with you directly about accommodations for not only my permanent residence here until I either leave or am fired as well as setting up a semi permanent accommodations for you, Aunt Petunia and Aunt Marge and Dudley."

"What time!?" He asks eagerly. Harry talks a moment before telling him around 7 pm and he agrees. That gives them at least the day to nap and get settled.

"Of course. You have a good day, ma'am." He hangs up and hands the phone to his uncle, who in turn walks away in a daze. "Bloody oaf..."

"... We have an aunt who works here... If you want we can ask her to arrange it so your... -Uncle, was it?- doesn't get to hurt you anymore" The older brother says, having put 2 and 2 together his little brother nodding along.

"That is Very sweet, but again we do not know one another--"

"I'm Grey! And this my big brother Zack!" The small boy says and Harry cannot help but smile at his energy.

"He means, I am Zack Mitchell and that is Grey Mitchell." He says holding out his hand. "Grey's a Bunny if you haven't guessed."

"Harry Potter and let me guess you are not a Bunny? Well this will be a bit fun... Let's play a game. By the end of the week, assuming we keep in contact, if we cannot figure out what the other is, the loser has to do one thing for the winner. If we both manage to guess, we will call it even, if we bother lose, we will spend the day doing what your brother wants. Fair deal?" Harry asks, smiling softly if a bit deviously.

"You're on, cutie." Zack purrs and Harry flushes a bit but huffs and turns his head a way as the monorail pulls up to the Jurassic World gates...

Edited 4/18/2023

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