Severus x Harry

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He doesn't remember much of his last moments of life, other than the burning pain in his throat and the rapid chill of death stealing over him. The vial of antivenom he had, had unfortunately been smashed during Nagini's attack and he knew he would not make it, even if someone found him and tried to help. Not that anyone would, he should have known Albus wouldn't have warned anyone in the Order that his death was staged to keep Draco from killing him as well as prove to the Dark Sect that he was 'still loyal' to the Dark Lord and his ideals. He recalls the look of utter betrayal and loathing in Potter's eyes after he saw what happened, it hurt to be glared at like that once more. He hopes with his death he will finally have atoned for his sins and hopes his sacrifice will have saved Lily's son.

He startles as he feels a hand on his neck, pressing down on the gaping wound, just mere breaths away from his final one. He struggles to open his eyes and black meet Avada Green. The color is uniquely the boy's, but the warmth, kindness and genuine heartbreak are so alike to his mother's. Just like the shape of his eyes and the thick lashes. Oh he even has Lily's cupid bow lips, small, but full, even the feminine shape of his jaw was similar to his mother's. It's funny how now is when he finally realizes that Harry looks more like Lily than he or anyone had ever thought possible.

He may have the Potter hair and refined bone structure, but he was so very much Lily's son. He thinks he says so as he allows tears long held back and full of his memories free as the boy, Harry carefully gathers them into a vial. He knows the boy will finally understand it all and he only hopes that this will be enough, that his death will bring closure and a secure future for this beautiful young man. He thinks he sees movement behind the boy and spots someone looming behind Harry and tries to warn him but then he breathes his last...

Harry's name on his lips, a failed warning...

Severus Tobias Snape gasps as he bolts awake in a hospital bed, the failed warning still on his lips, but he blinks in confusion. Why was he in a hospitable bed? And in an unknown location, no less? Wait, does that mean the boy did it and managed to save him in time?! But shouldn't Severus be at Hogwarts or St. Mungo's? Why wasn't he chained to the bed, not unlike how a Criminal in the Muggle World is treated? Did that foolish boy vouch for him? A man who has committed too many sins to ever be granted mercy? Oh what a foolish boy he is. Severus is startled out of his maudlin thoughts as a healer, a Goblin Healer, comes into view and comes to stand by his bed. For a tiny Creature, she easily and quickly pushes him down. Severus growls annoyed at this, he's a damned Potion Master, he has and maintained his Medical liscence for nearly 20 years already, he doesn't need to be manhandled or coddled! Severus goes to slap the gnarled hands away, but he freezes as he notices how small they are, how much less stained and scarred they are. He freaks out, compulsively touching them, himself and trying to figure out what happened!

"Why am I so small!?" He shouts in panic, his voice painfully young in his ears.

"Calm down, child, your injuries are not yet fully healed." the Goblina huffs out, finally managing to pin the boy back down onto the bed. Honestly what is with Male Hobs in always thinking they do not need rest or healing?! At least the Female Hobs listen and do not fuss about overly much.

He ignores her and sits up, again. What in Morgan's name is going on!?

Why in the bloody hell is he is young again!



A shadow moves in the corner of his eye and he startles seeing a hooded figure. Not just any figure, but that of Death.

~I will speak with this one...
Be gone for now...
Hello Severus Tobias Snape...
I am certain you know who I am.
The reason you are alive and young again is very simple.
After your death, my young master walked to his...
He died for the Light and in turn they demonized him...
His Destiny was not to die, but to live...
I brought you back to save him,
To love him and to aid him.~

Severus gaped in shock, rather unattractively so, but he could hardly care before then suddenly memories and visions filled his mind. Severus was forced to employ a stasis spell in his own mind to halt the onslaught and organize it. He does not know how long he was in his meditative state, but by the time he came out again, a woman had joined him. She was petite but had a voluptuous figure. Her hair was pitch black and her eyes an unearthly green, a color unique to herself, much like Potter's Avada green eyes. She wore a plain unbuttoned shirt over what looked like either a tube top or a halter top with jeans. Wrapped around her head was a tribal headband with Native American feathers and beads woven into her hair. Her hands were stained with Indian Henna while African tribal paint decorated her face. It was a strange sight, but oddly suited her.

"Awake finally, Little Prince?" She asks softly. She has a calming aura that is mixed with an undercurrent of danger. Her pale skin seems to glow in the dim lighting of the room, her eyes even more unnatural looking in the gloom. "My name is Ryilia Nubia, pleased to meet you. I am your guardian and caregiver while you do this mission for Mors. The vague buttface had to leave because Hadrian's life was in danger and he needed to prevent it from being snuffed out before he could even attend Hogwarts."

"What do you mean snuffed out!? Wasn't he being well cared for, spoiled even!?" He demands, his little boy voice a pitiful parody of the deep rumble of his fully matured one, but nevertheless commanding and powerful. "How could this have happened?!"

"Spoiled? Please!" The woman scoffs in utter disgust. "He was lucky to even be allowed to attend primary school! Nevermind being allowed food and water! If my memories serve you correctly, you know that he hardly gets food or water and is forced to cook and clean for those filthy monsters... Yes those are my memories. Don't ask how that is possible, just know that I see and know things that no one else would."

Severus furrows his brows as he once more looks back at the woman's memories, wondering how it was possible for her to have seen all of this if she was some kind of Seer. However, they prove her words right, the brat wasn't spoiled, far from it and Albus allowed this to happen. Good Mother of Mercy! Severus had bullied him!! Dropping his head into his hands, Severus began muttering death threats and curses, making Nubia chuckle at him. He looks up at her, his dark eyes meeting her green ones head on once more as she leans forward, the beads in her hair gently clacking together.

"Mors wants you to go to Hogwarts with Hadrian and prevent him from being led astray again. As you saw, with his death came the death of all things Magical and later all life on Earth. It tipped the balance so much that Mors was forced to ask Chaos to help him break the downward spiral into oblivion. As you can see, Chaos obviously helped, but it had to be at a specific point in time where their paths, Mors and Hadrian's, crossed and merged for a single moment. Mors also needed a Champion for his Master. That is where you come in, Severus Tobias Snape: your job is to guide, educate and protect Hadrian, but also to be his friend and perhaps in the future his confidant and lover." Ryilia says seriously before she stands up and gently pushes him back into bed, tucking him in. "But that is enough for now. You have some memories to watch and sort through. You will be Sevrine Ezra Prince, the lost son of the late Professor Snape. And don't you worry, his replacement will be someone of my choosing and skilled enough to not offend your delicate senses."

His new history begins to slot into his mind as the memories come forward. They are shockingly natural and he can feel genuine sadness ache in his heart for the cantankerous professor, but doting father, who raised him as best he could after the unfortunate passing of his mother, Selena Sylew. He wonders in the memories and cannot help feeling both better, but also bitter that a fake version of himself got a better childhood.

"It will be hard to play a child, I never was one, not with Tobias as a father..." Severus spits out.

"Indeed. However, I am not expecting you to be a child, you are the orphaned and underage Lord of an Ancient and Noble House, one that is as Old and powerful as the Blacks." She says with a smirk. "You hardly have time to be a child, but I do expect you to indulge yourself. No one to punish you, but me and I normally make you clean or pickle things as punishment. Really piss me off and I will toss you to one of my many pets. No worries, you won't die or get hurt, but just know that my menagerie is anything but tame." She grins evilly then but then stands. "Sleep, Little Prince, you have a few days to acclimate before we begin... Welcome to the New World...." She waves and leaves him alone with the Healer who says nothing as she hands him vials of potions to help him recover faster...

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