Zack Mitchell x Harry Potter PT 2

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Harry followed Ms. Dearing into the labs. She was giving what he called the 'Look at how shiny this is, give us your money' tour. It was informative for the most part, but to be honest he wasn't here as an investor, though his Parents have sun a lot of money into the Original Jurassic Park when Dr. Hammond had been alive.

They came to where they were incubating the eggs and was introduced to Dr. Wu, one of the few original Park employees. The man was still handsome even with the fine bit of salt starting to turn the edges of his hair gray. The man was... Well he rubbed him wrong and the way he seemed laser focused on Harry made his skin crawl.

As Wu and Dearing talked and were soon joined by a robust man with a horrible scent, the Omega carefully toured the cradles. He could sense the life in these animals the power and danger they posed but also the wonder and awe of them. He looks up and sees the cutie from the monorail with his brother and more guests watching the doctors work. Zack smirks when he sees the pretty Omega is looking at him, his eyes go a bit reptilian and Harry can't help but give a little fanged smile back. They were still playing their little game. The energetic little bunny was practically vibrating on the spot and Harry giggles as he stands up straight only for a snake in a tank to suddenly call his attention. She was beautiful with pearlescent scales that reflected like a rainbow effect.

"Very rare specimen... Only one of his kind." Dr. Wu suddenly says standing too near for his comfort.

"Her. She is a female. The oval shape of her head and the rounder snout mark her as female. The males have a sharper almost arrow shaped head." Harry tells him.

She hisses pleased and moves as if she wants to converse.

"Oh, you know this breed?" He asks both intrigued and miffed at being corrected by a child.

"I own a few of them and am building a habitat sanctuary for rare and endangered species. This cage is far too small and too exposed. She is stress shedding and it can kill her..." Harry scolds him and he blinks.

"Perhaps... I could lend her to you to nurse her back to health? Her genes are some of the ones we use to complete the genetic codes for the cloning process." Dr. Wu says, hoping to get into the boy's good graces.

"My job is to make sure every living animal on this island is happy and healthy. So regardless, Mr. Masrani wants me to ensure everything is up to par. I will be taking her and only when she is healthy will I allow you to use her. Come, beautiful...." He opens the cage and the snake, who is normally super aggressive to anything that enters her tank calmly coils over his arm and he pets her.

He looks up to see Grey is wide eyed with wonder and Zack has an unreadable look on his face but the heat of his gaze makes him preen a bit. Ms. Dearing looks near faint and the robust man, Hoskins looks well... Harry rather not think about it. The snake is calm as he moves her into a tote he had on and settles in the flush warmth with little issue.

"I believe I have an idea of what I need to do. I will need all the data on each animal and what they are made from so I can accurately make medicine and treat them as needed. And I do mean ALL information, Dr. Wu. If I have to come knocking, you will not like it." Harry says and then walks up to the redhead. "I believe you said something about Raptors? I would like to see them before dinner with our families..." Harry tells her and she nods, guiding him out. Three sets of eyes following him as he leaves and only one of them he approves of...

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