Legolas x Harry; Hobbit pt 3

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The Dwarves began arriving at first one by one then by twos and threes. A group literally dominoed into the house at one point with Gandalf chuckling at them. The lot were impressed by the fair and curious of the Man child living in a Hobbit Hole. They were only missing their leader at this point, so Harry quickly took a bit of everything and left it to warm in the oven, slapping away nipping hands as their pantry was also raided so as to not leave anything to spoil. Once more Bilbo got rather testy, his mothering instincts kicking him, but he forces himself to calm when Harry gently soothes him.

It is nearly midnight when the Dwarven leader arrives. Bilbo is shocked at how majestic he appears to be, while Harry frowns softly sensing death on him. As soon as he gets close to the others the feeling spreads and Harry knows that their fates were to die, if not on this mission of theirs then in the years to come and in quick succession. Three of the Dwarves were hardly battle ready, nevermind mature enough to be recognized as adults. They barely had facial hair, nevermind a full beard. Harry serves the last of the food as Balin, one of the older Dwarves, pours him a glass of fine mead.

"Is no one else coming?" Dwalin, Balin's younger brother, asks. He is a stern and surly thing, but his face is pinched even moreso as the grim look denial appears on their leader's face.

"No, we are the only ones willing to go and no one else will offer aid. I have written to Dis and she has promised to keep our people safe in the blue Mountains until we succeed..." There is no need to voice what happens if they fail. "So this is the promised thief? Looks more like an old nanny to me..." He snorts with distaste and Harry quickly grabs his caregiver's arm and pulls it down.

"Now you see here! This is my Smial and I will not be disrespected in it!! If you will be rude then all you will get is warm food, wine and a bed and that is all! I have a youngling to care for and I will not allow Sanger to befall him!!" Bilbo snaps, his coppery gold curls looking like they were set ablaze in the firelight as his green eyes spark like witchfire. The Leader, Thorin, is taken aback at the fierce beauty of him. "Now sit there, eat and kindly shut your mouth!! Hadrian, it is late, go get ready for bed. I will see our 'guests' to their beds... Hopefully they left something for breakfast..." He huffs and shoos Harry off to bed.

Harry smiles and kisses his round cheek, telling him to not use the third frying pan as it is Harry's favorite if he must smack sense into their notoriously thick skulls. Once he has kipped off to his room, Bilbo calmly sits down, glaring at them to dare open their mouths in a rude manner. Thorin shakes off his awe and begins to explain that they were on a mission to defeat a dragon that had stolen their home from them. A home that could bring a new sense of prosperity for their people if taken back. However, their home has been sealed and there is a high chance of death and danger at every turn.

"Oh please, try raising a Magical child and tell me what is dangerous!" Bilbo sniffs distastefully as he sips his cuppa and nibbles on a crumb cake.

"Magical!?" Several cry out and even Gandalf looks surprised.

"I was tasked by a kind fellow to raise and protect Hadrian after his parents were brutally murdered while he was a wee babe of only 15 months. The madman was intent to kill him! What threat is a wee babe!? None I tell you!! So this dragon will not be much of a threat!" Bilbo huffs irritable and they shift uncomfortably as the scent of burning sugar begins to coil through the air. "Now then, I will think about it, come morning I will have an answer. Now then I do not have enough rooms for everyone so the Carriers will be getting them as well as the three younglings. The rest of you will have to make due with the living room as it is the only room large enough to house you. I will get the bedding... Wash up!" He orders and bustles off as Gandalf goes to sit outside and watch the stars, curious of a Magical Child...

Bilbo is awake late into the night as the Dwarves begin to him, the song deep and resonating in their chests as they begin to sing. He doesn't understand the words, but the deep longing for home aches at his heart. It was the Fell Winter all over again and yet it was the thought of that madman finally finding and killing his precious child. Bilbo does not think twice before he signs the contract as the Dwarves finish their song and soon the sounds of shuffling and then billowing snores fill his Smial...

In the morning the smell of breakfast awakens the 13 Dwarves and the old Wizard and they see young Harry hard at work making another fantastical feast. Bilbo comes out halfway through and glares at Thorin.

"I know what it is like to lose something deeply important. I lost my parents when I was but a Tween and nearly presented. As I stated last night, I will not allow harm to my child. I will not leave him alone, so you had better swear our safety. If not, kindly leave. I have read and signed, but I want your word...." Bilbo states with a deadliness one does not expect from a tiny and soft creature like a Hobbit.

"I will do my best to ensure the safety of your son..." Thorin says and Bilbo sighs and hands over the contract.

"Hadrian, if you please!" Bilbo smirks and Harry turns from his cooking to pull a length of wood from seemingly nowhere and with a few swishes and flicks things begin to move on their own, most packing up into a trunk, others securing themselves away in hidey-holes.

The display of magic is amazing and they can only gape in surprise. Harry finishes cooking not long after and they settle to eat. Bilbo asks questions, trying to be considerate of how secretive Dwarves are and trying to respect it, but he needs to know what he is getting into. If not he will leave Harry with Mr. Gamgee...

Harry smiles as he takes out his broom and mounts it, sitting on it as it floats off the ground. Bilbo huffs at him and he chuckles softly holding the single trunk they would share, apparently it was much bigger inside than it appeared. Kili and Fili, a pair of brothers and nephews of Thorin, took an instant liking to Harry, who happily chatters on about pranks and some of the spells he has been learning. Once everyone is ready and on a horse or pony, they are off...

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