Sesshomaru x Harry

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He should have known better than to trust blindly. He should have known that the world would never be fair to him, that no matter how much he bent and twisted himself, how much he bled and begged that he will never be allowed to have happiness. He stands before the Veil of Death, listening as his former Headmaster, who faked his death, read his so-called 'crimes' and the 'reparations' to be paid to the greedy bastards. He was being stripped of all his titles and they would be divided among his former allies and his former girlfriend, who was currently pregnant with 'his son' and looking much too gleeful for a 'rape victim' as her mother hissed foul words at him. Once the last item, his seats and votes were 'remanded' into Dumbledore's more than 'capable' hands, the old man let the scroll roll back up into itself and hands it off to Hermione, who looks anything but pleased or happy, but she is but one voice against many. He hasn't seen Ron, only Molly, Ginny and Percy. His other friends, if he can call anyone friend anymore, were nowhere to be seen. Even that bitch Umbridge was here grinning happily as she walks up to him and hisses in his ear.

"I told you..." she coos, "You deserve to be punished, filthy son of a Mudblood..."

Harry ignores her as he walks forward and then turns to face everyone he literally died for and when asked if he had anything to say, he squares his shoulders and smiles sweetly, "I hope you all can sleep easy at night knowing you all had a hand in my suffering and now my death. I hope you all enjoy your ill begotten spoils and choke on them... As for you, Umbitch, you're also a filthy Halfblood. If you're father hated Muggles so much, why did he marry your mother, a Muggle? Why did he get her pregnant twice with you and your squib brother?"

And with that, the look of rage and the chaos from the Media being the last things he sees, he steps back and falls in...

Harry lands hard and is winded, his vision spotty and he feels strange. He cannot get his bearings under control because he hears a little girl's scream and instinc kicks in before he can fully comprehend what he is doing. He stumbles to his feet and runs towards where he hears the screams. He barely makes heads or tells of the situation before he is throwing himself between the giant thing and the little girl. Harry knew it was stupid to get between whatever the hell that thing was and its prey, but he could not stand by as an innocent little girl got killed. He took a swipe to the face, screaming as his vision goes black, but his magic boils over and he holds his hand out. Chanting a spell he did not know, and yet it felt natural to say it, he felt a long staff fill his hand and he swung it blindly. He was unware of the deadly blades that grew from the staff in his hands and slashed the creature, the scythe slicing the thing into ribbons.

"Thy soul is mine..." He breathes out and then turns to the child, who whimpers. "Shhh, I won't hurt you... Here take these and find a village! There should be enough for you to get medical help. Go before another shows up.."

He gently hands her his coin purse, an expensive thing he bought that was magically connected to him and by blood. He may have emptied everything ever owned or was given into it, it was made bottomless and thus could hold literally anything in it. He vaguely wonders how pissed everyone would be when they go to the bank to claim their ill begotten spoils and find out there is literally nothing in the vaults. That not even the manors and properties had anything in them, both living and nonliving. Not even the wardstones were left behind. Literally everything was in that pouch and he just handed it to the little girl. He's not sure if she even understands him because he faintly hears her talking to him, but cannot understand what she is saying. He gently pushes the pouch into her hands once more, telling her to run, and then as he moves to get up, it is then that he realizes he has lost far too much blood and collapses...

Harry doesn't know if he's dead or not, only that he is floating as as he does so, he feels strange. He feels like an incredible weight has been finally lifted from his shoulders. pain and aches that had always been there were finally gone, that he can finally breathe. His magic also feels freer and his mind is clear, sharper and more full of knowledge than he last remembered. It's so strange, but oddly nice. He continues to float, content in this strange nothingness of death, however the scent of cedar and winter frost tickles his nose and Harry knows he's not dead. It takes him a long time to wake up, but when he awakens, he panics because he cannot see and has no idea where he is. He sits up only to be gently pushed flat.

"Do not move, human." A cold voice orders and he reluctantly listens to it. "This Sesshomaru is only helping you because you saved his Rin from harm. Do not cause Him issue."

Sesshomaru? Harry wonders why that name sounds familiar but then he realizes he is in pain, of course he would feel pain now, and it is growing more painful with his consciousness now fully awakened, especially where his eyes are.

"My eyes hurt..." He whimpers out.

"This Sesshomaru is not surprised." He says and Harry feels something carefully removed and then replaced with something cool and strongly smelling of medicine. "You will be very lucky to able to see again. Hold still."

"Please... Distract me then... I hate staying still... I was never allowed to before..." He admits and the cold person gives a sound like he was sighing in annoyance.

Thinking he was going to be ignored he is shocked when the man begins talking about Rin, the little girl he saved...

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