??? x Harry Potter

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Slipping through the Realms was as easy as conjuring a simple Witch Light. Though the paths are very hard to find, but he's found almost all of them and uses many of them frequently. Though his most favorite one leads him to Midgard. The Realm of Mortals held very few if at all little interest, but it is not without merits. There was the admirable advancement in their cultures and technology, though still primitive compared to some of the true marvels of knowledge and power. However, he will admit that there is something here that cannot be found anywhere else. Something beautiful and so very precious. Something that he would willingly forsake his pride and would do his absolute best and worst to protect.

Slipping seamlessly into the crowd of mortals unnoticed and quickly following the flow of foot traffic with his clothes melting away into the attire of these people. He went unseen as he was wont to be, closing his eyes as he let his magic guide him where he wanted to be most while on this Realm. He took maybe three steps and suddenly he was in the back garden of a tiny cottage where a beautiful woman with hair as red as blood and eyes that glowed an ethereal green, much brighter than his own icy emerald eyes was seen sitting on a picnic blanket. She was pale skinned and stood only a head shorter than himself. He was very tall, sometimes he seemed taller than his older brother, who was a towering giant of a man as well. He had a stray thought of what his brother would think or say if he were to see him now, to know one of the too few secrets Loki keeps tightly guarded? Knowing the lovable oaf, he would want to celebrate his new relationship. He would definitely want to meet her as well, to know the woman who could tame Loki, God of Mischief and not be cowed by his temper or cruel words.

Loki cannot help but snort softly, his love would be sweet and charming, she would show her intellect in a modest way, perhaps even use her magic freely before him. Thor knows how few outside of the Academy of Magic, which barely has 200 students, mostly females, is viewed and regarded, but his brother has an appreciation for magic. Their mother was the most powerful Sorceress in all the Nine and is the Queen of Asgard. She made sure her sons understood and appreciated everything, be it the clothes on their backs, the food in their bellies or even something as simple as a spark charm. Magic has saved Thor's fool neck on far too many accounts and mostly because Loki is so quick and when someone hurts his brother, Loki often loses his hard won control to utterly destroy the fools. So yes, he believes Thor would like his new love, can see them getting along and his beautiful Lily hexing Thor when he tries to sneak one of her sinfully delicious jam filled biscuits. Loki has tried and gotten hexed plenty. He will succeed one of these days!

She must have sensed him because she looked up from where she had been tending to something and smiled brightly, her cheeks pinking with pleasure and genuine delight as her eyes lit up like green clovers. He smirks back, small but pleased. She picks whatever she had been tending to up and he realizes it is a baby. He gasps as the child turns toward him, still only a handful of days, perhaps a month, old. His skin is as pale as his own, unblemished and the thatch of hair on his head is as black as his own, not the dark brown of his beloved's husband. That was something of a bitter pill. His Fire Flower was married to a man who does not deserve her love or her kindness. From what he's heard from her and what his own form of sight has shown him of the Man Child, he doesn't even deserve to breathe the same air she does. His friends are not much better, though it seems with the impending baby, they've done some maturing, but not nearly a fraction of what Loki would deem enough.

Not even Thor with his penchant for finding trouble almost everywhere he goes isn't nearly half as much trouble or annoying as them. And that says a lot because Thor somehow always manages to get under his skin at least thrice a day and ends up stabbed for his troubles, or on those rare few occasions when he really makes Loki mad, the Thunderer finds himself black and blue for a few days. He shakes the stray thoughts away as his beloved carefully hands him the tiny babe in her arms. He is indeed a tiny thing, so fragile, he fears he might break him if he's not oh so careful. Even if the baby is not his, he finds himself in love with the precious babe already as his Seidr connects to the boy's and it is so strong and powerful for such a tiny thing!

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