Tony Stark x Harry Potter x Loki pt 2

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Loki lead the way over ever shifting sands, keeping to the shadows of the larger dunes to reduce how often they are exposed to the direct heat and light of the sun. They would have waited for the height of the heat to die off if it didn't mean that they risked being recaptured by the Ten Rings, who were most likely by now, searching their crash sight. Tony trudged along behind the taller male, the iced turban helping to keep him cool and as it very slowly melted, because apparently magic ice doesn't melt unless the caster wants it to -at least according to Loki, who admitted that it's melting because he's too weak to keep it permanently formed for them-, he licked at the droplets that ran close to his mouth. It was a poor attempt to keep hydrated, but he would rather have that than no water at all. They were walking for hours, the sun was bearing down on them unforgivingly by now, but stopping meant that the Ten Rings had a chance to catch up to them. That was not an option. At some point Loki allowed Tony to hold the case as he scouted for shelter when the sun reached high noon and there was little shade. They would very likely die if they try to keep going now. Tony was expecting the case to be heavy, what with a body being inside of it and all, but marveled at the too light feel of it even if it looked like it should weigh about ten pounds on its own. Hedwig, the owl had landed on his shoulder, looking quite tired and a bit overheated. He offered her to lick some of the ice that was melting to get a small drink and she accepted but only took a few licks. She did press her face to a patch of ice and gives a sighing coo, feeling relief.

Tony chuckled softly at her, finding that Hedwig was surprisingly affectionate when she got to know you. She nuzzled into his turban, both to cool off and to cuddle with him. Suddenly, Loki dove back over the top of the dune he had climbed a couple of minutes ago. He looks half panicked and Tony felt his heart sink, thinking the terrorists had somehow found them. But before he can ask Loki for confirmation, the sound of choppers echoed overhead and slowly came closer to them. Tony saw that he looked a bit freaked out as the sound got closer, but Tony opted to double check. Looking over the dune, he gasps in happiness as he recognizes the Air Force choppers and quickly gets up running forward and tripping as he does so, while waving his free hand. Tony shouted and waved his arms, as the choppers seemingly fly past, but then quickly double back, one landing a fair bit of distance away while the other two remain in the air. Tony runs forward as Loki followed behind him, half cautious and wary of the strangers in a militant uniforms. He can only guess this Realm's protectors much like the Aesir had their armies and his mother her own personal guard, the Valkyries.

He watches the smaller mortal stumble again, but this time landing in the arms of a dark skinned male. They were chattering softly, clearly discussing what happened as Tony lets the other man pull him in for a warm hug, clearly good friends before Tony finally passed out. Loki had made it to stand between two militant dressed people before he was not that far behind Stark and soon succumbed to darkness...

Tony bolted awake in a military hospital, still in the middle east, but waking to see Rhodey sitting not that far from him. He was busy writing up a report, which was something almost normal for him. Said male looked up, seeming to hear Tony awaken, and breathed easier. He quickly gets up and comes to the bed, carefully helping him settle back into the bed.

"Tones, you scared the ever loving Jesus out of me... Your blue friend woke up some hours ago and seems to have locked the personnel out of one of the operation rooms and labs. Mind helping to get him out? He seems quite manic and we've been trying to be patient, since he's clearly been through hell; you too..." Rhodey stated.

"Why would Lokes-- Oh shit, the third person! He said they were in critical condition. He is probably getting them that much needed help..." Tony remembered as soon as Rhodey mentioned the OR.

"Wait, we didn't see another person..." He paused and gasped as he thought of the strange trunk that neither of the rescued males could let go of. "He seems to be only allowing two people to help him... Any ideas?"

"Not really, he was pretty tight lipped, but I need to go help... Or at least keep an eye on him." Tony insists.


"Look I've just been through months of torture and had to bust my own ass out. I really need to do something! I cannot stay still, you know how I get... Please, this is how I cope!" Tony snapped and then felt bad. Rhodey was his oldest friend and knew him as well as his own mother and butler had.

Rhodey didn't get mad, just got up and carefully helped him into the wheelchair before guiding him to the commandeered lab and OR. There were a few guards. armed and at least posted around the room's entrances for now. As they got closer, the blue guy must have sensed them because he allowed them in and the sight that greeted them was shocking. A half human, half snake hybrid lay across several tables while Loki was working, the two doctors he allowed in didn't even bat an eye at the strange being. But the injuries littering every inch of his body was horrific. Loki was wrist deep in a deep wound, clearly manually resetting a bone or two in the young snake's side.

"Lord Stark, care to aid us?" Loki questions, not bothering to look up from what he is doing...

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